Monday, May 25, 2009

Quiet Hit Men - Trans Europe / Look @ Shorty

Here's a tasty treat for the Vinyl Vault fam this special Memorial Day...

S.O.B Entertainment present Quiet Hit Men; otherwise known as Baltimore's DJ Technics and DJ Patrick (McDonald). This record doesn't jump out at you like its anything special - but within a few seconds you realize how the best things in life are usually simple and straightforward. Although they're all great tracks, I'm stuck on 'Look at Shorty'. Its got me and it won't let go.

I grew up with this stuff, and I can remember the first time I heard it on the radio - I just lost my sh*t. Records like this truly capture the essence of an unpredictable, 90's-era Baltimore - with its big booty bass and breaks that just destroy dancefloors.

One last thing - down here in the DC/VA/MD/PA area I've noticed a definite trend w/ the younger folks. Don't want to generalize too much but honestly it's mainly rich middle/upperclass white kids from the suburbs or whatever - and they've hopped on this bandwagon of hipstery bullsh*t music and fashion. I know some players in the game, and the real successful cats are the handful of players who stayed with it since the early days - and went through the good & the bad that comes along w/ dedicating your life to the music you love. Its a handful of older cats who carried their weight - stayed in the hood even if they got paid and could move to the 'burbs.

I don't post anything here on Vinyl Vault that I haven't painstakingly researched and respected, and I don't put anything out there I haven't personally converted and sometimes I go through waveforms like its neurosurgery. Because I want the best possible replication of what I hear on wax through a powerful soundsystem. This record was no exception! One side had all types of scratches and skips and I definitely do some reconstructive surgery. I edit alot of audio.

Whether you happen to have stumbled upon the Vinyl Vault either looking for club bangers from 'back in the day' you can't find in shops, or if you are one of the originators just doing Google maintenance to make sure your music isn't being exploited - hopefully you understand that we take pride in what we do and we treat this music and art with the respect it commands. Having said that, shouts to the entire Vinyl Vault fam - Rob, 12inchJunkie, Benz, Herk, Chi-town Jackin, SK, MasterChief - definitely one of the brightest blog fams on the planet! Also, shouts to the OGs who created this music and vibe that helps me get through the day.... Scotty B, Shawn Ceasar & the whole Unruly fam, DJ Class, Karizma, KW Griff, DJ Boobie, Rod Lee, Rod Braxton, Mike Crosby, Frank Ski, V103, Kenny B, Miss Tony, Booman, Kool Breeze, 2 Whyte Kidz, DJ Excel, DJ Technics, K Swift the club Queen, my man DJ Supa Dave - my man Big Titts, Tameil, Nada/Strom, JB the Video Killaz and of course my homey the DRJ Derrick Johnson - the Tape King!

peaceout - Steve PMX

Quiet Hit Men - Trans Europe (Too Much)

[A1] Quiet Hit Men - Tran Europe (Too Much)
[A2] Quiet Hit Men - Look At Shorty
[A3] Quiet Hit Men - Cra-Z So Pumped
[B1] Quiet Hit Men - Climb The Walls
[B2] Quiet Hit Men - No Music

No password requied - Happy Memorial Day.
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Rob said...
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Rob said...

PMX666, I admire you're wording and info on your posts. Vinyl Vault is definitely original and to be honest with everyone, I thought it would've been shut down with the quickness a long time ago. I feel the artists are keeping an eye on this blog and are not making any complaints on it because we're keeping it true. We're keeping the old school era alive. We're showing everyone where it all started. It started with New York and Chicago. We have New Yorkers and Chi Town cats in here posting and sharing our bond of classic house music..I love it.
Till this day, I'm still learning from every post. Let's keep it going..

12InchJunkie said...

Thanks for the kind word Pmx666! We will continue to bring all the best classics that other blogs ain't putting out...we love the old school and vinyl vault is the truth when it comes to the classics! Lets keep this movement going!

MastrChief07 said...

Right back atcha PMX. Nice post. True what has been said here. I love it. I love that fact that I'm back to this spot that I've missed since I was away. So getting my PC back running feels great and a breath of fresh air it is. I love the fact that we celebrate the real greatness of classic tracks and and what's missed in much of what's out today in music. Nothing like Todd Terry's greatness, for a huge example. Stuff that's not been heard for a long time. Or never heard on the radios. Or stuff that cats hasn't heard in clubs since way back when but can see it here and go "Oh, _________!" <---put your word of preference here. Nuthin' like a raspy vinyl to bring back that classic throwback feel for a little while at least. Word, let's keep this vibe goin'! *thumsbup*

PMX said...

Awesome guys thanks for the opportunity!