Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DJ Danny F & DJ Raul C Mixtape 1990-91 Era

Alright I found a tape that me and a friend did back in the days, I'm pretty sure we were around 16-17 years of age. One side is me mixing and the other side is Raul C mixing. I met Raul C during High School times and we both were DJs ever since and we still are doing our thing till today. We have the same taste in music as you will hear in the mixes we played alot of House breaks and break beats. The mixes are very amateur even on one point I go off beat but catch it right back on I still have another mixtape that I want to share with the blog that I did when I was 16 and I did some better mixing on that one but that will be shared at a later time. I'm sharing this with you guy's to show you how long we been doing this and how much love we have for the music...and I will not be giving it up anytime. So for now enjoy some history..---12inchjunkie


Download Right Here

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XMP said...

That's dope. That's almost exactly how it went down for me too - and the same era (got my first set of Technics in '92 though). Same outlook on old mixes/new skillset; might have to post up something from my medieval times!