Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Aldo Marin WKTU Supermix July 1983

Sorry Guy's Haven't done any postings the last couple days been real busy with other stuff, So for Cinco de Mayo I'm posting a rare mix by Aldo Marin that was given to me by NJDJ special thanx goes to him for this. Aldo Marin was a Electro producer who worked on a number of classics in the 1980s. He also ran Cutting Records with his brother Amado. Enjoy this classic mix!--12inchjunkie

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Thanks NJDJ! (anybody know the rest?)Barrabas~Woman,BBeatGirls~ForTheSameMan,MartinCircus~DiscoCircus,AfrikaBambaata&SoulSonicForce~PlanetRock,QuadrantSix~BodyMechanic,Nairobi?~Makossa?,CBank~OneMoreShot,SoulSonicForce~LookingForThePerfectBeat,Yazoo~Situation,JBHorne~Spank,Poussez(inbackgroundgirlmoanin)LOL.>all brought to you by OldEnglish800..NICE! crack dat 40 for ol time sake!