Thursday, May 14, 2009

Reese - You're Mine

This was a special request from GGNYC. Classic 1989 Detriot Hip House with remixes from MK & David Morales. ---12inchjunkie

You're Mine (Techno Hip Mix) (6:32)

Remix - Kevin Saunderson
You're Mine (Yeah Boy Mix) (5:43)

Remix - Kevin Saunderson
You're Mine (Radio Mix) (3:32)

Mixed By - Chris Andrews
You're Mine (Red Zone Mix) (6:11)

Remix [Added Overdubs] - David Morales
You're Mine (Def Mix) (6:00)

Remix [Added Overdubs] - David Morales

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GGNYC said...

Took me several months to remember the artist to the title track. What helped was DJ HeRk's post of Big Fun I read the commentaries of Detroit Techno Sound and producer Kevin Saunderson. His name clicked..since I had this record 20 years ago. Love'em samples of "The Clash" on the Techno Hip mix as they sing "Don't you ever stop long enough to start?
To get your car outta that gear"..Thanks to 12inchJunkie for hittin my request. Lots of memories here. Yeh-o, magnificence!!

chicagojackin said...

nice request GGNYC and thank you for sharing 12inch anyone have the remixes on this that has the Bad Boy Bill mix

Rob said...

Hey D, the Red Zone mix wouldn't extract out of the RAR file. Gave an error. FYI