Friday, January 2, 2009

Alessandro Novaga - Faces Drums

Alright Here's a contribution from Badbootydaddy5 it's considered italo disco but sounds more like house or break drums. In my opinion I'm not feeling this record...but we here at vinylvault don't reject contribution, badbootydaddy5 has brought some classic contributions in the past. And I'm pretty sure there's people out there that will like this post. If anyone has this other prototype house record by Adams & Fleisner Mix Your Own Stars. Please send it to us for posting. Thanks for this contribution Badbootydaddy!-----12inchjunkie

Drums 1 (4:00)
Drums 2 (4:00)
Drums 3 (4:00)
Drums 4 (6:00)
Drums 5 (6:00)

Download Right Here


Rob said...

Uhmmm sorry but I didn't expect to hear that. I would like to know how many units were sold and how many of them want their money back....
Thanks regardless...

chicagojackin said...

Lol sorry guy's I guess different cities have different taste's.This record was big in Chicago.WBMX use to play this record in mixes alot.

12InchJunkie said...

It's all good Chicagojackin...It's true every city has different taste in music.

Rob said...

Hey Chicagojackin, would you happen to have a mix of that? I would like to hear what they did with it.

chicagojackin said...

Yes Rob I got over 50 mixes stored online on xdrive.Which I have until January 12th to redownload them back to my computer.Because xdrive is closing down.I honestly don't know which mix if on any.because most are recorded from wbmx and wgci radio.So i don't have ant tracklists.But how about before month is over i redownload them and up them to mediafire and send you the link to post.

chicagojackin said...

Ay ok redownloaded a couple of my mixes.Ok found one this seems like a Ron Hardy mix because there's alot of 80's disco mixed in.And there's also a trax that was never released except on bootlegs.Steve Hurley - I Can't Turn Around the Ron Hardy reedit (Ron Can't Turn Around)here is the link.

Marathon Man said...

The reason why the record is significant is because Ron Hardy and others would play this behind other trax all night long in there mixes. Back then it was a trip when someones mix was super syncopated all night and sounded similar even though they're playing all kinds of different music. It was trippy then and still is if like me you like to play Acid mixed with Disco, Italo. It's the building blocks for house music and it's pretty awesome for me to have. I didn't get it here but thanks for putting this up.