Friday, November 26, 2010

Sorry No Passwords Are being Given For this Blog, Email Me If You Want Info On Vinyl Vault

Sorry for the vistors checking out Vinyl Vault and are requesting password to download but I'm no longer giving out passwords for this blog. If you're want to find some info on Vinyl Vault please email me at I'm rarely on this blog since I don't post anymore on here. But I have another site that I created for members only which I'm concentrating on more. Enjoy your Day...12inchjunkie

Saturday, August 7, 2010


If you left me your email and haven't received anything from me please leave your email address in the comments again. I'm pretty sure I sent out emails to everyone that left me their email but I wanna make sure. Thanks 12inchjunkie

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Vinyl Vault Is Done!

What's Up All, Just to let everyone know that the new Vinyl Vault is done and for those that want to join it you must leave me you email address in the comments and you will receive an email by me by Monday July 26....Peace

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vinyl Vault News July 15, 2010

Hello All, Just wanted to update everyone on what's going on....Well I started to work on another site to continue Vinyl Vault but I'm starting from scratch. I will not be posting anything new on this blog because for the last 3 months blogger has been on my ass for certain posts. I've already had about 5 postings brought down. I still get emails from people wanting to trade and I haven't had a chance to answer to all of my emails. The new site on working on is going to be private but I will have the Old Vinyl Vault Blog still up for the public to view but won't do any further posting on here. So I just wanted to let everyone know the new site will be up this month and I will be starting fresh again. I just re-opened the C Box since it's been down for quite some time for people to still use for the meantime. Sorry its taking long but once I start I will for sure not stop this time. So this is all for now the next update will be letting everyone know that the New Vinyl Vault is up. Enjoy the coming weekend all...----12inchjunkie

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blog Is Under Construction......

Hi All, The Blog will go under construction So that I can start Posting again. Many of you have been sending me emails on how to obtain the downloads But I'm going to do some changes so that I can get the blog up and running. I will post another update soon. 12inchjunkie

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter To ALL!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Easter Day with Family & Friends, Sorry for the lack of postings I trying to do my best to get back into the blog. In time everything should be back to normal. At the moment I'm trying to think of ideas of what to do to make it easier for me. I haven't been ripping any old vinyl for the last 4 months. I've been doing other things especially with new music and trying to create my first track that I want to share with all when I'm done, I want peoples opinion on it, I'm almost done with it, its a Bleep House Track more like dutch house with a NY feel to it... I also have a few more unfinished projects that I'm hoping to get done. I'm going to keep making music till I get really good at it, At times I get frustrated when I don't know what to add to a track and sometimes feel like quitting but I'm not...I just gotta keep sticking to it. Hopefully I can get a record deal one day and see my record on That is my goal and maybe it can help me land some gigs at venues. Well like I said I'm trying to get back into the blog so I hope to do some postings soon keep checking in guys...See you soon.----12inchjunkie

Monday, March 22, 2010

Smokin' Gang Featuring DJ Jack Boy, Rapper - Just Rock (Rap House Anthem)

Well I must say it's been awhile since I've been on the blog and I do miss it...So I decided to post something up today. For the past few weeks me and my older brother have been learning to create music with Ableton Live and we are so addicted to it that I'm hoping we can create some bangin' House tunes with it. It's going to take awhile but we're not giving up. I figure I post something up and work take it a posting here and there whenever I have the chance too. I was thinking of moving the blog to wordpress but I rather just buy a URL instead. I just gotta do some research on it. This download is not gonna have a password but for the next one I'm gonna password protect. So enjoy and hope that I keep this going....12inchjunkie


Just Rock (New York Club Mix) 4:56
Just Rock (London Acid Mix) 5:40
Just Rock (Mickey's Sample Mix) 4:50

Mixed By - Mickey "Mixin" Oliver*
Just Rock (The Bearded Mix) 7:13

Mixed By - Ralphi "The Razz" Rosario*

Label: Hot Mix 5
Catalog #:
HMF 116
Format: Vinyl Rip
Released: 1989
Genre: House, Hip-House, Acid House

Download Right Here