Friday, January 30, 2009

Joel - Prisoner Of Love

Here's a Old School Chicago Freestyle track special thanks from Badbootydaddy5 for this contribution----12inchjunkie

Prisoner Of Love (Prelude)
Prisoner Of Love (Club Mix)
Prisoner Of Love (Spinin' Double J Mix)
Prisoner Of Love (Warehouse Mix)
Prisoner Of Love (Acapella)

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Various - Cutting Remixes Volume 1

This is a Request from GGNYC- Classic Freestyle and electronica from cutting records. Hot remixes of sa-fires dont break my heart by louie vega and the latin rascals and Chateau vie (Castle Life) (with the halloween theme ) and al-naafiysh by Hashim. Enjoy GGNYC and everyone that loves freestyle--- Summonedknight

01 Hashim-Chateau Vie (Castle Life Remix)
02 Sa-Fire-Let Me Be The One (The Latin Rascals & Lil Louie Vega Remix)
03 Nitro Deluxe-Let's Get Brutal (Aldo Marin Remix)
04 2 In A Room-Fantasy (Original Mix)
05 Sa-Fire-Don't Break My Heart (The Latin Rascals & Lil Louie Vega Hot Mix)
06 Hashim-Al-Naafiysh (The Soul It's Time Remix)
07 2 In A Room-A Passing Thought (Original Mix)
08 Nitro Deluxe-Extreme (Original Mix)
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Here goes a video with the song Hashim-Chateau Vie (Castle Life Remix)

T.K.A. - Scars Of Love LP

TKA stands for Tony, Kayel and Aby (later, Angel).

In early 1985, Latino vocalist Louis (or Luiz) Kayel Sharpe submitted a rap demo to producer Joey Gardner at Tommy Boy Music. Gardner rejected it, but agreed to hear Kayel, along with friends Tony, Aby, and "Spider" sing Kayel's ballad "Scars Of Love" over rap instrumentals at a birthday party in an East Harlem church basement. Gardner was impressed, and also happened to meet The Latin Rascals (Tony Moran and Albert Cabrera) at the same party. Envisioning a possible Latin disco version of Planet Patrol, Gardner brought all six musicians into the studio to record a rough demo of "Scars Of Love", and encouraged the group to generate a buzz by playing various free shows in the summer of 1985. Soon after, they were signed to Tommy Boy, and released "One Way Love" as their first single. One month later, Spider was voted out of the group. For a short time, female singer India was a member of the group, and at some point, Aby departed and was replaced by Angel "Love" Vasquez.

Under pressure from Warner Brothers to record only relatively accessible pop songs, and unsure of what direction to take as a group, TKA decided to split up in late 1991, but continue performing until October, 1992. Kayel began recording as K7, Tony created the artist management and production company TPR Productions, and Vasquez cofounded R'n'B trio Goodfellaz, which released an album in 1997. Following a reunion concert in 2000, TKA reformed and released an album of new material in 2001. In 2003, Angel was replaced by George LaMond, and the trio of Tony, Kayel and LaMond made themselves available to tour, performing TKA and George LaMond hits, under the name TKG. In 2005, former member Ralph Cruz, under the name Aby, released an album of new versions of TKA hits. As of 2009
T.K.A. reunited and has released a new single called " U don't feel it".

1 Scars Of Love
2 X-Ray Vision
3 It's Got To Be Love
4 Come Get My Love
5 One Way Love
6 Tears May Fall
7 Someone In The Dark
8 Don't Be Afraid

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Corina - Corina LP

"When you think of how Freestyle music charted on Billboards Hot 100 chart, there isnt much to ponder. Very few true Freestyle songs cracked the Hot 100, let alone the top 50. Sure, the ballads of girl-groups Sweet Sensation and the Cover Girls placed high on the charts, but it was one Freestyle song that made a real impact on mainstream America, Corinas "Temptation". Landing itself in the Billboard's Pop chart Temptation had arrived as one of the Top Ten. Already considered a Freestyle diva with three prior singles under her belt, it was "Temptation" that catapulted the young singer to greater heights. An accomplished singer, dancer and actress, Corina Katt Ayala was born to Puerto Rican parents and raised in such urban environs as New York's Spanish Harlem and the South Bronx. The raven-haired Corina exhibited an early aptitude for entertaining that led to years of formal training in ballet, voice and theatre before landing her first recording contract with Cutting Records and releasing three independent dance hits "Out of Control", "Give me back my heart" and "Loving you like crazy". Her self-titled Cutting/Atlantic debut album spawned three Billboard chart-toppers: "Temptation", "Whispers" and "Now that you're gone". Corina's success in dance music afforded her the opportunity to star alongside Latin crossover crooner Marc Anthony in the East Side Story (1988). In 1999, Corina was featured in the Tim Robbins-directed, Touchstone Pictures release Cradle Will Rock (2000) playing artist Frida Kahlo opposite 'Ruben Blades', 'John Cusak' and Vanessa Redgrave. She has since appeared in several feature films, including the Italian motion picture Doors of the unknown, Devils Kiss, _Big Apple and Funny Valentine."
Source: Corinas MySpace Page

Temptation (3:58)

Producer - Carlos Berrios
Now That You're Gone (4:30)

Mixed By - Frankie Cutlass
If You Believe (4:48)
Searching (5:00)

Producer - Albert Cabrera
Whispers (4:47)

Producer - Carlos Rodgers
No Excuses (5:27)
It's My Life (4:38)

Producer - Carlos Rodgers
I've Got It In For You (Boy/Love) (4:22)
When I Miss You (4:59)
Don't Walk Away (4:58)

Producer - Carlos Rodgers

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Robbie Rivera @ Juicy Beach (WMC) Sat-22-03-2007

This is one of his Winter Music Conferences mixes from 2007, which is heard in Miami each year around March and I'm dying to go to one, one of these days... This was the first sets I ever heard from Robbie and ever since that I've been hooked listening to his Juicy Shows every week. If you never heard Electro House before or you have this Mix is Total Electro House Madness! Every track he drops on hear is a true banger. Here's a little Bio about Robbie Rivera-

Early years (1986 - 1999)

Rivera grew in Puerto Rico, he was a fan of Freestyle and Eurobeat when he bought two turntables to test himself in becoming a deejay. He has learned the hard way and teaching himself how to deejay like the now successful deejay Dave Dresden who recently split-up from his band Gabriel & Dresden. Rivera used to play at weddings and school party gigs in which common deejays start off with, but it was his natural talent that he used while working with the crowds that kept him playing in big clubs at age of 16. After graduation and high school, Robbie went to the Art Institute at Fort Lauderdale to study music production and was introduced to many different digital audio tools including the popular Protools program. While in college he released hi first record, "Sorulla"; A track influenced by the Latin House. The track became popular in New York and Miami and his career was underway.

Rise to fame (2000 - Present)

In 2000, Rivera's track "Bang" became a huge hit, making it to number one of the United Kingdom dance charts. The track also made it on to every respected dance compilation and was used frequently during the 2000 Sydney Olympics and was so popular that it even gave Rivera some face time on Top Of The Pops and MTV. Rivera started his own label, Juicy Records, and recorded mix CDs for Max Music, Filtered, and others. The success of Juicy has taken Robbie to producing his very own album "Do You Want More?" for Ultra Records and Independence in France. The first single "Which Way You Going?" reached the number one position earlier that year at Billboard Magazine and it was released in the UK label Toolroom, the track was created in early 2003 when Rivera contacted lyricist Ned Bigham who has written for DB Boulevard, Jean-Jacques Smoothie and Timo Maas; It was the first completed song and lead track which was inspired by Coldplay's hit "Clocks". [2] In 2003 he also released his track "Girlfriend" which features vocals by Justine Suissa who has done various vocal songs for Armin van Buuren. [3] During 2007, Rivera's Juicy Show began weekly airplay on XM Satellite Radio in the United States and Canada. In 2008 he made a collaboration with Armani Exchange by mixing an album called "Twilight" for the store.

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D.J. Bad Boy Joe- The Best Of Freestyle Mega Mix 2

BadBoyJoe is currently one of New York’s most sought after Club DJ’s and Producers. Born in Brooklyn, his early inspiration came from the Latin Rascals and Chep Nuñez. "I purchased my first turntables back in 1988... a pair of 1200's and a mixer from a buddy who needed the money for his wedding. I just started playing around making mix-tapes for friends, and the next thing I knew, I bought a used reel to reel, some razor blades and tons of scotch tape... I just started trying to do what Chep Nuñez And The Latin Rascals did." After countless hours behind the turntables, and more than a decade perfecting his unique "high-energy" style of multi-editing, BadBoyJoe has given up the razor blades in favor of a G5 ProTools rig and state-of-the-art recording studio, where he spends many hours working on his mixes. Every mix he works on takes anywhere from 40 to 60 hours to finish.

BadBoyJoe is far from being the typical music artist. Best known as the man behind many successful recording projects, most notably The NYC Underground Party Compilations, that to date have SOLD OVER 1,700,000 COPIES and remain the largest selling dance CD franchise in US history, he expanded on this success with the Dance Factory and Dance Divas series (DeeVee Music). Add to this, his own successful NYC AfterHours (Feel The Drums) series, that to date have sold over 75,000 units, and the Old School Freestyle compilations: The Best Of Freestyle Megamix Volumes 1 Thru 5, which also have sold over 400,000 copies, and you begin to realize that BadBoyJoe is certainly a master of his craft.

When not working on his mixes, he also produces numerous shows and events for New York City's reigning dance music station; WKTU 103.5FM, most recently working on KTU's Beatstock 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005,
a yearly event with over 50,000 people in attendance.

BadBoyJoe, the Winner of Sirius BEATBOWL 2007, also has a weekly satellite mix show on Sirius 36 - the beat. Check out "The Megamix" every Saturday Night from 11pm to Midnight (EST).

With his unique mixing style, and album sales now in the millions, BadBoyJoe stands among the top selling DJ’s in US history, and has found the way to set himself apart from all the others...
Source:Bad Boy Joe

1 Various Best Of Freestyle Intro (0:41)
2 TKA Maria (3:54)
Producer - TKA
3 Stevie B.* Spring Love (4:00)
4 Cynthia & Johnny O Dreamboy / Dreamgirl (4:09)
5 Coro Can't Let You Go (4:01)
6 D'Zyre Forever Amo'r (4:14)
Arranged By [Vocally], Lyrics By, Producer, Written-by - Troy Guy
Co-producer - D.J. Gozum
Engineer - Jack Le Tourneau* , Joe Smooth
Keyboards - J.J. Flores*
Keyboards [Additional] - Spero Pagos
Vocals - Andrea Salazar , Troy Guy
7 Collage (4) I'll Be Loving You (3:56)
8 Lil' Suzy* Take Me In Your Arms (3:59)
9 Tiana First True Love (3:36)
10 C-Bank I Won't Stop Loving You (3:39)
Mixed By, Producer - Elvin Molina , Mickey Garcia
Vocals [Featuring] - Diamond Eyes
Written-By - E. Molina* , N. Rodriguez*
11 Judy Torres Come Into My Arms (4:18)
12 Lisette Melendez A Day In My Life (Without You) (3:58)
Arranged By, Edited By, Mixed By, Producer - Carlos "After Dark" Berrios*
Keyboards - Andy Marvel , Carlos Berrios , Frankie Cutlass
Written-By - Carlos Berrios , Franc Reyes , Frank Malave
13 Corina Tempation (3:52)
14 Voyce Within My Heart (4:00)
15 Nayobe Second Chance For Love (3:44)
16 Cover Girls* Because Of You (4:11)
17 Amoretto Clave Rocks (4:16)
18 Giggles Love Letter (4:24)
19 Various Best Of Freestyle Radio Edit (4:46)
Dj Mix [Megamix] - Joe "Bad Boy" Marcano*

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Funky Horns Ft.Peven Everett - Blow

Here's A nice deep house ep thats perfect for that afterhours set or just to relax to.Perfect for that chill at the bar and drink your brew to and just bop ur head and just remember how good deep house can be.

1-Blow (Extended Version)
2-Blow (Deep Midnight Mix)
3-Blow (Reprise Mix)

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Prince And The Wizard - EP

One of New York Underground labels from the early 90's an essential EP from two genuine house masters, Todd Terry and Larry Heard.

Some of the tracks are fairly hit and miss but a lot are certainly more than worthy of your time.
The Music is Kickin employs a loop of washing Machine by Heard over a tough 909, proper jacking style music.

The track on the EP that was massive around my area back in the day was 'The Wiz is a genius'. A break beat track with just a mad, bleep style noise transposing all the way through.

The other standout track is Mr. Terry Meets Mr. Fingers, a chunky rhythm track (most likely programmed by Terry) with some beautifully melancholy strings most likley played by Heard.

A fantastic collaboration combining the obvious skills of two house masters. (This was a Review from discogs)---12inchjunkie

The Music Is Kickin' (4:23)
Mr. Terry Meets Mr. Fingers (7:50)
Latin Love Groove (5:32)

Featuring - Tanya Santiago
The Wiz Is A Genius (5:19)
My DJ & Your DJ (5:47)
He Loves My Good-N-Plenty (4:38)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Various - Brooklyn Beats - Brooklyn's In The House

I was out today I got out of work at 5pm and went straight to fix a clients computer and got home around 9pm. I have emails that I still have to read and and there's some Ableton Live tutorials that I want to start learning since I want to get into production. But I'm going to do my best to post this week. I got a great classic Record right here from the 1990s Brooklyn Techno Crew, Each track on this record are unique and made by different producers...My Favorite track being by Mundo Musiquez - ''Andromeda'' Till this day this track still sounds fresh like it was made today. But All the tracks are Bangin' this is a Must and a Auto Download!---12inchjunkie

A1 Joey Beltram Frequency Release
A2 Rhythm Interface Tribal Acid
A3 How & Little Come Together
B1 Mundo Muzique Andromeda
B2 Frankie Bones & Damon Wild Clap Your Hands (Come On)

Featuring - Rhythm Radicals (2)
B3 Mike "Paradise" Munoz The Way We Were

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X-Ray - Let's Go

Here's an old Detriot Techno record on the classic label Transmat, Thanks to Badbootydaddy5 for this contribution.

A Let's Go (A Mix)
B1 Let's Go (Dub Mix)
B2 Untitled

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

DJ Danny F Live @ La Riviera Lounge Matawan NJ

This is me last night at the spot I deejay I was drunk and decided to do a little video action with my I had a really good night I had the dancefloor packed all night. Sorry for the video being so dark and fuzzy.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Minutemen - Bingo Bongo

What's up everyone I some little time to do a post today since I am busy, I figure I post this classic record that was requested by Jovan. Enjoy this post!---12inchjunkie

Bingo Bongo (Club Version) (5:25)
Bingo Bongo (Short Version) (4:40)
Bingo Bongo (Bonus Beats) (2:47)
Bingo Bongo (Accapella With Beats) (1:34)
Bingo Bongo (House Mix) (5:45)
Bingo Bongo (House Dub) (5:40)
Bingo Bongo (Loops) (3:29)

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force -LP

Born Lisa Velez in New York's Hell's Kitchen, Lisa Lisa, the youngest of 10 children dreamed of becoming a recording star, while attending Julia Richmond High School, and working at Benetton, a New York City clothing manufacturer, where she folded sweaters. After hearing that Madonna was discovered by top dance/pop producer Jellybean Benitez at The Fun House, a non-liquor serving hangout for rappers and breakdancers, she'd sneak out of the family apartment after dark, hoping to be discovered in the same way.

That's where she met percussionist Mike Hughes, who played with Full Force and was a roadie for the band. He was thinking of forming a group and invited the aspiring 16 year old singer to the group's Brooklyn/Flatbush home for an audition. Lisa's older brother Raymond told him she couldn't go unless he accompanied her. One evening, the two clandestinely met without telling Raymond and took the subway en route for the FF audition. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's success seemed like kismet, since Full Force and their manager, Steve Salem had decided that they'd form a group that was also inspired by a Motown Group. In essence, since there was a new edition of the Jackson 5, they'd create a new edition of the Supremes.

Meeting Full Force: Paul Anthony, Bowlegged Lou, B-Fine, Baby Gerry, Shy Shy and Curt-t-t, who were built like pro football linebackers, was quite intimidating for young Lisa who was visibly nervous. After singing some songs Hughes wrote, she sang Sheena Easton's For Your Eyes Only. With that, Full Force was sure that they'd found the singer they were looking for. Signed to Full Force's management and production company, the group dubbed her Lisa Lisa and added Hughes and his friend, guitarist Alex Spanador Mosely as Cult Jam. Combining their signature beat and Lisa's vocals, the first single FF produced was I Wonder If I Take You Home. The group was signed to a NY-based label, Personal Records.

The label released thesong to the European division of CBS Records for the compilation album, Breakdancing. Stateside club DJs began playing the single from the import LP. The US division of CBS, Columbia Records, released the record with it quickly becoming a chart topper on Billboard's Hot Dance/Disco Charts. The single went gold, crossing over to the R&B charts peaking at #6 and the Pop charts at #34 in summer of 1985. The follow-up, Can You Feel The Beat made it to #40 R&B in late '85. Their third single, the beautiful ballad, All Cried Out went gold, going to #3 R&B, #8 Pop in summer 1986. Their debut album went Platinum. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's next album, Spanish Fly went platinum, peaking at #7 Pop and included two Motown Influenced gold singles; Head To Toe and Lost In Emotion, both reaching the #1 spot on both the R&B and Pop charts for 13 and 14 weeks respectively. Other hits from Spanish Fly were the ballad Someone To Love Me For Me b/w Spanish Fly, #7 R&B, early 1987, Everything will B-Fine, #9 R&B, spring 1988 and the top notch LP track, Face In The Crowd. Lisa Lisa also had a track in the Chevy Chase movie, Caddyshack 2, Go For Yours, #19 R&B, summer 1988. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam's 1989 LP, Straight to the Sky yielded the singles, Little Jackie Wants To Be a Star, #3 R&B, #29 Pop, Just Git It Together #16 R&B and Kiss Your Tears Away, fall 1989. For their next album, Straight Outta Hell's Kitchen, the production chores were split with Robert Clivilles and David Cole of C&C Music Factory. The catchy C&C produced single Let The Beat Hit 'Em hit #1 R&B, #37 Pop, going gold in summer 1991.

Lisa Lisa re-surfaced as a solo act on Pendulem, charting with Skip To My Lu, #38 R&B in late 1993 and When I Fell In Love in spring 1994 from the LL77 Album. The Spanish version, Cuando Me Enamore reached #16 on the Hot Latin Tracks, and was #1 in Puerto Rico. Lisa has performed in the theatre in the role of Evita, Maria in West Side Story, Anita in West Side Story, and most recently as the lead in the AMAS Theatre production of Barrio Babies. She still tours all over the world to sellout audiences and remains one of the most requested artists on radio stations across the country.

Lisa starred in the Nickelodeon show Taina, playing the young mom of a 14 year old girl who dreams of becoming a star. It was the first sitcom on television depicting a Latino family. Lisa has also completed a guest lead in the 300th episode of the popular NBC series Law & Order. Lisa remains a role model for her community, hosting events such as the Puerto Rican Day Parade, acting as spokesperson for the Literacy, Pass It On campaign, and countless other charitable and community based organizations. In 1989 Lisa was honored by President George Bush as the Most Accomplished Latin American Artist, National Hispanic Heritage Presidential Tribute.

I Wonder If I Take You Home (6:45)
You'll Never Change (5:26)
All Cried Out (4:49)
This Is Cult Jam (4:38)
Can You Feel The Beat (6:50)
Behind My Eyes (5:53)
Private Property (5:38)
Take Me Home (Rap) (2:09)

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Lisette Melendez - Together Forever LP

Lisette Melendez grew up in East Harlem where she still resides, and where she began to take an interest in singing at the age of 12. Both her mother and her aunt sang in church and in community theaters, inspiring Lisette to take a chance. Growing up with four other siblings in the "barrio", Lisette set herself apart from the dangers of inner city life. As a child, Lisette spent most of her time at home listening to cassettes and working on her singing skills.

Eager to become a singer, Lisette marveled at the rise of another young Puerto Rican diva named "Lisa Lisa" of Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. Inspired by their success, Lisette formed a boy/girl group while she was still in high school. This group later led her to producer Carlos Berrios, whose credits includes such freestyle divas as Corina and Jasmin. Soon thereafter, she was doing background vocals for Berrios and eventually provided the lead voice for the 1988 club hit "Noise."

Lisette went on to work with Fever Records' executives Sal Abbatiello after the release of Lisette's smash hit, "Together Forever". Later that same year, Lisette was signed with Fever Records and her debut album "A Day In My Life" was released. In 1993, Lisette released her second album with Fever Records/Columbia entitled "True To Life". In 1994, "True To Life" reached double platinum status in Japan, where she also won a Grammy for "Best New Artist" for that same year.

Lisette has gone on to release yet another album, which features back up vocals from fellow freestyle divas, Joei Mae & Sa-Fire entitled "IMAGINATION." She has also branched out to do Spanish/Salsa music and has released "Un Poco De Mi" under Sir George Records.

Lisette Melendezs MySpace Page

1. Together Forever
2. A Day in My Life (Without You)
3. Stranger in My House of Love
4. I'm Holding Out
5. Never Say Never
6. He's My Baby Now
7. Empty Spaces
8. Please Please Me
9. A Place for You - Lisette Melendez, Greenberg, Abby Lyn
10. Remember the Rain - Lisette Melendez, Gamble, Kenneth
11. A Day in My Life (Without You) After Dark Remix
12. Something For The Red Zone

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

D.J. Willie - I Love House

This was a contribution from a friend of mine in Brooklyn... He told me to check it out and i have to say this mix is a total scorcher!!! The blends are tight, the mix is hot, & the songs used are absolutely on point!! D.J. Wille is the self proclaimed mix tape king.. He has a variety of genres he produces from house, to hip-hop, & reggaeton...The only info that i could get is his myspace page and youtube contributions and i added the links to this post also... Enjoy!!!!


Download Right Here

Various - Twist This Pussy 2

This is a classic house compilation from 1999 mixed by D.J. Vibe ... this is a fire mix a blend of tribal, & hard house and is a classic must have for your collection..An Allstar line up representing from the likes of Junior Vasquez, Danny Tenaglia, Hans, NYLX, & Club 69 just to Name a few....
This is what was being played in Twilo NYC at that time by resident D.J. Junior Vasquez ...

Vibe was born in Lisbon, Portugal, and became a DJ at 15. At this age he started to perform in clubs and before long he was playing side by side with big names of the dance scene like Paul Oakenfold, Tony Humphries, Roger Sanchez and Danny Tenaglia. However, it was his partnership with another Portuguese, Rui da Silva, that rose them to the top of the house music scene, both nationally and internationally. Together they brought life to a project, Underground Sound of Lisbon, which in the summer of 1994 launched the hit "So Get Up" featuring vocals and lyrics by Darin Pappas) released by Rob di Stefano's label, Tribal USA, reaching number 1 in the Billboard Club Chart. He has done an extensive number of remixes for DJ Jiggy, Danny Tenaglia, Kristine W and others.

In addition to DJing, Vibe co-owns Kaos Records, a record store and label in Lisbon, which he founded in 1992 with entrepreneur António Cunha. Vibe has mixed a variety of compilations for Kaos Records, most notably Global Grooves. He was also involved in other projects such as LHT, NYLX, Sonic Hunters and Meco.

01 Cracker Factory Welcome To The Cracker Factory (2:11)
02 Junior Vasquez X '99 (5:01)
03 Celeda Burnin' Up (2:41)
04 Funky Green Dogs Some Kind Of Love (Some Kind Of Dub) (4:43)
05 Water Chamber Lift Me Up (6:10)
06 Lowpass El Ritmo (7:23)
07 Hans Meet Her At The Love Parade (Club 69 Tribal Anthem) (7:38)

Remix - Club 69
08 NYLX Goosebumps (USL Give Me Goosebumps Mix) (8:32)

Remix - Underground Sound Of Lisbon
09 Underground Sound Of Lisbon Are You Looking For Me? (In The Backroom II Mix) (5:50)
10 Wet Dreams Sunrise (95 North Mix) (3:59)

Featuring - Kenard
Remix - 95 North
11 Funky Green Dogs Body (Club 69 Future Mix) (4:14)

Remix - Club 69
12 Club 69 Muscles (Club 69 Future Mix) (4:14)
13 K-Scope (2) Latin Blues Pt 1 (4:29)
14 Funky Derrick Atomik Kinki (2:30)
15 Danny Tenaglia Music Is The Answer (DTour Groove Mix) (5:01)

Featuring - Celeda

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DJ Danny F - The Vault 2 [01.21.2009]

Here's my second mix of "The Vault" I'm bringing you a weekly mix of all the new sounds coming out. This mix is a little more dark,Tech,& Minimal sounding, and since President Obama became official this week I threw in a track with one of his famous and Historical speeches. Listen to this mix with a Boomin' Stereo system for the full effect!---12inchjunkie


1. MADONNA - Miles Away [Johnny Vicious Club Mix]
2. Steve Smooth, JJ Flores, Colette - Stay [John Dalhback Remix]
3. Mischa Daniels & Crown - Another Place [Maximal D Essed Mix]
4. DJ Wady,Patrick M,Chus - Hulk [Vocal Mix]
5. Damian Wilson feat. Ann Bailey - (Can You)Take Me Away [Dons Vs DBN Vocal Mix]
6. Thomas Gold & Menck - Everybody be Somebody [Original Mix]
7. Doman and Gooding Feat. Lincoln - Running [Ian Carey Remix]
8. Systematic Vs. Thomas Gold - Don't Tell [Thomas Gold Mix]
9. Ecotek - Change We Can [Alex Gold & Kostas K Remix]
10.Norman Doray & Tristan Garner - Last Forever [Vocal Mix]
11.Da Fresh - Age Of Love [Original Mix]
12.Lula - Twilo [Eric Harary Mix]
13.Sidekick - Deepfear [Andrea Roma Remix]

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Frankie Bones - Car Toons (Sounds For Boomin' Systems)(1994 S.U.N. Productions)

Frankie Bones! This is the man considered to be the Godfather Of the whole Rave Scene in America...and also my DJ idol. I've been following him since 1986 I learned alot about music listening to Frankie bones mixtapes and radio mixes. This tape I'm posting is a Deep House tape he made back in 1994 that I brought at his store called Grooves Records In Brooklyn at the time. Well the record store was really owned by his brother Adam X. I ripped the tape a few months ago and the quality sounds crappy but that was the way I brought at the time also. But the tape is good so check it out good NYC House Music! I shared this with a few people on the net but no one really has this recording it's very rare. If you see it floating on the net, They got it from somebody to got it from me. Sorry I don't have the playlist for this...There's a Few tracks I wish I knew the name of if you guy's know any of the tracks post it on the comments section please...thanks---12inchjunkie

Frankie Bones - Car Toons (Sounds For Boomin' Systems)(1994 S.U.N. Productions)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

DJ DLG vs Erick Morillo - Where Are You Now

Here's a massive choon coming from Dj DLG and Erick Morillo. This monster has been destroying floors all over since Morillo debut it at last years ultra music festival in Florida. This song has to be heard on a huge system in order to really feel the power of this soon to be classic track. ENJOY-------------- Summonedknight.

1-Where Are You Now(Demo Mix)
2-Where Are You Now(Extended Demo Mix)

Download Right Here

Here Is the vid of Morillo opening his set with the song

DJ Danny F January 2009 TOP 10

Today Wednesday we post 2000 and up music...Today I decided to post my TOP 10 for January 2009. Last week I gave you my first House mix of 2009 I plan to give you my second mix on Thursday if all goes well, There has been some amazing tracks and remixes so far for 2009 I'm enjoying a lot of the music I've been buying lately from Beatport. Beatport is also upgrading their site this coming Friday I believe with a whole new look and experience...I can't wait! The TOP 10 List is the music I play in my sets there's a couple of tracks that I already played on my mix from last week and the rest I haven't put on a mix yet. My sound right now is more towards the Progressive and Tech-House sound, you will get to hear this on my next mix which I plan to post Thursday plus I'm also going to post an old school radio rip from the late 80's. Check out these tracks, drop a comment of which track you feel the most...Peace! 12inchjunkie

DJ Danny F January 2009 TOP 10

1. Joey Beltram - Shaking Trees
2. Thomas Gold & Menck - Everybody Be Somebody (Original Mix)
3. Dirty South - D10 (Original Mix)
4. Da Fresh - Age Of Love (Original Mix)
5. Dirtyrockers - Boost (Original Mix)
6. Doman & Gooding feat. Lincoln - Runnin (Ian Carey Remix)
7. Matt Samuels feat. For The Masses - Enjoy the Silence (Original Club Mix)
8. Kim Jofferey & Natalie Konan - Take Me There (Chris Kaeser Remix)
9. Mischa Daniels & Crown - Another Place (Maximal D Essed Mix)
10. Pitch & Fitch - El Beasto (Original Mix)

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Program 2 - EP From Hell

Well here's a classic 1992 techno hardcore rave record from Program 2! Threshold was produced by Joey beltram this record use to rock at the Limelight club in Manhattan New York which is a Church that was built into a club I use to love going there! Now the club was changed into another name called Avalon. All the tracks are great but the one to get your attention is Twister this track is bananas! I had to upload this thru zshare since mediafire isn't working at the moment I hope they get to fix it soon...But for now enjoy this post.----12inchjunkie

The Beast (4:00)
Twister (4:35)
Threshold (4:00)

Featuring - Joey Beltram
Hysteria (3:59)

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Cola Boy - 7 Ways To Love

7 Ways To Love was written by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs of St Etienne, who hoped the track would be their first step in building a Stock Aitken & Waterman/Brill Building/Hit Factory style songwriting empire.

Cola Boy was a duo, consisting of Janey Lee Grace and Andrew Midgley. Andrew had worked with Bob and Pete on studio material in their pre-St Etienne days in the late 1980s. Janey had been a backing singer for numerous pop acts, including Wham and Pasty Kensit’s Eighth Wonder, and was a radio broadcaster on LBC.

Sarah Cracknell sang the vocals on the original white label version of 7 Ways. After that initial batch sold out, it was re-recorded with vocals by Sarah’s friend Janey Lee Grace, as Sarah was under contract to another label and was not permitted to sing on non-St Etienne releases.

Janey’s version of 7 Ways is the one that was subsequently picked up and released by Arista Records, but in the meantime the original Sarah version was heavily bootlegged, costing Arista many thousands of sales. A further Cola Boy connection with Sarah was that the duo were managed by Sarah’s mother, who had previously worked with and managed a number of acts, including Wee Papa Girl Rappers.-- Discogs

P.s--- Added the original version with the original singer as well

1- 7 Ways To Love (Radio Version)
2- 7 Ways To Love (Straight To The Cola Boy Head)
3- 7 Ways To Love (I Pour The Cola)
4- 7 Ways To Love (Original)

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The Latin Rascals - Bach To The Future

Awesome album here. Here we have those rascals making covers of classical music pieces and it works like fire.
Stand out tracks include joy od, Paco bell cannos, plus the instrumental of Arabian knights. Hope you enjoy my
vv Fam.-------------Summonedknight

Bach To The Future (4:31)
Joy O.D. (4:27)
Yo, Elise ! (5:13)
A Little Night Noise (4:31)
Paco Bell Cannos (4:02)
Death Of A Rascal (4:07)
Arabian Knights (4:32)
Macho Mozart (4:26)
Classical Con Fusion (5:05)

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Mix Masters Ft.MC Action - In The Mix

I know someone asked this as a request but can't remember who it was...great chicago classic here! I beleive this was sampled later on in the years by Danzel - Pump it up. Special thanks goes out to Freestyle Joker for this contribution.----12inchjunkie
Benz this was your request- Rob.

In The Mix (Fast Eddie's Mix) (3:52)

Remix - Fast Eddie*
In The Mix (Boogie Man's Mix) (4:19)

Remix - Boogie Man
In The Mix (Vocal) (5:44)

Mixed By - Rocky Jones
In The Mix (Instrumental) (8:00)

Mixed By - Rocky Jones

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Robi Rob's Clubworld - Robi Rob's Clubworld

For the past 20 years Puerto Rican Super Producer, Songwriter, Music Video director, Artdesigner, Remixer and Dj Robert Clivilles has established a firm imprint and impact on the American and Worldwide Music Culture and with his fans around the World. Mr Clivilles has cemented his name in the Music History books. His production, song writing, arrangements and mixes has helped establish career defining hits on artist of every caliber and status, helping them go from new Artist to Superstar, from Superstar to Megastar. He's Respected in all genres of Music around the World from Dance to Hiphop to R&B to Pop to AC to Latin. You name a catagory in music and Robert Clivilles has conquered it with a classic hit in the top 5.

Robert Clivilles is also known as a very successful CEO and owner of several companies, most notably his multi-million dollar operated C&C Music Factory Records/ Clivilles & Cole music enterprise/ Music Factory mix studios n.y.c. that deals in music publishing, music video direction, film scoring, television commercial work, remixing, Dj-ing all over the world as well as he has 100% financed, guided, partnered and help operate the million dollar venture: Powers House of Sound mastering to whom he helped Mastering Great Herb Powers jr. fufill his dream of now owning a mastering studio of his own, as well as also run and operate the multi-million dollar Music Factory mix studios a luxurious 5,000 square foot studio in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City.

Added recently in late spring 2008 is the new private studio, his personal baby: The Paradise Garage Mixstudio n.y.c. designed by the world reknown top Recording Studio Designer John Stork of WSDG along with Dave Malekpour of ProAudio, 2009 will debut 2 yet Un-named Record Labels: One for Club Underground releases and One for Commercial releases slated for in Mid 2009.

At the moment Robert Clivilles is finally about to get back in the Lab late Sept and as always: writing, arranging and producing a slew of future Dance Floor Classics as well as banging out some New Radio urban pop hits for the airwaves around the World.

Robert Clivilles was born in Harlem, New York. He was raised in Spanish Harlem, Manhattan, the Lower East Side, The Bronx and part time in Puerto Rico.

Robert has written and produced or remixed for some of todays biggest legendary superstars - Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block, Busta Rhymes, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Luther Vandross, George Michael, Natalie Cole, Taylor Dayne, Anastasia, the Cover Girls.. the list goes on.

Mr. Clivilles also was the founder/creator of the Worldwide smash hit pop groups "C&C MUSIC FACTORY", "Clivilles & Cole" as well as the Female Pop group "Seduction" along with his late partner and best friend David Cole.

And most recently in 2005 "M.V.P.(Most Valuable Playas)" whom Clivilles gave 2 classic radio and club gifts to: Roc Ya Body (mic check 1,2) which went top 3 on the PoP charts in Europe and also the BET classic "Roll wit MVP".

As a record producer and songwriter Mr. Clivilles is responsible for over 125 million albums and over 25 million singles sold around the world. Under the Clivilles & Cole moniker Robert Clivilles was awarded 5 American Music Awards, 5 Billboard Music Awards, 3 Grammys, 4 MTV Video Music Awards, 3 World Music Awards, 6 ASCAP Songwriter of the year Awards and countless of other worldwide music production and songwriting achievements.

Special Thanks to Benz For this contribution----12inchjunkie

Robi Rob's Boriqua Anthem ('96 Remix) (8:10)

Vocals - Angel DeLeon , El General , Wepaman
Shake That Body (9:47)

Vocals - Ya Kid K
Love & Happyness (10:00)

Vocals - Karen Bernod
Get Funky (5:59)
Make That Money (6:16)

Vocals - Ya Kid K
Robi Rob's Clubworld (7:21)
I Live (8:32)

Mixed By - Hex Hector , Robert Clivillés
Producer - Hex Hector
Vocals - Jay Williams
Reach (6:06)

Vocals - Deborah Cooper
Mi Gente Latina (10:20)

Mixed By - Robert Clivillés
Producer - Ricky Crespo
Vocals - Angel DeLeon , Wepaman
Goodbye (4:37)

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Busy Week!!!

Wow! This was a busy week on the blog! From postings and everyone interacting on the cbox I couldn't keep up at one point lol! We have a new member this week Jovan welcome to the VV Family hope your enjoying what we posting we're a unique blog most of us are from the east coast NY,NJ area and we also have members from Chicago, California and the UK. So we have a flavor of all kinds here...but he all love the same thing good old school music. Lately I've been posting new house music and I was maybe thinking of making a day for just that or opening up another blog. I would like to know peoples opinion on this...I haven't talked to rob about it yet but I would like some peoples feed back. I know some of you guys enjoyed my latest mix that I posted and I wouldn't mind posting the singles with everyone so maybe we can do a day for that. I still have some contributions to post from freestyle joker and some other people I didn't forget you guys. Me and Rob was also talking about changing the cbox to a real time chat box this will be a good idea since everyone been chatting a lot on the cbox. Hope everyone has a good weekend its fuckin cold today I woke up this morning and my heater was turned down for some must of been -0 in my house. But anyway have a good weekend everyone.-12inchjunkie

Thursday, January 15, 2009

DJ Danny F - The Vault [01.14.2009]

This week I decided to post a mix of 2009 music. I did this mix last night of some tracks that are hot to me. I wish it could have been longer like 90 minutes because I got so many new tracks but I could only fit about 70 something mins. But this is the first mix of a series of volumes I plan on doing called "The Vault" and I'm going to bring you all the latest tracks I'm playing from Progressive, Tech-House, Hard house, Techno, & Minimal. This Mix is more of a Progressive level. I also posted the tracklisting for those that want to know a name of a track they find interesting. Hope you will enjoy.---12inchjunkie


1. Sweet Mercy - Reach Out [Mobin's Vocal Mix]
2. Bart B More - Finally feat. Oliver Twist [Original Mix]
3. The Viron - Wanna Be Happy feat. Max'C [Thomas Gold Mix]
4. Agent Greg, Audiopunch feat. Nanchanq Nancy - Symphony Of Love [Roger Sanchez Remix]
5. Ramirez - Hablando [Club Mix]
6. Nick Terranova - Here We Go [Original Mix]
7. The Cube Guys - Be Free [Vokal Mix]
8. Dirty South - D10 [Original Mix]
9. Kim Jofferey & Natalie Konan - Take Me There [Chris Kaeser Remix]
10. Matt Samuels Feat. For The Masses - Enjoy The Silence [Original Mix]
11. Mark Throphy feat. Terri B - Out Of Mind
12. Rockefeller - Do It 2 Nite

Mixed By DJ Danny F

Download Right Here

Miguel Migs - City Sounds Trilogy

Here is Some Good Soulful House from Miguel Migs. A cool tidbit about Migs is that he has a love for reggae but could not control his passion for house music. I'll be adding alot more from migs soon but till then enjoy this e.p right here

1- One-Two One-Two
2- Don't Stand There
3- Making Moves
4- Pressure (Old School Mix)
5- Pressure (Disco Tech Mix)
6- Secrets
7- Remember (Afropusher Mix)
8- Remember (Bump The Tech Mix)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brutal Bill - Project #3

Here's a request from MastrChief...This is from the classic New York label Henry Street Music. Special Thanks to Badbootydaddy for this contribution.---12inchjunkie

You're The One (I Wanna Get Up)
Gonna Give You My Love (Diskomix)
Everybody Wanna Dance
Everybody Wanna Beat
Philly Jazz

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