Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dave Clarke - Southside...

Sorry for not being around too much this week been real busy...I see that the Authors are doing some postings to keep the blog going thank you guys for doing that. Well here's my post for today the man Dave Clarke one of my favorite Techno Producers. This record has a taste of disco, house, & techno, with remixes by DJ Sneak, & Surgeon, This record was originally released in 1995 but the record I'm posting was released in 2004. My favorite track on here is "The Storm" which is the Surgeon Dub, its so noisy and bangin the way it starts to build up to its peak...techno banger! I also like DJ Sneaks remix of southside one of the tracks I use to play back in the days...great 12"!---12inchjunkie

Southside (Album Version) (4:33)
Southside (12" Extended Version) (5:37)
Southside (DJ Sneak Remix) (6:34)

Remix - DJ Sneak
The Storm (Surgeon Dub) (5:56)

Remix - Surgeon

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GGNYC said...

Nice post 12inchJunkie! Taken from Archive One album. I love Southside and many others on this CD but the 12" extended mixes makes it a real treat for me. Thanks again D.

chicagojackin said...

Thanks 12inch for sharing.anyone got CZR - Southside


just found this blog and loving the great tracks from back in the day
keep it coming