Friday, May 8, 2009

FFWD - Baby Don't Go / Baby No Te Vayas

How many of you remember this classic jam? Great Song but the Bilingual version but the way he's singing the song in spanish just doesnt sound right for some reason the way he's wording it. Great Classic Freestlye though...I use to mix this with Roses are Red alot. ---12inchjunkie


Baby Don't Go (Vocal) (7:17)
Baby Don't Go (Dub) (7:21)
Baby No Te Vayas (Vocal) (6:52)
Baby No Te Vayas (Dub) (6:18)

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Rob said...

Yeah classic, I'll stick with the English version...

12InchJunkie said...


GGNYC said...

Excellent post 12inchJunkie! I remember gettin it in '88 later down the year the house mixes were released. Question ..Who did the vocals to this song? and is he still alive? I heard stories and I want to know if they're true or not.

MastrChief07 said...

Classic. I agree. There's a couple of Freestyle tracks that don't sound good as it would in english. I won't put the tracks in question 'cause some I'm cool peeps with. Lol. But this is one of them. But I gotta say there's quite a bit good Freestyle tracks in Spanish. Alright, got that outta the way, lolol, I like this track. That horn like sound is hot and mixing that a couple of times with this can sound sick. Great post to a classic, bro.

chicagojackin said...

Thanks 12inch for this classic freestyle post