Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Street Players-Vol. 1

Another secret weapon made available by the generosity of DC's own Video Killer and all around awesome dude & DJ - John Bowen. Sharing the treats is what makes everyone happy...

According to my homeboy via Youtube, this is the track that inspired "The Bomb" by The Bucketheads on Henry Street. Serious bizness indeed... featuring sample from Chicago's 'Street Player' - so get some!

A1 Gonna Make You Move (5:50)
A2 Somalia (6:30)
B1 Make It Thru The Night (7:39)
B2 Make It Thru The Dub (6:28)

Produced by David Chang & Victor Simonelli.

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Awesome 3-Don't Go

Ayo! Long time no blogtalk Vinyl Vault familia! My apologies bout that. Hustlin Hustlin... just back in DC for July 4th weekend and some change, then back to the Lehigh Valley for the serious vinyl hustle! Gonna be a serious summer - that's all I can say *!

Got some ish upped to mediafiyah just haven't had time to post proper txt. Here goes...

Once again, a Discogs brotha from another motha put it down so solid that I just have to Ctrl C/V! Reference love going out to Budnik; this review is verbatim and on point!

The piano line is instantly recognisable - why arent pianos used in dance tunes anymore!?!, the break is stolen from the Stone Roses "Fools Gold" which may have been sampled from something else - its a familiar break - these old breaks work so well in a house template. The bass and breaks really drive the track along. The vocals are actually quite good although lyrically it is simple. Another timeless classic from probably the most pivotal era of dance music and when breaks really did sound phat and roll, unlike todays disjointed breaks tunes.

The Kicks Like A Mule Remix is the one that got all the attention back in the day. Great to mix into with the cuts, scratches and shouts of "DONT"..."GO". The K.L.A.M mix has some heavy hitting sub kicks too that do sound great on a club system. Again, their mix also uses a very nice break. Other than that they havent messed with the track too much, apart from swapping the break.

A1. Don't Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix) (5:30)
A2. Don't Go (Second Movement) (4:59)
AA1. Don't Go (Original Mix) (5:07)
AA2. Headstrong (5:07)

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Monday, June 29, 2009

Space Trax-Vol. 4

Some nice Prog House, Techno and Tribal here. Glad to share this here with the VV family.

A1 Bounce (6:05)
A2 Running Back To Me (5:35)
B1 Frantic (6:50)
B2 Precussion (7:15)

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Jambo! - L`echo L`echo

Not much is written by Jambo! other than they are Koenie van Immerseel and Sven van Hees.
This is good techno and house straight from wonka beats. enjoy

A1 - L'Echo L'Echo (Jero Feso) (5:49)
A2 - L'Echo L'Echo (Jero Feso) (More Voices Version) (5:49)
B1 - Transglobal Obsession (6:57)
B2 - Those Never Ending Voices (5:54)
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Todd Terry Presents Sax - This Will Be Mine

This is a Classic 2 Record Album. I Like these House Trks "Jazz Anthem, Jazz Tazz & Don't You Want Some More" off this Album. There is also some Chill-Out/Down-Tempo on it also.

A1 Jazz Anthem (5:58)
A2 Soul In The Mix (4:58)
A3 Make It Right (5:50)
B1 Special Groove (6:32)
B2 Jazz Tazz (4:39)
B3 I Need A Fix (4:40)
C1 Don't You Want Some More (5:21)
C2 This Will Be Mine (5:01)
C3 The Movement (3:50)
D1 House Is A Feelin (5:30)
D2 If You Wanna Ride (5:12)
D3 The Journey (Part 2) (4:58)

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pressure Drop - Feeling Good

I couldn't find a pic of this record and I don't know where's my copy of this vinyl is at. So I posted a pic of the producers. This track is a straight up banger from the early 90's. Recommend downloading this.---12inchjunkie

Feeling Good (Touch 1) (6:00)
Feeling Good (Touch 2) (4:12)
Feeling Good (Touch 3) (5:38)

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Black Pearl - Don't Turn Away

Here's a very good oldie and a track many probably never listened to. I was happy to have found this years ago on Temdee I think. Anyways, this is a must for a true Freestyle head. Classic. I couldn't find a Bio of these girls. Nor I couldnt get pics for both sides I dropped my digital cam Friday (wife thinks I did it on purpose for a new one, lol) and the camcorder doesn't take pics well, so had to make do with what was available. Peaceout! What're you waiting for? Enjoy! ~MastrChief07

Side 1
Don't Turn Away (Radio Version) (4:14)
Don't Turn Away (Dub Version) (3:10)
Side 2
Don't Turn Away (Club Version) (6:00)

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

michael jackson - gone to soon

im still at a loss and can't quite understand how he's gone. He's done so much with music and all his contributions to charities and other things. Forget all the accusations thrown his way. he is missed, he is loved, and I think this is another blow to real music as todays artists(wannabes) can never touch this mans legacy.i know he will rest in peace and finally be happy as he was never was in this life. will miss you always mj and your music will always be enjoyed for many years by your fans,real music lovers, and house djs everywhere. As his song from the dangerous album states he is gone to soon. I know this is not a post of music but i know everyone on this blog can understand and cherish this. this video hits home.

Rest In Peace Michael... Special Tribute Mix

Here's a special Tribute mix done by DJ Riddler of some of Michael Jackson Greatest Tunes, He will surely be missed and was a big inspiration to many of us. I grew up listening to his music as a child and my birth day is the same as his August 29th...I even had that red jacket he wore in the thriller video (Don't Laugh). But all jokes aside this is a great lost and he will always be remembered as the King Of Pop!---12inchjunkie

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Black Traxx - Volume III

This Record Is Classic Alot Of Bangers On This 1.

A1. Doctor's Housecall (5:20)
A2. Everything (4:30)
A3. Your Mind Is So Crazy (4:35)

B1. Nite Dance (4:00)
B2. Dance Forever (5:15)
B3. S.A.D. (Tribal Mix) (3:00)

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Black Traxx - Volume II

Black Traxx was a serious series!!

A1. Enchanted Rain
A2. Over & Over
A3. Retrospace
B1. Holiday
B2. Lights Out
B3. Pump It

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The 28th St. Crew - I Need A Rhythm

A Classic House Record made mostly with samples taken from Jomandas Make My Body Rock & Maurices This Is Acid. A Must for your collection.---12inchjunkie

I Need A Rhythm (Vocal Club Mix) (6:18)
I Need A Rhythm (Dub 1) (6:43)
I Need A Rhythm (Dub 2) (6:35)

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Susan Clark - Deeper

Okay!! I Know Everybody Knows This Classik!! Song. Philly & B-More Radio Played This Heavy. This Is The Original Single, Bought From "Music Liberated" In B-More (RIP: Bernie).

A1. Deeper (Radio Mix)
A2. Deeper (Club Mix)
B1. Deeper (KAQZ 6:23 House Mix)
B2. Deeper (111 East House Mix)

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Sa-Fire - Sa-Fire

Sa-Fire was born Wilma Cosmé, 1967, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She grew up mostly in East Harlem and began her singing career as a session vocalist.

Sa-Fire (aka Safire) was discovered at an audition for Cutting Records. While she did not have massive pop chart success, she is nevertheless considered an important part of the success of Latin freestyle and remains one of the most recognizable names in that genre. Her debut single, "Don't Break My Heart" (1986), remains well regarded by freestyle music and Club/Dance fans. "Let Me be the One" (1987), her follow-up single, proved to be a bigger hit than her debut. "Boy, I've Been Told" the first single of her self-titled debut album crossed over to pop radio and became her first pop hit reaching #48 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song was the #1 selling single in New York for twelve straight weeks and the #1 song on the old Hot 97 radio station in 1988. The song topped the charts in all of the major radio stations throughout the United States.

Sa-Fire scored her most commercially successful hit with the ballad "Thinking of You" in 1989, when hit peaked at #4 on the Adult Contemporary chart and at #12 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song was translated into Spanish (as "El Recuerdo de Ti") by the singer/actor, Ruben Blades.

In 1989, Sa-Fire and "Thinking of You" were featured in a public service announcement commercial for AIDS awareness. The commercial was seen on Spanish language TV across the U.S. and Latin America. She also sang the song on an episode of the 1989 revival of The Mickey Mouse Club.

Those hits and others helped her debut album remain a strong seller for years, although it is currently out-of-print. The album peaked at #84 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and at #79 on the Billboard Hot 200. Many agree Safire's debut album entitled "Safire" is the best freestyle album of its genre.Other singles of hers that charted on the Billboard Hot 100 include "Gonna Make It" and "Made Up My Mind." She was fortunate to have a major record label, Mercury/PolyGram, behind her to push her career forward.

Sa-Fire has been featured in various magazines, such as U.S. Magazine, Billboard, Vogue, Elle and was the first Latina to grace the cover of Spin Magazine. She has also appeared on television programs such as American Bandstand, Pat Sajak Show, Joan Rivers Show, Latin Connection, MTV International, Party Machine, PM Magazine, and Entertainment Tonight. Sa-Fire has performed throughout the United States, Japan, Europe, Caribbean and South America. She has won numerous awards, including six New York Music Awards, three Desi Awards, and an ASCAP award for writing "Thinking of You," which was cited as one of the most-played songs on radio.

Sa-Fire was given a lifetime achievement award at radio station WKTU's "Freestyle free 4 all" concert in Atlantic City in 2007.


The 1990s

In 1990, she remade "I Will Survive" for the soundtrack of the film She-Devil, incorporating a house and hip-hop element into the 1970s disco hit.

In 1991 Sa-Fire was featured in "A Christmas Message" with Mercury/PolyGram labelmates Vanessa L. Williams and Brian McKnight, with her rendition of the Christmas classic "Joy to the World."

Safire teamed up with friend and former teen hearthrob,Tommy Page to form the dance group La Casa. Together Safire & Tommy, wrote and produce 3 tracks for the "New Faces" compilation on Warner Bros records in 1993. This was not the first time Safire & Tommy collaborated on a project. In 1990, they both co-wrote, produced and sang the duet "Don't give up on Love" , the song was featured on Tommy's 1990 album, "Paintings on my Mind".

Although Freestyle music waned in mainstream popularity in the early 1990s, Sa-Fire counteracted this by releasing the house song "Taste the Bass" as a single from her second album, I Wasn't Born Yesterday. "Taste the Bass" peaked at #6 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. The lead single, "Made up My Mind," was an immediate success within the dance music and urban music communities, peaking at #9 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play. However, the song stalled at #80 on the Billboard Hot 100.

During the mid 1990s, after a short hiatus, Sa-Fire returned with a Spanish language album, Atrevida. However, this first try at a salsa album was not commercially successful.

The 2000's

After another hiatus, Sa-Fire announced the release of her new album Bringing back the Groove in 2001. The album featured a cover of the New Edition hit "Can You Stand the Rain," featuring Cynthia. The single sparked moderate dance and urban format radio airplay.The album's second single, "Don't Break My Heart 2002," peaked at #3 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play.

As of 2008, Sa-Fire continues to tour, as well as produce and write for other artists. Sa-Fire is also working on a 2009 calendar and a documentary.

2009 - Her most recent single, "Exotique," was released on Masterbeat.com on 05/05/09 and is now released everywhere else. Remixes are included from Mark Alston, Johnny Vicious, Jim Heinz, Jamie J Sanchez, and Mike Rizzo. The original version was produced by Nick Saya.

Source: discogs & answers.com


Boy, I've Been Told

Producer - Carlos Rodgers , Peter Schwartz
Love Is On Her Mind

Producer - Andy "Panda" Tripoli , Latin Rascals, The
Thinking Of You

Producer - Aldo Marin , Carlos Rodgers
I Wanna Make You Mine

Producer - Latin Rascals, The
It's A Crime

Producer - Floyd Fisher , Nocera
You Said You Loved Me

Co-producer - Marc Anthony
Producer - Carlos Rodgers
Gonna Make It

Producer - Angelo Cosme , David Harris
Better Be The Only One

Producer - Carlos Rodgers , Ernie Lake

Producer - Carlos Rodgers
Love At First Sight

Producer - Aldo Marin

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Johnny O - Johnny O

Born in Brooklyn, New York. In 1988, Johnny O(Ortiz) recorded which is today one of the most famous and played freestyle records around the world "Fantasy Girl," this platinum single which was just the beginning of his career started Johnny on a journey that today embodies several successful recorded hits around the world. His success has created an enormous phenomenon for freestyle sensation Johnny O, globally. To date Johnny has played in concerts with top acts; such as, Boys to Men and many others, he has also been seen on TV shows and many musical production videos, plus famous movie sets using his enormous talents in the acting field. To date Johnny has signed with a German label called ZYX Records and has recorded his latest and greatest album of his career.



Fantasy Girl (7:54)
Highways of Love (7:42)
In Time (3:59)
The Music's Got Me (6:56)
Don't Go Away (7:21)
Memories (5:58)

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Kings Of Tomorrow - Fade II Black

1997 was the year when this track was released and this record reminds me so much of the local bar that I was djing at, at the time. For me as a DJ that doesn't play so much soulful house music there's only a few selections that I can consider good soulful tracks and this record is one of them. Great Kick drum and a catching Melody, The Original Mix & The Roger Sanchez Mix are my favorite. ---12inchjunkie


Fade II Black (Original Mix)
Fade II Black (Roger S. Blackout Mix)

Remix - Roger S.*
Fade II Black (K.O.T. Ruff Beats)
Fade II Black (K.O.T. Ruff Flutapella)
Fade II Black (Roger S. Keep It Real Dub)

Remix - Roger S.*
Fade II Black (Roger S. Darkness Dub)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Three Generations Ft.Chevell - Superlover & Get It Off

Finally!!! I found it! Rob just sent me the single track by a Vinyl Vault visiter, But I was doing some mp3 hunting and came across this whole 12 inch! I don't know who to thanks for this but I finally got it. It's only 2 songs on this vinyl and the classic track here is ''Get It Off"...I will consider this track my number 1 deep house track of all time. I remember one time around the late 90's when I went to a club in NY called Vinyl Little Louie was djing at the time and when he dropped this record the crowd went nuts! I actually get euphoria everytime I listen to this. This track takes me back to High School, House Parties, & many other good memories...Enough of me talking and hit that download button---12inchjunkie

Superlover (Club Mix) (6:36)

Written-By - C. Ball (2)
Get It Off (Underground Mix) (6:05)

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

33 1/3 Queen - Searchin'

This Track "Original Mix" (Released In 1990 On Nu-Groove "NG-053") Is One Of My Many Favorites. This Single Was Re-Released & Remixed In 1995. A Guy Called Gerald 1988 Controversial Song "Blow Your House Down" Thought As A Dis' Record To Some, Was Were They Sampled The Bassline. The Girl Singing Searching Over It Is A Sample From Debbie Trusty - "Searchin' For Some Lovin'". The Hard Production, Just Takes It To Another level. I Like To Mix This With Armando's - "100% Of Disin' You" It Has The Same Mood To Me And Level Of Energy.

A1. Searchin' (YKAENS REMIX)
B1. Searchin' (ORIGINAL MIX)
B2. Searchin' (TACKY MIX)

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Project "86"* - Industrial Bass / Total Recall

I'm pretty sure every Old Skool Head remember hearing or having this record...Project 86 was the duo "How & Little". Industrial Bass became an underground hit when it hit Europe. This record was later picked up by the label R&S Records. ---12inchjunkie


Industrial Bass (Industrial Mix) (5:00)
Industrial Bass (Backroom Mix) (3:56)
Total Recall (Original Mix) (6:19)

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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Markey-Enter The Track Zone

What's up everyone figure I post something tonite been quite busy on my week off from work, Doing stuff around the house most of the time. Also checking out tutorials online for FL Studio. My Brother sent me his first track that he's working on and I'm going to mess with it with my own remix. I'll see how good it will turn out and maybe give everyone a little preview of it. Here's my first post of the week from this Chicago label Relief Records my favorite track on this is "Transmission" coming off on that percolator style beat. "Game Room" is also pretty cool with some Pacman Samples thrown in.---12inchjunkie

Game Room
Come & Get It
Outta Control

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cajmere-Underground Goodie Mixes

My favorite from this is Green Velvet's 'Conniption' - Thumpin' 4x4 w/ bleepy weird synth progression... Very minimal and clearly made for the Warehouse environment. Reminiscent of early Richie Hawtin. Grimey!

'Feel It' is also impressive; perfect for that prime time when everyone in the place is 'feelin it'. Definitely more on the house tip. Overall great release from Cajual, albeit a bit obscure.

[A1] Hardcorey & Wray - Love Train
[A2] Workin' Happily - Feel It
[B] Green Velvet - Conniption

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Fast Eddie - The D.J./"Let's Go" (Remix)

"Fast Eddie gained immense popularity during the heyday of Chicago House Music (1986–1988). During that time, he was also spinning on WGCI and WBMX in Chicago.

In 1986, he produced one of his first singles in collaboration with Kenny "Jammin'" Jason entitled "Can You Dance?".

In 1988 he left WGCI for WBMX to concentrate on producing. In the same year he scored one of his biggest hits with "Acid Thunder" on the D.J. International Label, being regarded as a classic of the Chicago acid house genre.

And yet, it was "Hip House" that really increased his popularity. Fast Eddie popularized this genre — essentially hip-hop lyrics over house beats — and produced several tracks afterwards.

In 1990, he tried his hand at Gangsta Rap by forming the group America's Most Wanted but without much success.

Around 1995, Fast Eddie made two collaborations that are considered under the genre of ghetto house with DJ Sneak and with DJ Funk. Both songs gained a lot of airplay on Chicago radio and in clubs."

A1 Let's Go (Fast Eddie's Mix)
A2 Let's Go (Tyree's Gone Mix)
B1 Let's Go (Joe Smooth's House Mix)
B2 Let's Go (Julian 'Jumpin' Perez Mix)
B3 Let's Go (Radio - 430)

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12inchjunkie Is On Vacation This Week!

Well I'm off from my regular 9-5 job this coming week and I'm happy! I actually need it...been under a lot of stress lately with work and other things. I'm not travelling anywhere for vacation I'm just relaxing and taking time to make some music. I've been learnin FL Studio and I seem to like it. I will post a couple youtube videos of some music producers have done with it. Some people knock the program but from what I see it does a lot of what other programs do and its very easy to learn. I downloaded a ton of vst plugins from some sites and I got a whole bunch from Rob. I also got my brother into it so were gonna do some stuff together. So my first project I plan to work on is on remixing a song this is something me and my brother are going to work on together so hope it turns out the way we want it. I will be putting in a lot of hours to get the program to do and get the sounds that I want it to do. If anyone have tips or know of sites that have good vst plugins please let me know. Hope everyone has a good weekend I got a few mixes and 12s to post up in the next few days so stay tune Vinyl Vault Fam...12inchjunkie

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Size 9 - I'm Ready

Here's A track by Josh Wink that some of you will remember, After this record was made there should have not made anymore records with drum rolls. You will hear what I mean when you hear this track...----12inchjunkie

I'm Ready (Remix Version) (11:54)
I'm Ready (DJ Misjah Remix) (9:47)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Mix download - Version Sound Afterdark. Deep Afterhours smoovness...

Sorry I been absent from this blog for a minute - dealing with last minute b.s. before moving back up to Allentown where the REAL rarity rips will start being posted on the regular!! Super excited!

Had to get some stuff off my chest, and I do that by going deep into my inner DJ and churning out a hot fire mix. Not unlike Danny F, I've been on more of a mature 30+ Afterhours vibe (here in DC, the status quo for "club music" has become so watered down that I have no interest in contributing to it) - and all my good friends DJ or otherwise really get started after 2AM.... Hope you enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments and spread the love!

Version Sound, DC's undisputed Dub heavyweight champions have just launched a Tech/House/Classics subsidiary called Version Sound Afterdark. Their sound is geared towards the more mature, diverse and abstract musical mavericks who thrive after 2AM.

This is the debut mix, clocking in at just under an hour and represents the 'late shift' of techno and house music. Please download and spread the link to friends/family.

Download Mix (98MB @ 256k Mp3): http://rapidshare.com/files/239641587/Version_Sound_Afterdark_-_I_Love_Bass_Promo_Mix_2009.mp3

Be back in a bit with more posts - just got done ripping a ton of Bmore classic records and this will be my exclusive outlet. Peace!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

4th Measure Men - 4 You

Here's a classic track remixed by MK. This track was also remixed later on in 2007 by the Hoxton Whores here's the YouTube link so you can hear the 2007 version.The record I'm posting was released in 1994 but this tune came out in 1992. A must for any MK fan! ---12inchjunkie


A1 4 You (Pumped Up Vocal Mix)
A2 4 You (Pumped Up No Vocal Mix)
B1 4 You (Helicopter Mix)
B2 4 You (MK Remix)

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Monday, June 8, 2009

The Todd Terry Project - To The Batmobile Let's Go (Import)

Aight, the pictures say it all. I don't have to say anymore but to say that I'm glad I found this in my stash in the closet. It's a reissue with extra tracks added to the classic collection. When I got this I didn't care about the 'import' price. His greatest hits/work has always been hailed as pioneering the genre of House music. Without further a due: Enjoy the god of house Todd Terry! ~MastrChief07
*Edit: I had to put track #8 below. Don't know why but it was giving an error. Just replace the error one with the good one :).Thanks Rob for the heads up*

1. Bango (To The Batmobile)
2. Weekend
3. You're The One (You Bad)
4. It's Just Inhuman
5. Back To The Beat
6. Just Wanna Dance
7. Made By The Man
8. The Circus
9. Sense
10. Weekend Club
11. Just Wanna Dance (Club Version)
12. Bango (To The Batmobile)(Club Bang)
13. Back To The Beat
14. Weekend (Retouched By The Hand Of Todd)
15. Bango (To The Batmobile)(Bonus Bang)
16. Just Wanna Dance (Radio Version)
17. Weekend (Radio Version)

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Track #8 Password Protected Download..
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