Thursday, July 30, 2009

Doug Lazy - H.O.U.S.E. (Benadef Mix)

Ah, yes. Tell me if any of you didn't start doing the Smurf or the Popeye when hearing this track. Or when the dj cut this up back and forth? Simple lyrics but a classic. This is a one sided promo. I think I have one or two more 12" versions of this single. I loved this when it came out. It was popular all over the House nation. Word. Why are we here? H.O.U.S.E.!! What do we love? H.O.U.S.E.!! M-m-makes me move! LOL, Enjoy! ~MastrChief07


Side A
Doug Lazy H.O.U.S.E. (Benadef Mix)(7:21)

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (The Todd Terry Remixes Pt.2)

Here's MJ's single "Stranger In Moscow" club remixes done by none other than the well known legend we know as Todd Terry. I still have the hard to find 12" promo which I decided not to open. So, I'm putting up the CD versions.*the pic above is for the vinyl 12". But the picture CD sleeve is just about the same and I still don't have my cam. Yet. :P. Anyhow, There were 4 parts in all. 2 of which were by Terry. One was a Hani & another one had R&B mixes. Anyway, I have pt.1 of the Todd Terry remixes somewhere in one of those "encyclopedia with a zipper" packs. My fave from these remixes from Pt.2 are the 'Frozen Sun Club' & the 'Danger Dub' mixes. I've been rocking the MJ tracks and remixes as of late. I used to hear alot of MJ even before his untimely death. I'll miss his stuff for a very long time. Damn, we don't know what we got 'til it's gone.....R.I.P. MJ! =(

1 Stranger In Moscow (Album Version) (5:43)

2 Stranger In Moscow (Tee's Radio Mix) (4:21)

3 Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix) (6:53)

4 Stranger In Moscow (TNT Frozen Sun Mix-Club) (6:49)

5 Stranger In Moscow (Tee's Freeze Radio) (3:45)

6 Stranger In Moscow (TNT Danger Dub) (7:21)

7 Stranger In Moscow (Tee's Light AC Mix) (4:24)

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Ian Pooley - Celtic Cross EP

Nothing posted on discogs on this heavy banger from Ian Pooley, but the music will say all that needs to be said. Not for the faint of heart as this is some deep heavy bass house and techno. enjoy this my vv family


A - Celtic Cross (Bangin' Bass Mix)
B1- My Anthem
B2- Celtic Cross (Motor City Dub)

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

DJ Bfiggy - Dancing in the Middle Freestyle Mix

Another mix by my Brother DJ Bfiggy! This is a newspaper cut out that he saved thru the years of an event that he Deejayed in, It was a Marathon Dance event that he deejayed from 9am till 10pm at the Woodbridge Center Mall here in NJ. Sorry you can't read the article it's cut off. He was 16 years old at the time. I'm thinking the year was probably 1983 or 1984. He told the reporters he was expected to play at least 400 songs that day. Wish he would have recorded the set that day on tape it would have been kool to hear. I like seeing throwback retro pics like this one, It can take you back to some of your own memories of deejaying in the 80's if you were one. This mix he's sharing with us is a freestyle mix. He calls it "Dancing in the Middle freestlyle mix" it's a inside joke me and him have about someone we make fun of..that when she heard a freestyle song she liked she would tell her boyfriend "I wanna dance in the middle of the dancefloor" Enjoy this mix! ---12inchjunkie


01 Hungry for Your Love - Hanson & Davis
02 All & All - Joyce Simms
03 Gonna make it - Safire
04 Love is on her mind - Safire
05 Tears may Fall - TKA
06 Bad of the Heart - George LaMond
07 Where are you Tonight - Coro
08 A Day in my life - Lisette Melendez
09 It must be you - Latin Rascals
10 Running (quick mix) - Information Society
11 You are the one - TKA
12 Running (quick mix) - Information Society
13 Point of no return - Expose
14 In my eyes - Stevie B
15 True love never dies - Donna Williams
16 What I'm Feeling - Nasty Boys
17 Fallen Angel - Coro
18 Let me be the one - Safire
19 Think - Information Society

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Jamie Myerson - Rescue Me

Here's a contribution from a vistor, Thanks goes out to Alan for this single. I personally don't remember this track but maybe someone on the blog will. ----12inchjunkie


Rescue Me (Jamie Myerson's Edit) (3:54)
Rescue Me (Butcher Radio Edit) (3:52)
Rescue Me (Jamie Myerson's Drum & Bass Remix #2) (6:10)
Rescue Me (Cloak Downtempo Remix) (5:18)
Rescue Me (Angel's Smooth & Soulful Mix) (7:56)
Rescue Me (Nitebreed's Pancreas Pancake Mix) (7:11)

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

DJ Danny F - Classic Electronic Techno & Brooklyn Beats

Alright time for another of my old school mixes! This time I'm bringing you some classic Techno and House mutations from the Brooklyn Producers, There's maybe a couple tracks that are not Brooklyn but fit well with this mix. Now I know some of you are not into Techno at all but It wouldn't hurt to download this mix and take a listen to it. I tried to make this mix as creative as possible. Now some of you are wondering what's the deal with the pic of the post apocalyptic New York City picture? Lol. Well this mix fit very well with this picture...this mix sounds futuristic & dark, the intro I made I took from the movie Cyborg, Kool flick if you never saw it I highly recommend it if your into Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi movies like me. Download this mix put it in your ipod and get ready to take a trip...Hope you will enjoy it. This is a free download for everyone.---12inchjunkie

1. Intros
2. Mental Mayhem - Where they hiding
3. Open Mind - The Trance
4. Rhythm Interface - Tribal Acid
5. Wired - New York, New York
6. Major Problems - The Rush (Freakout Mix)
7. DJ Phenix - Arrival (Dub Version)
8. Frankie Bones & Damon Wild - Clap your hands (Come On)
9. Radical Rhythms - Rikers
10. Drumdrops 5 - Who shot cirus?
11. Major Problems - Flashback
12. Project 86 - Industrial Bass
13. Zodiak - Bass 4 Your Face
14. How & Little - Engineers Dream
15. Joey Beltram - Energy Flash
16. How & Little - Techno Man
17. DJ Phenix - Masochist Trip (Original Mix)
18. Musto & BoNES - See the light
19. Mundo Muzique - Andromeda
20. Frank De Wulf - Foreign Trips
21. Phenix - Revelations
22. Frankie Bones - Call It Techno (Computer Mix)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

D.J. Denali - Freestyle Forever Vol. # 2

What's good Viny Vault Fam!!!! I dont' know if you guys remember last month I posted a freestyle mixtape by DJ Denali , Well I went back to where i brought it and what do you know here goes Vol. #2. Alot of you enjoyed the 1st one so i figured i should post the 2nd part. not to worry no Goonsquad on this one LOL!!! Enjoy Fam!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Sweet Sensation - Sincerely Yours
2. Giggles - Love Letters
3. Sweet Sensation - Never Let You Go
4. Fascination - Why You Wanna Go
5. Sweet Sensation - Hooked On You
6. TKA - Tears May Fall
7. Monet - Come To Me
8. Noel - Silent Morning
9. TKA - One Way Love
10. George Lamond - Bad Of The Heart
11. TKA - Maria
12. Trilogy - Red Hot
13. Judy Torres - No Reason To Cry
14. Coro - Where Are You Tonite
15. TKA - Scars Of Love
16. Stevie B. - Spring Love
17. Cynthia - Change On Me
18. Lisette Melendez - A Day In My Life
19. Judy Torres - Come Into My Arms
20. Coro - Can't Let You Go
21. Maribell - Roses Are Red
22. Cynthia - Thief Of Hearts
23. Johnny O & Cynthia - Dreamboy Dreamgirl
23. Johnny O - Fantasy Girl

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Steve "Silk" Hurley - Jack Your Body

A true house classic! This is Chicago all the way....A definite Masterpeice!
Jack Your Body (Club Your Body) (6:50)
Jack Your Body (Dub Your Body) (6:25)
Jack Your Body (Home Made Mix) (6:35)
Jack Your Body (Steve 'Silk' Hurley Remix) (7:03)

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Goodmen - Give It Up b/w Land Of Haze (FFRR)

Classic tribal track from "The Goodmen" AKA René Ter Horst & Gaston Steenkist. I remember when this came out I couldn't get the 12" for about a week or so. It couldn't stay on the wall racks. At least at my spot it didn't. Anyway, it's been a long time since this came out. There were remixes a couple of times but weren't good, IMO. Enjoy! ~MastrChief07


Side A:
Give It Up (Batacuda Refrescante) (6:56)
Side B:
Land Of Haze (7:30)

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KC Flightt / Steve Poindexter - Let's Get Jazzy / Work This Pussy / Work That Mother Fucker

Remember these Giant 12" Records? NYC based, long running pirate label. Giant is not really the name of this "label"; It's the designation of the format, as in "Maxi-Single" or "Giant Single".---12inchjunkie

A1 KC Flightt Let's Get Jazzy (Dope Dub Mix)
A2 KC Flightt Let's Get Jazzy
B1 Steve Poindexter Work This Pussy
B2 Steve Poindexter Work That Mother Fucker

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jay Williams - Sweat

I'm surprised no one has posted this record yet! I for one didn't like this song when I first heard it back in the days...don't ask me why? I was just not crazy about this tune and I was just too much into Hard House beats at the time. But thru the years I grew into liking deep house records like this one. Produced by Nelson "Paradise" Roman , and song written by Jay Williams. This record is a must have for the old school collection. ---12inchjunkie

Sweat (Sweat The Club) (7:36)
Sweat (Dance Track) (3:44)
Sweat (Dripping Dub) (5:17)
Sweat (Light Years) (6:24)

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jack Master Funk / Jack Master Dick - Jack The Bass / Jack The Dick

What's up all sorry haven't really posted all week.I've been sick and now that I put the AC up, I wake up feeling like crap! So I'm all fucked up...Anyway, today I decided to post a Chicago track, I'm pretty sure Cicagojackin has this..."Jack the Bass" is the cut here. I never knew this came out in 1985, I was told maybe 1987 or 1988. Jack Master Funk has alot of other killer tracks. Peep out his work and any releases from Trax Record. There's alot of history from this label. ---12inchjunkie


A Jack Master Funk* Jack The Bass (7:30)

Mixed By - Farley*
Producer - J.M.F.*
B1 Jack Master Dick* Jack The Dick (S.M.M.F.D.) (6:50)

Mixed By - Dick*
Producer - J.M.D.*
B2 Jack Master Dick* Jack The Dick (Dickapella) (2:00)

Mixed By - Dick*
Producer - J.M.D.*

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Friday, July 17, 2009

CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter

Born in Yorkshire in 1971 but transplanted to Belgium when he was only three, CJ Bolland received an early education in dance music; his parents ran a club in Antwerp, and his mother DJed there. He grew up listening to the synthesizer music of several eras — from Jean-Michel Jarre to Front 242 and the Neon Judgement — but began devoting most of his time to house and techno by the late '80s. Bolland began producing in 1988, when a drummer friend gave him access to the right gear, and his tracks were soon heard on several Belgian pirate radio stations. He then sent demos to several labels, and finally heard back from R & S Records.
CJ Bolland's first production for R & S, the Project's "Do That Dance", jump-started his career, and he soon saw releases from his projects Pulse, Space Opera (with the Advent's Cisco Ferreira), Cee-Jay, Ravesignal and Sonic Solution. His 1992 "Ravesignal 3 EP" (specifically, the track "Horsepower") made Bolland one of the hottest names in the new global dance community.

Bolland made his album debut soon after, with "The 4th Sign". His 1993-94 schedule also included production work for Mundo Muzique, Dave Angel and Joey Beltram as well as remixing for Orbital, The Prodigy, Sven Väth, Westbam, Tori Amos and Baby Ford, among others. His second album "Electronic Highway" was released in 1995, after which Bolland signed a mammoth five-album deal with Internal Records. The first fruits of the contract, "The Analogue Theatre", were released in late 1996 to critical praise and dance-chart success, thanks to the excitable single "Sugar Is Sweeter".

He founded his own label "Mole Records" in 2002.

Source : discogs



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Nuyorican Soul - Runaway

Masters At Work is the house-music production and remix team of "Little" Louie Vega and Kenny "Dope" Gonzales. They first worked together using the name, which had been given to them by mutual friend Todd Terry (who recorded several tracks under that name in the 1980s), in 1990.

The duo has also produced music together under the names MAW, KenLou, Sole Fusion, and Nuyorican Soul.

Their Nuyorican Soul project had the duo working extensively with real (as opposed to sampled or synthesized) musicians, in a variety of styles including Latin, disco, jazz, and more. Musicians who took part in this project include Vincent Montana Jr., Roy Ayers, George Benson, Jocelyn Brown, Tito Puente, and members of the Salsoul Orchestra. The self-titled album released under the name Nuyorican Soul in 1996 included original tracks as well as cover versions of songs by the performers with which the duo was working, such as "Sweet Tears" (Roy Ayers), and "Runaway," originally sung by Loleatta Holloway with the Salsoul Orchestra, here sung by India and featuring musicians from the original recording of 1977.

MAW has a history as remixers, having reproduced tracks for various acts both inside and outside the world of dance music. Some of the artists remixed by the two producers include Madonna, Donna Summer, Jody Watley, Janet Jackson, Jamiroquai, Earth Wind & Fire, and Stephanie Mills

Source: wikipedia


1 Runaway
2 Runaway (Original Flava 12")
3 Runaway (Philly Beats)
4 Runaway (Mongoloids In Space)
5 Runaway (Mousse T's Jazz Funk Experience)
6 Runaway (India's Ambient Dream)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Frankie Bones-The Candle EP

This is for the people that like Frankie Bones(12 junkie ,lol) good Frankie Bones Techno here. Enjoy

The Basic Function
Track With No Train
Blow Out The Candle
House Call

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T.K.A. - Louder Than Love

TKA was a Latin Freestyle trio that was prominent in the 1980s and early 1990s, mainly in New York City and Miami, Florida. Its members were Tony Ortiz, Louis "Kayel" Sharpe, and Ralph "Aby" Cruz, later replaced by Angel "Love" Vasquez. The acronym TKA represents their collective initials. Early on, the group's members would state in interviews that the acronym stood for "Total Knowledge in Action," as well. All of TKA's members are of Puerto Rican descent. Many Freestyle fans consider them the kings of that genre, although Kayel downplays this label, having stated, "There are no kings in Freestyle."


Hailing from New York City, TKA were discovered when they sang at a sweet sixteen party in an East Harlem church in 1984. Record producer and manager Joey Gardner, who attended the party, was impressed with the trio, and, with his help, were signed to Tommy Boy Records. The group originally consisted of Tony, Kayel, and Ralph "Aby" Cruz, but Aby was replaced by Alejandro "Angel" Vasquez after the release of the single "Tears May Fall." Although not widely known, India was a member of the group in its earliest days, as well. The group’s first single was "Come Get My Love," which was followed by "One Way Love," a major hit in the Latin club communities of New York and Miami. An album was then recorded, entitled Scars of Love, which included the first two singles. The title track was then released as a single, followed by "Tears May Fall," "Don't Be Afraid," and "X-Ray Vision."

In 1989, the soundtrack of the film "Lean on Me" featured the single "You Are the One."

The album Louder Than Love was released in 1990, accompanied by its first single, "I Won't Give Up on You," a slick R&B/Hip-Hop groove that was quite a departure from their earlier material, stylistically. 1991 saw even more diversity of sound with the release of the singles "Crash (Have Some Fun)," a house-music hit that featured a rap vocal by Michelle Visage of the group Seduction, "Give Your Love to Me," and "Louder Than Love."

That same year the trio also performed the song "Are You for Real" on the popular syndicated television program It's Showtime at the Apollo.

Due to Freestyle's declining popularity as a new age of music dawned, TKA were dropped from the Tommy Boy roster soon after the single "Louder Than Love" was released, and the trio disbanded. A greatest hits package was released in 1992, with a new track, "Maria," which was released as a single.

Following the split, the members of TKA went on to pursue independent interests. Kayel recorded under the name K7 and had a hit hip-hop album called Swing, Batta, Swing, which contained the hit singles "Come, Baby, Come" and the Cab Calloway-influenced "Hi De Ho." Tony established a production company in New York, and Angel joined the contemporary R&B group Goodfellas.

2000 to Present

TKA reunited in 2001 and recorded the album Forever, which was released on November 6, 2001. Of the 12 songs contained on that album, only one was released as a single, the smooth house-influenced track "Feel the Music." The album's promotional failure was largely due to Tommy Boy’s faltering relationship with Warner Bros. Records, the result of which was poor sales figures. Angel left the group and was replaced by popular freestyle singer George Lamond. After recording an album entitled TKA Featuring George Lamond, the members of the group disbanded and went their separate ways. The album was never released commercially, and today exists only in the form of a handful of demos that were shopped to a few record companies. The name TKA, however, lives on through its former frontman Kayel, now billed as K7, who performs the well-known TKA hits in clubs throughout New York City. He is also a DJ at New York's popular dance-music station 103.5 KTU. Although the group parted ways, it is still popular in New York City, Chicago, and Miami, and has had a resurgence of interest, thanks to recent regional Freestyle revivals.


TKA was notable in Freestyle circles for their cutting-edge sound and recognition as leaders in the genre, inspiring an entire generation of urban Latino artists. Their main producer and manager Joey Gardner deserves much of the credit for crafting TKA's sound and successfully guiding them as artists throughout their careers. TKA are revered in the Freestyle community for presenting opportunities for many other Latino performers to create dance music. Out of all Freestyle performers, TKA remains one of the most popular, and their music is a mainstay on Freestyle playlists worldwide.


1 I Won't Give Up On You
2 Are You For Real
3 Something In My Heart
4 Anyone In Love
5 Crash (Have Some Fun)
6 You Are The One
7 The Way It Used To Be
8 Give Your Love To Me
9 I Can't Help It
10 Louder Than Love
11 I Won't Give Up On You (Alternative Bass Mix)
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Sequal - Sequal

Sequal was a Latin Freestyle female duo from Miami, composed of Angie Vollaro and Maria Christensen. The duo was founded in 1984 by producer Lewis A. Martineé, who was also responsible for the group Exposé. The group's first releases in 1985–86 were on independent label Joey Boy Records and became club hits. In 1988 Sequal signed with major label Capitol/EMI Records, releasing its only self-titled album, which had a plethora of producers, including Stock Aitken Waterman (“Tell Him I Called”), Kurtis Mantronik (“Tell the Truth”), Michael Morejon, and Lewis A. Martineé. Neither the album nor the singles hit the pop charts, although some singles did become club hits.

The group split in 1990 and Christensen later formed the group 3rd Party in the late 1990s; that group’s major claim to fame was the song “Waiting For Tonight,” which Jennifer Lopez covered on her debut album.

In 2008, the duo reunited and released the song "My Love for You" on the iTunes Store. The duo also has an official MySpace page.

Source : Answers.Com

1 Tell Him I Called
2 Tell The Truth
3 I'm Over You
4 Could've Had My Love
5 Why Can't We Be Lovers
6 Let It Go
7 Took Another Chance
8 Brand New Love
9 Out Of Sight Out Of Mind
10 She Don't Want You
11 It's Not Too Late

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Sweet Sensation - Take It While It's Hot

Sweet Sensation was a female freestyle-dance music trio from the Bronx, New York.

Formed in 1986, the original group members were Betty LeBron (lead) and sisters Margie and Mari Fernandez. Originally on Next Plateau Records, in 1988 they were picked up by Atco and and their debut album, Take It While It's Hot was released. Take It While It's Hot went to #63 on the Billboard pop albums chart and spawned five hit singles: "Hooked on You", "Victim of Love", "Take It While It's Hot", "Never Let You Go" (which hit number one), and "Sincerely Yours". In 1989, Mari was replaced by Sheila Vega (the artwork of the group's debut album was also altered when the personnel replacement was made). In 1990 their second album Love Child was released, and the group earned its biggest hit with the ballad "If Wishes Came True", which hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100. In 1991 a final album featuring remixes was released, and the group was disbanded.

In 2005, the dance single "My Body Tu Cuerpo," credited as Dynamix Presents Sweet Sensation, was released on Kult Records (with LeBron on lead vocals, now under the moniker of Betty Dee).

In 2004 Sweet Sensation ranked #391 on Top 500 Pop Artists of the Past 25 Years.

Source: Answers.Com

1 Never Let You Go (6:08)
2 Sincerely Yours (4:50)
3 Love Games (4:17)
4 Let Me Be The One (5:10)
5 Heartbreak (4:37)
6 Take It While It's Hot (4:59)
7 Victim Of Love (5:45)
8 Hooked On You (5:06)

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kerri Chandler Ft.Arnold Javis-Inspiration (Double Promo)

What can be said about this mega Gospel House that has not been said before. Double Promo here, you have some Roger S. & Original versions. There is a triple promo out there and if any of the authors here have it would like if you could upload it. ENJOY!!!!!!!!


Inspiration (Kerri's Original 94 Mix)
Inspiration (K.C. & John Isley Saxoriginal)
Inspiration (K.C. Screaming Vocal Mix)
Inspiration (K.C. & John Isley Sax Drop Mix)
Inspiration (Roger S. Vocal Mix)
Inspiration (Roger S. Positive Dub)
Inspiration (Nick Jones Vocal)
Inspiration (Nick Jones Dub)

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Part 1
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Part 2
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Friday, July 10, 2009

Yummy - If You Want Me To

I personally like "If You Want Me To (Raz Dub Mix)" Ralphie "Raz" Rosario version is the best.


A1 If You Want Me To (Club 107.5 Mix)
A2 If You Want Me To (Get Down Dub)

B1 If You Want Me To (Raz House Mix)
B2 If You Want Me To (Raz Dub Mix)

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full Moon - Allelujh

Nothing much on discogs on this but always like this ep. On one side you have a nice mellow house track and the other is a hip-house track.


A1 Allelujh (Hard Vibes) (5:31)
A2 Allelujh (Voices) (3:44)
A3 Allelujh (After Hours) (5:30)
B1 Got Me Burnin' Up (The Rap) (4:14)
B2 Got Me Burnin' Up (Got Me Instrumental) (4:14)

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Coro - Can't Let You Go

While we're on the "Freestyle" tip. Here's another great classic from Freestyle legend Coro "Can't Let You Go". With some production of Todd Terry & background vocals from Anastacia ('One Day In Your Life'). Coro has a new track coming up. Called "Let's Get Away". Look for it on Youtube. I couldn't post up the video on here. Don't know how, sorry. The new track sounds good. Hopefully he'll release more than just that one track. Btw,I had to make due with whatever pics I could come up with. In process of a new camera still, lolol! Peaceout. ~MastrChief07

Robs Edit: I've added the video MasterChief was talking about for you.

Side A:
Can't Let You Go (Extended Dance Mix)
Can't Let You Go (T.N.T.Beats)
Can't Let You Go (Radio Version)
Side B:
Can't Let You Go (House Mix)
Can't Let You Go (Percapella Mix)

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Information Society - Think

Here's a classic song from Information Society who also made the dance hit "Running". Even though they were not Freestyle Artist they made songs that would fit into a Freestyle set. ---12inchjunkie


Think (Virtual Reality Radio Edit) (4:11)
Think (Bluebox 2600 Mix) (6:45)

Producer [Additional] - "Little" Louie Vega*
Think (Virtual Reality Mix) (7:00)
Think (Phone Phreak Mix) (6:16)
Think (Virtual Dub) (5:23)
Think (A Cappella) (2:07)

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Clear Touch - Clear Touch

Born and raised in the Bronx, Clear Touch's success began in the 90's. With Freestyle hit's such as "Surrender Your Love" and "Fallen Angel" thier self-titled album hit music charts across the country immediately upon releasing their 1st single. "Surrender" had topped the charts within only a weeks time.

On a different side of thier artistic spectrum, Clear Touch, which consists of three Puerto Ricans, John Sanchez, KC Rodriguez and Angel Solis were contracted to do a movie called Living in Paradise. They then went on to perform live on HBO for the Andrew Golata Fight and also have performed live at Harlem's legendry Apollo theatre. They have also been contracted to perform the National Anthem for the Yankees, Knicks, Nets, and the NJ Red Dogs.

Clear Touch is back by popular demand and is ready, once again, to bring back thier harmonic melodies which captivated Freestyle listeners of all ages!
Source: cleartouch myspace page

1 Fallen Angel
2 Surrender Your Love
3 Keep On Searching
4 Don't Want To Remember
5 Cherish
6 Got To Have You Love
7 Learning To Fly
8 Clear Touch's Anthem
9 Fallen Angel (Hot Or Not Mix)
10 Surrender Your Love (Club Mix)

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