Sunday, May 31, 2009

Orange Lemon - Dreams Of Santa Anna (1992 Remix)

Uber Uber Import Of classic Todd Terry Banger. Todd Destroys his classic here with an outstanding hardhouse remix that was canned at tunnel,limelight and such. Cleaned up as best as i could. enjoy vv fam.

A - Dreams Of Santan Anna (Original Extended Club mix)
AA - Dreams Of Santa Anna (Todd Terry 1992 Remix)
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

State Of Grace - Hello

What's up!! Hope you all enjoyed this picture perfect day. Had a lot to do today. Positive things. Wifey participated in the half marathon in Brooklyn. Everything worked so well. The weather, the drive and I was overjoyed with emotion when she crossed the finish line. Walked around the Coney Island board walk and enjoyed this great weather. Topped it off with lunch at the Malecon in Manhattan. (A spanish restaurant with big portions which I recommend but the service could use a tune up, know what I mean?) Also, it's good to be back up online and surfing. My PC was down for a while. I did an upgrade to it but the issues have been corrected and glad that's over, lol!
Anyway, thought I'd finally, finally throw this single up. As many of us know my deal with finding this single for a very long time. 14 years and change to be exact. I once heard this way back when mixed cassettes were the bomb and the rage. That tapes ribbon broke and on the tape tracking list it only had "Hello" as the title with no other info of an artist. So from there was the start of looking for this track until recently I renewed the search after a youtube video had the song from a drag queen show from a club. Don't ask me how I came across it, lol. I think it was when I searched for the title of the track and started clicking videos and whattaya know! Also, that version that's on the video is similar to "The Quest" on side B. You won't find this promo 12" outside of Vinyl Vault. Unless you ebay it, etc. Like I did, lol.
Last I checked "State Of Grace" goes by a different group name. I don't know how many of the original members are still in the group. But here's a little about them that I got:

British dance-pop outfit, State of Grace was formed in the early '90s by classically trained vocalist Sarah Simmonds and guitarist Paul Arnall. The group debuted in England with a string of danceable singles that were largely reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins' dreamy, melodic pop. The first of these singles, "Camden," appeared in 1992, and was followed by "Love Pain and Passion" and "Miss You," all of which were later included on a compilation of singles and rarities titled Pacific Motion. In 1993, they released the Hello EP, to moderate critical response. By the mid-'90s, they struggled to keep up with the changes in the U.K.'s dance community and strayed from their club roots with Jamboreepop, which was issued on RCA in 1996. With Jamboreepop, State of Grace tried to accentuate the pop elements of their former work without as much of the dance elements that dominated their earlier music. By and large, this effort failed and the standout singles on Jamboreepop were songs that retread familiar territory, like the eight-minute remix of their 1992 single "Carmen." Though considered by some as a standout amongst British dance-pop, the record was seldom noticed outside of the club circuit. Everyone Else's Universe followed on 3rd StoneZ in 1997. ~ Nate Cavalieri, All Music Guide

By the way, I noticed that the "Love Brigade" reads that it's 11:40. But it's really about 7:56 give or take. So it must've been an error in printing. Enjoy! ~MastrChief07

A1 Hello (Exodus) (11:40)
A2 Hello (Dramapella) (3:06)
B1 Hello (Love Brigade) (11:40)
B2 Hello (The Quest) (6:30)

**Bonus version not on vinyl:
Hello (George Morel Dub) (7:17)

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Dave Clarke - Southside...

Sorry for not being around too much this week been real busy...I see that the Authors are doing some postings to keep the blog going thank you guys for doing that. Well here's my post for today the man Dave Clarke one of my favorite Techno Producers. This record has a taste of disco, house, & techno, with remixes by DJ Sneak, & Surgeon, This record was originally released in 1995 but the record I'm posting was released in 2004. My favorite track on here is "The Storm" which is the Surgeon Dub, its so noisy and bangin the way it starts to build up to its peak...techno banger! I also like DJ Sneaks remix of southside one of the tracks I use to play back in the days...great 12"!---12inchjunkie

Southside (Album Version) (4:33)
Southside (12" Extended Version) (5:37)
Southside (DJ Sneak Remix) (6:34)

Remix - DJ Sneak
The Storm (Surgeon Dub) (5:56)

Remix - Surgeon

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Frankie Bones Presents Favorite Breaks Vol. 1

awesome ep here different genres here. How & little,Frankie bones and many others

A1 !Hysteric Odyssey! Music Has To Be The Key (4:20)
Engineer - Sahici
Performer - Dave "TECH" Nice
Producer - Nysteric Odyssey!*
Remix - Frankie Bones

A2 Rashiid I Go To Work (4:46)
Mixed By - LB Badl*
Performer - Asshid*
Producer - Prince Of Dance, The

A3 How & Little Techno Man (4:19)
Performer - How & Little
Producer - Howie How , Little Carlos

A4 Delusions Of Grandeur Touch Me In The Night (5:50)
Mixed By - Frankie Bones
Performer, Producer - Ray Love

B1 Frankie Bones Funky Acid Makossa (Adam "X" Mix) (3:55)
Featuring - Apachies, The
Remix - Adam X

B2 Prince And The Wizard, The The Wiz Is A Genius (5:19)

B3 Brutal Bill Plasma Energy (Play The Flute Dub) (3:56)
Performer, Producer - Brutal Bill

B4 DJ Mike "In The Mix" A Heavenly Vibe (2:45)
Performer - D.J. Mike*
Producer - Mike Masca*

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

DJ Tnuts Mixes

Here's a couple of mixes from a Vinyl Vault Member, One is Electro House and the other is Tech House. DJ Tnuts has been around for quite some time and has shared some of his personal mixes with the Vinylvault before. Enjoy These mixes! ---12inchjunkie


DJ Tnuts - Melodys
DJ Tnuts - Tech-House (Memorial Day Mix)

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Global Communication - The Deep / The Way

Classic Deep House track from 1996 the track of choice here is "The Way (Joshua's Dubwise Mix)" The track sounds very slow pitched I use to play this at +8! ---12inchjunkie

The Deep (Deep Dish Pump Mix) (11:44)

Remix - Deep Dish
The Way (Joshua's Dubwise Mix) (8:36)

Remix - Joshua

Monday, May 25, 2009

Quiet Hit Men - Trans Europe / Look @ Shorty

Here's a tasty treat for the Vinyl Vault fam this special Memorial Day...

S.O.B Entertainment present Quiet Hit Men; otherwise known as Baltimore's DJ Technics and DJ Patrick (McDonald). This record doesn't jump out at you like its anything special - but within a few seconds you realize how the best things in life are usually simple and straightforward. Although they're all great tracks, I'm stuck on 'Look at Shorty'. Its got me and it won't let go.

I grew up with this stuff, and I can remember the first time I heard it on the radio - I just lost my sh*t. Records like this truly capture the essence of an unpredictable, 90's-era Baltimore - with its big booty bass and breaks that just destroy dancefloors.

One last thing - down here in the DC/VA/MD/PA area I've noticed a definite trend w/ the younger folks. Don't want to generalize too much but honestly it's mainly rich middle/upperclass white kids from the suburbs or whatever - and they've hopped on this bandwagon of hipstery bullsh*t music and fashion. I know some players in the game, and the real successful cats are the handful of players who stayed with it since the early days - and went through the good & the bad that comes along w/ dedicating your life to the music you love. Its a handful of older cats who carried their weight - stayed in the hood even if they got paid and could move to the 'burbs.

I don't post anything here on Vinyl Vault that I haven't painstakingly researched and respected, and I don't put anything out there I haven't personally converted and sometimes I go through waveforms like its neurosurgery. Because I want the best possible replication of what I hear on wax through a powerful soundsystem. This record was no exception! One side had all types of scratches and skips and I definitely do some reconstructive surgery. I edit alot of audio.

Whether you happen to have stumbled upon the Vinyl Vault either looking for club bangers from 'back in the day' you can't find in shops, or if you are one of the originators just doing Google maintenance to make sure your music isn't being exploited - hopefully you understand that we take pride in what we do and we treat this music and art with the respect it commands. Having said that, shouts to the entire Vinyl Vault fam - Rob, 12inchJunkie, Benz, Herk, Chi-town Jackin, SK, MasterChief - definitely one of the brightest blog fams on the planet! Also, shouts to the OGs who created this music and vibe that helps me get through the day.... Scotty B, Shawn Ceasar & the whole Unruly fam, DJ Class, Karizma, KW Griff, DJ Boobie, Rod Lee, Rod Braxton, Mike Crosby, Frank Ski, V103, Kenny B, Miss Tony, Booman, Kool Breeze, 2 Whyte Kidz, DJ Excel, DJ Technics, K Swift the club Queen, my man DJ Supa Dave - my man Big Titts, Tameil, Nada/Strom, JB the Video Killaz and of course my homey the DRJ Derrick Johnson - the Tape King!

peaceout - Steve PMX

Quiet Hit Men - Trans Europe (Too Much)

[A1] Quiet Hit Men - Tran Europe (Too Much)
[A2] Quiet Hit Men - Look At Shorty
[A3] Quiet Hit Men - Cra-Z So Pumped
[B1] Quiet Hit Men - Climb The Walls
[B2] Quiet Hit Men - No Music

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Abby Lynn - No More Tears

Let's start from the beginning, Abby Lynn has been singing since the age of three, harmonizing with one of her favorite groups, The Supremes. Her parents noticed immediately that she had talent and a genuine love for music. Through her school days Abby appeared as the lead in the musicals, excelled in chorus and competed in the NISMA competition and scored the highest in the vocal category.

After Lynn's School day was over she would take the train into Manhattan to audition, study voice, dance and acting. After several modeling and commercial jobs, - ("ATARI" " Easy Spirit Sneakers") Abby decided to leave New York and work with her first bona-fide band, "JAIL BAIT". Jail Bait propelled Abby to the Star Search Finals and eventually led her to the beginning of her recording career.

Abby was discovered performing with the three-girl group, Jail Bait. Abby's contributions to the group included lead singing, writing, recording and choreography. The response Abby received as so positive that she branched out on her own to pursue a solo career. She was contacted by well-known producer Raul A. Rodriguez (David Bowie, Shannon), to sing on a soundtrack for an independent film. Abby continued working with Raul and demoed several songs written and composed by her. Within two months, Abby Lynn signed her first recording deal with Atlantic Records. She released a self written and composed dance song called "Play With Me," that charted top twenty on BILL BOARD's dance charts. Abby then decided to expand her previous vocal style, from a Miami Sound to a more Hip Hop R&B dance sound by collaborating with song writer, Alexandra Forbes ("Don't Rush Me" - Taylor Dayne, "Too Turned On" - Alisha) Abby then moved on to a new Producer Steve Kourlas who took interest in her style of music. Steve and Abby soon landed a new record deal with Mic Mac Records, Inc. and released a self composed top ten

Dance radio hit song on 103.5. "No More Tears". This song played 5 times a day ON New York radio and played on radio stations in Miami, Boston, Pennsylvania and Texas. Abby Lynn performed down south and up and down the east coast doing a self choreographed show with two dancers and a roller skater. In addition, Abby Lynn appeared on National Television on the famous Club MTV in New York.

She was contacted by Andy Marvel producer songwriter (Diana King and Celine Dion) to write songs for artists, film and commercials. Abby's song "A Place for You" landed a deal with Sony Music on Lizette Melendez's album. Abby Lynn continued to write for many up and coming artists.

Now in 2001, Abby Lynn is back with her new CD entitled "Make You Mine". The CD reflects Abby's new style and energy. Co- written and produced with accomplished producer Carlyle Bariteau (he appears on background vocals). Don't miss out on this dance-pop-R&B flavor experience..Enjoy~~~BENZ~~~~



No More Tears (Radio Mix) (4:08)
No More Tears (I Like The Tears Mix) (4:40)
No More Tears (Puccapella) (6:38)
No More Tears (Club Mix) (6:38)
No More Tears (House Mix) (7:18)
No More Tears (Bonus Mix) (2:50)

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Spring - No Time (For Crying)

I really don't know too much about this artist other then I like the "12" Mix" & "Dub Mix" of this track alot". Produced by John Robinson & is good track for your Deep House & Garage House Mix. DJ Javier from Brooklyn N.Y. put me on to this track.

A1 - No Time (For Crying) (12" Mix)
A2 - No Time (For Crying) (Radio Mix)
B1 - No Time (For Crying) (Instrumental Mix)
B2 - No Time (For Crying) (Dub Mix)
B3 - No Time (For Crying) (Basement Mix)

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Free Memorial Day Download!

To all the vistors checking out our blog, All our postings for today will be free to download without password protection. Have a Happy Memorial Day!---The Vinly Vault Family.

Nasih & M-D-Emm - Get Hip To This (Frankie Bones Manic Mix)

Underground Hip House from 1989 remixed by Frankie Bones. Enjoy this free download!--12inchjunkie

Get Hip To This (Frankie Bones Manic Mix)

Remix - Frankie Bones
Get Hip To This (Get Hip D.J. Mix)
Get Hip To This (Original Sampella)

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N.Y. House'n Authority - Restoration / Renovation

Some real chill Shhh!! I personally feel "Boiler Repair" "Survellance Cameras" "Landscaping" "Adequate Lighting" in that order too. Nu-Groove is definitely one of my top 5 house labels.

The A-side is called "Restoration Side".
The B-side is called "Renovation Side".

A1 New Elevators
A2 Adequate Lightning
A3 Landscaping

B1 Surveillance Cameras
B2 Boiler Repair
B3 Window Guards

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

House Accapellas- Volume One

Alot of classic acapellas, great tool for your collection DJ's & Producer's.


A1. Donnie (Acapella)
A2. Everybody F__K Now (Acapella)
A3. Millionaire (Acapella)
A4. You Use To Hold Me (Acapella)
A5. Loca (Acapella)
A6. Pussy (Acapella)
A7. Bitch (Acapella)
A8. Sex (Acapella)
A9. Plumber (Acapella)
A10. Jungle Voices (Acapella)
A11. Dance Ya Mutha (Acapella)
A12. Monk Chants (Acapella)
A13. My House (Acapella)
A14. Something Special (Acapella)
A15. You Ain't Really Down (Acapella)
A16. French A Pella (Acapella)

B1. Story Of Jack (Acapella)
B2. H.O.U.S.E. (Acapella)
B3. Phase One...Etc (Acapella)
B4. It's Not Over (Acapella)
B5. Love Sensation (Acapella)
B6. What Is Love (Acapella)
B7. Black Ass (Acapella)
B8. Lion Sleeps (Acapella)
B9. Can't Stop (Acapella)
B10. Weekend (Acapella)

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John Rocca - Move

Figure I post something today before I go and start my cookout in my backyard Rain or Shine we'll still doing it! This is John Rocca ''Move'' classic House track remixed by Farley "Jackmaster" Funk & Produced by Arthur Baker. ---12inchjunkie

Move (Landlord House Mix) (8:18)
Move (Farley's House Piano Mix) (7:48)

Remix - Farley "Jackmaster" Funk
Move (Roccapella) (6:54)

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Friday, May 22, 2009

The Dance Kings - Climb The Walls

Classic stuff.

A Climb The Walls (Extended Climb Mix)
B1 Climb The Walls (Climb The House Walls Mix)
B2 Climb The Walls (Acapella)

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Landlord Ft.Dex Danclair - I Like It

This is a classic record right here. I for the most part like all versions but the "Blow Out Dub" is one of the greatest masterpieces of all time. I bought this in the old Armands Records MARKET ST in philly with the jewelry store in the front and record store in back. DJ Todd One (RIP) schooled me to this.

A1. I Like It (Club Mix) (6:00)
A2. I Like It (Blow Out Dub) (5:10)
B1. I Like It (Groovy House Mix) (6:55)
B2. I Like It (Deep Garage Mix) (6:15)
B3. I Like It (Cosmic Dub) (4:55)

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Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground

The producer of this song, Peter Slaghuis (that's why "hithouse"), was a very well-known DJ/producer in the era 1985-1991. In the early '90's he had his own record company "Hithouse Records" on which came out early Dutch hardcore releases. Himself was involved in such groups like "Holy Noise" and "Epilepsia". He worked together with persons like Paul Elstak and Rob Fabrie, who both became popular (happy) hardcore producers in the '90's. Sadly enough, Peter Slaghuis would have never seen their succes and the succes of the genre hardcore because he passed away in a car accident in sept. 1991, just before "his" genre became more & more popular ...

I personally like the "Acid Mix" of this trk.


A1. Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (Party Mix)
A2. Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (Radio)
B1. Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (Acid Mix)
B2. Hithouse - Jack To The Sound Of The Underground (Underground Mix)

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

BFiggy DJ - Freestyle Finish the Sambuca Mix

Here's another mix by my Brother BFiggy DJ, Freestyle Finish the Sambuca Why He called it Finished The Sambuca Mix?! It's actually a Inside Joke my and my brother have about it. But anyway Check it out something to listen to in your car or where ever. No Password Required. ---12inchjunkie


01 Because of you - Cover Gilrs
02 We can work it out - Arlene
03 One way Love - TKA
04 One Look was enough - Paul Parker
05 Walking Away - Information Society
06 No Reason to Cry - Judy Torres
07 Break for love - Raze
08 Can't get enough - Liz Torrez
09 Voices in your Head - Paris by Air
10 What goes Around - Giggles
11 Don't Break my Heart - Sa-Fire
12 My Heart skips a Beat - Cover Girls
13 Who's got your love - Nyasia

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Grid - Figure Of Eight

Todd Terry remixes of Figure Of Eight on this double 12" Promo. Enjoy Todd Terry fans (which is 98 % of this blog,lol)

A1 Figure Of Eight (Grid 456 Mix)
A2 Figure Of Eight (Grid Tribal Trance Mix)
B1 Figure Of Eight (Tee's Ultra Mix)
B2 Figure Of Eight (Grid Total Trance Mix)
B3 Figure Of Eight (Saxapella)
C1 Figure Of Eight (Todd's Master Dub)
C2 Figure Of Eight (Todd's Loudhouse Mix)
D1 Figure Of Eight (Todd's G-Mix)
D2 Figure Of Eight (Tee's Power Groove)
D3 Figure Of Eight (Scatapella)

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Part 1
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Part 2
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Richie Rich - Salsa House (Remix)

Here's the remix for Salsa House with the Hip House Version and this also have the original. ---12inchjunkie

Salsa House (Freaky Rap)
Salsa House (Dub Zone)
Salsa House (Full Length Original Mix)

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cajmere - Underground Goddies

It won't be long before we've wrapped up Cajmere's entire catalog of work! Track A2 - Do Dat Dance - has been a major player within the early Baltimore House/Club scene. I remember hearing that at the Paradox (legendary home of Scott Henry & Feelgood's FEVER parties of the 1990s) back when I was risking life & limb to sneak into the club around 15/16 yrs old. It brings me back every time it gets played.... Enjoy!

A1 Perculator (4:12)
A2 Do Dat Dance (4:18)
B1 Keep Movin (4:11)
B2 Wet Dream (4:18)

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Neverland - Mato Grosso

Classic Italian Techno House Record, I think this was the last record that I brought from this label. ---12inchjunkie

A1 Mato Grosso (The American Remix) (7:00)
A2 Mato Grosso (The Bonesbreak Mastermix) (7:08)
B1 Mato Grosso (Original Italian Mix) (6:13)
B2 Mato Grosso (Marco Biondi Mix) (5:35)

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Vinyl Vault Has hit 500 Postings Today!!!

Wow Vinyl vault has hit 500 postings today! Thanks to GGNYC for Informing us on it. Lets see how many we post by the end of the year... First I would like to thank all the Authors for their hard work and participation and making the blog to what it is today. We are still growing and bringing in new authors little by little. Maybe on mamorial day I will ask all the Authors on the blog to post a 12 inch and make it a complimentary download for anyone that visit for that day only! Sorry that I haven't been so active on the blog lately alot has to do with Family matters and personal issues. Also with my djing I'm trying to update my music and not fall behind. As everyone knows already Rob got his new Serato SL3 and he's having alot of fun with new so He's busy himself also. But hope everyone is enjoying our post. And let keep Vinyl Vault the number one Blog for Classics! Peace Up 12inchjunkie, Rob, & The VinylVault Family.

Junior Vasquez - X

Here's for a Sound Factory Classic by Junior Vasquez can't believe this man is already in his 60's In he's still doing his DJ thing more power to him...There is also a remix of this by Club 69 which was Harder then this one and was a major peak hour anthem. Hope I can find it soon and I can post it unless someone else comes thru with it first.---12inchjunkie


X (Sound Factory Mix) (10:45)
X (Junior Dub) (10:21)
X (X Beats) (1:29)

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Jovonn- Turn And Run Away 'Runnin'

I Have Been Wanting This Record Since I Heard It. Philly's Power 99's "DJ Jeff Mills" Use To Play This In The Early 90's In His House Set On Weekends. Jeff Mills Had A Mean House Set. His Mixes Were Flawless And In Tune. Thanks!! To My Boy DJ Javier For The 12" I Ripped. I Personally Like The "Original Demo Version"

A1 Turn And Run Away (Colonnade Mix)(7:51)
A2 Turn And Run Away (Radio Edit) (4:23)
B1 Turn And Run Away (Original Demo Version) (7:05)
B2 Turn And Run Away (Clinton St. Mix) (7:45)

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Frankie Bones - Call It Techno (Remixes)

He's a favorite of mine "Call it techno" by frankie bones I should have posted his first original release before posting this one but this came to mind first. Check out Techno 9Computer Mix) which is a 6 minute megamix of some techno classics! Good record if your a Frankie Bone fan like me.---12inchjunkie

Call It Techno (Belgium 90's Mix) (4:00)
Techno (Computer Mix) (6:11)

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Various - Untitled

Very classic stuff here. Good deep house and some disco house as well. This belongs in any true house dj's collection. enjoyyyy-------------Summonedknight


A1 - Undergroud Dream & Crunchy Nut Cornflakes-Tight
A2 - Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - We Can Work It Out (Tremor Mix)
A3 - Crunchy Nut Cornflakes - We Can Work It (Vibe Mix)
B1 - C.M. Toni - Hustle Aint Over
B2 - C.M. Toni - Rhythm Tonight

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X-Change - Yeah I'm Freaky

A1 Yeah I'm Freaky (Original Mix) (5:02)
A2 Yeah I'm Freaky (Instrumental) (4:56)
B1 I'm Gonna Give You Bass (Original Mix) (4:28)
B2 I'm Gonna Give You Bass (Instrumental) (4:28)

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