Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Brutal Bill - Project #3

Here's a request from MastrChief...This is from the classic New York label Henry Street Music. Special Thanks to Badbootydaddy for this contribution.---12inchjunkie

You're The One (I Wanna Get Up)
Gonna Give You My Love (Diskomix)
Everybody Wanna Dance
Everybody Wanna Beat
Philly Jazz

Download Right Here


Rob said...

Philly Jazz is sick, classic samples...Thanks to MastrChief for thinking of it and thanks ChicagoJackin for the contributions....I have that shit blasting right now..

MastrChief07 said...

I happen to stumble upon this YouTube vid. I forgot about this and I remember getting this at my spot years ago. Of course, some @sswipe had sticky fingers and most likely made out with this. Understandably though, it is a fly @ss track! LOL. Thank You!

benz said...

philly jazz is the banger on this with that love is the message and salsoul orchestra samples bringin it back to them paradise garage larry levan legendary status!!!!! this is what house and a classic is all about folks simple formula!!!!!

12InchJunkie said...

Great Record By Brutual Bill!

jovan said...

philly jazz makes me go nutz!!!
love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
brings me back to the
stocks n'bonds days(club out in boston). thankx ; )

chicagojackin said...

You Welcome guys