Friday, January 30, 2009

T.K.A. - Scars Of Love LP

TKA stands for Tony, Kayel and Aby (later, Angel).

In early 1985, Latino vocalist Louis (or Luiz) Kayel Sharpe submitted a rap demo to producer Joey Gardner at Tommy Boy Music. Gardner rejected it, but agreed to hear Kayel, along with friends Tony, Aby, and "Spider" sing Kayel's ballad "Scars Of Love" over rap instrumentals at a birthday party in an East Harlem church basement. Gardner was impressed, and also happened to meet The Latin Rascals (Tony Moran and Albert Cabrera) at the same party. Envisioning a possible Latin disco version of Planet Patrol, Gardner brought all six musicians into the studio to record a rough demo of "Scars Of Love", and encouraged the group to generate a buzz by playing various free shows in the summer of 1985. Soon after, they were signed to Tommy Boy, and released "One Way Love" as their first single. One month later, Spider was voted out of the group. For a short time, female singer India was a member of the group, and at some point, Aby departed and was replaced by Angel "Love" Vasquez.

Under pressure from Warner Brothers to record only relatively accessible pop songs, and unsure of what direction to take as a group, TKA decided to split up in late 1991, but continue performing until October, 1992. Kayel began recording as K7, Tony created the artist management and production company TPR Productions, and Vasquez cofounded R'n'B trio Goodfellaz, which released an album in 1997. Following a reunion concert in 2000, TKA reformed and released an album of new material in 2001. In 2003, Angel was replaced by George LaMond, and the trio of Tony, Kayel and LaMond made themselves available to tour, performing TKA and George LaMond hits, under the name TKG. In 2005, former member Ralph Cruz, under the name Aby, released an album of new versions of TKA hits. As of 2009
T.K.A. reunited and has released a new single called " U don't feel it".

1 Scars Of Love
2 X-Ray Vision
3 It's Got To Be Love
4 Come Get My Love
5 One Way Love
6 Tears May Fall
7 Someone In The Dark
8 Don't Be Afraid

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MastrChief07 said...

Too bad these cats (TKA) didn't stay together through whatever differences they may have gone through. Although their reunion was short they rocked the clubs together. Which was Tony, Kayel(K7), Angel. I also remember buying their "reunion" album at
"The Wiz" and being disappointed upon listening to it. "You Don't Feel It" was a cool song. But my favorite was "When Will I See You Again" but not the album version of course. That would be the "unreleased" Club version. I still have the CD till this day. Wish they pumped out another album for Freestyle once again.