Saturday, February 20, 2010

DJ Danny F Club House Sessions Live On UStream Sunday 2.21.2010

What's up All, I will be doing a 2 hour set on Sunday 2.21.2010 from 6pm-8pm on UStream. Check me out if you want to hear the latest underground house tracks. Doing it for the first time to have some fun. So don't miss it! 12inchjunkie

Check out this ustream Show:">Club House Sessions Live

Friday, February 12, 2010


What's up people, As you notice nothing new has been posted due to the fact that I haven't made a decision on what direction to go. Most likely I will get the blog going again actually I might move the blog to wordpress, If you haven't heard yet google has been shutting down mp3 blogs on the low...without warning at all. So This blog might be up now but can get shut down at any moment! I've already seen it done with a few blogs that I was following. So unless I get my own Url or move this to wordpress this blog is in danger of going down. I will keep you guys updated with anymore info. Peace...---12inchjunkie

Thursday, February 4, 2010

To All Visitors & Supporter Of Vinyl Vault

I Know it's been a sad moment with the blog if you read the last 2 topics, One with Rob leaving the Vault and two planing the shut down of the Vault. I haven't made my decision about it and I figure that I will think it over for a couple of days. So you might not see any postings for a little while until things get straighten out & that I can give you guys my decision of what I want to do. I have received a few concerned emails from members and long time friends of the blog that don't want to see it shut down & I don't want to make a fast decision about it. So I will keep you guys posted in a couple of days. ---12inchjunkie

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vinyl Vault Update

As we all know Rob has stepped down from the blog & I want to thank him for all the help & time he has put into this blog. Like he mentioned the blog has died down and no one including myself hasn't been active as we should have been to keep the blog alive. I know we all have a life outside the blog. For the last month or two I've been really busy like a dog with fixing my new home, dealing with my family, deejaying, & thinking about other stuff I want to do and that's making music. Me and my brother BFiggy have been talking about getting together to make our own studio in his house so we can start producing music and hook up his deejay equipment to make mixes. Ever since I got him a program to help him with his mixes he has been hooked! He has created his own blog, his own fan base on face book which at the moment he has a following for his mixes, he's getting alot of love from people in Italy. He's even thinking about getting back into the club scene to Deejay & I'm so glad this is all happening for him. So I'm doing everything I can to help him out. In about a week or two we are going to guitar center to buy some studio equipment. In the meantime I've been taking tutorials on ableton live 8 and doing heavy research on whats hot and getting every hot plug-ins and vst's possible. I'm going to put my 100% into making music just like when I wanted to start deejaying. Now of course all this is going to take alot of time to learn and it's going to fade me more and more out of the blog. And I hate to say it but this blog won't last maybe another month before I decide to give it up and close it for good only because to run a blog like this one you really need to put in time & effort to run it.And that's one of the reasons why Rob stepped away for good because there's no consistency. Another is ripping vinyl, I haven't had a chance even to hook up my DJ equipment because my attic needs work before I do so. If you guys remember I started another blog for old mixtapes and I couldn't keep up with that either so I just deleted the blog It's like I'm wasting alot of time on doing stuff that I know I'm not going to keep steady with and it isn't fair to other people. I've made a few mistakes while running this blog with giving certain people the password and I shouldn't have done that & I want to apologize for it. So for now the blog will be open but things are going to come to a end soon...I'm sorry to say it but it is...I just don't have the time for it anymore and I want to proceed with other things that might help me with my deejay career. I enjoy sharing my vinyl with everyone and I met some great people here. If I didn't deejay at clubs then I would have made the blog as my full time thing. But I'm bad when it comes to Multitasking 2 blogs and doing everything else I enjoy doing at the same time. I finally realized I'm not good at it. It's either one or the other for me. And I just know that I'm going to bring down the blog even more. The C box will still be operating till it expire then after that I won't be donating any more money to keep it running. If anything changes I will update everyone but that's how is going down right now. Peace Up all....12inchjunkie

Hello Viny Vault

Hello VV Fam,

I'm writing to inform you that this will be my last post on Vinyl Vault. I've kept my distance for about a month and it's for a reason. There were about two occasions that I've stepped away from it because I've felt that it was dieing down, people weren't putting they're part in it or people were leeching to much (before going private or password protecting). My reason for calling quits on it this time is because of a "producer" who knew the password to the posts. He e-mailed me only when the password wasn't working and couldn't reply with a simple THANK YOU. I won't get into details about it but this finalized my decision and decided to delete all of my posts. It was close to 2000 posts and once I deleted all of my posts it's down to 775 or so. It's not including some posts that were sent in to 12inchjunkie to post. All of those links ARE DEAD. I'm going to create my own blog in the near future. Once I do I'll inform you via e-mail. I really had a good time investing ALOT OF my time with the blog but all good things must come to an end. It's been a blast while it lasted. It's been real and pleasurable. I've made some good friends via the internet and will probably still keep in touch with some but if we don't chat again, take care of yourself and your family. God Bless.
For future 12" trade requests please send your requests to 12inchjunkie.

Monday, February 1, 2010

DJ Hyperactive - Chicagoan EP

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend...It's Monday and of course back to work. Here's something for you Chicago heads. A producer that I really like from Chicago DJ Hyperactive. This record is what I consider Chicago Acid House. Soon I will make a mix of 100% Chicago House Music so stay tuned for that!----12inchjunkie

A1 Chicago

A2 Rhythm In Acid

B It's My Life

Label: Contact
Catalog #:
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, 33 ⅓ RPM
Released: 1994
Genre: Techno, Acid

Password Protected Download..
Download Right Here