Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Original Gangsters Of Freestyle - You Gotta Release (The Hoe)

Everytime I hear this record I get flashbacks of me pushing up on a girl from my block, I was making out with her in the hallway of my building while I was playing this record on my stereo since I just brought it that same I was trying to get that "hoe!" Everyone sure enough knows this jam this actually the remix of the original "Get the hoe". The Dino B From Brooklyn Remix is the choice cut here. I even like the Club Mix with frankie bones doing the corny This is a definite classic Brooklyn breakbeats----12inchjunkie

You Gotta Release (The Hoe) (Club Mix) (7:42)
You Gotta Release (The Hoe) (Dub Break) (6:50)
You Gotta Release (The Hoe) (Dino B From Brooklyn Remix) (4:36)

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Rob said...

Good post, a classic jam that had the crowd moving.

MastrChief07 said...

A classic gem indeed. I have this in my stash as well. I thought at first there was a part II and this was it, lol. I didnt recognize it due because the one I have has a different label on it. I bought it along with a whole-go-for-broke stack of records I bought at Norwalk Records in L.A. I think I paid about 12 bucks for this. Anyway, still slammin' after all these years. A great track to blend in with Freestyle.