Sunday, November 29, 2009

FPI Project - Rich In Paradise

This record is a must for all classic house lovers, I'm going to post another vinyl with remixes of this track when I find it.---12inchjunkie

Going Back To My Roots 5:25
Rich In Paradise 5:25
Piano In Paradise 1:40

ZYX Records
Catalog #: ZYX 6256-8
Format: CD Rip @ 320kbps
Released: 1989
Genre: House, Deep House

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Freestyle's Greatest Divas: Volume Two

I consider the divas, the woman singers, vocalists, the best thing about music. And Freestyle leads the way with the most emotional and passionate singers. When I hear them sing I think about love. These ladies are also Visual bombshells as well as ear candy. This was the emotional effect freestyle had on their listeners, it told stories with a slamming rhythm that grasp the listener with a glimpse of their lives. Enjoy!!!~~ Benz~~

1 Jasmine - On The Loose
2 Cynthia - Love Me Tonight
3 Fascination - Why You Wanna Go?
4 Eileen Flores - I Have Dreams
5 Nayobe - Please Don't Go
6 Nyasia - Now & Forever
7 Judy Torres - Come Into My Arms
8 Abby Lynn - No More Tears
9 Reanna Page - Rescue Me
10 Joyce Sims - All And All

Label: Mic Mac Records
Catalog #: MIC 1437-2
Format: CD
Released: 1996
Genre: Freestyle

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Bad Boy Orchestra - Still Buggin'

What's up all hope everyone is getting ready to spend some time with family and friends tomorrow since it's Thanksgiving Day. I have about 4 houses to hit tomorrow so I'm going to be a slob by the end of the Now I'm not sure if this album was posted before but I'm posting it anyway. Bad Boy Orchestra was a mix of Freestyle, House & Hip hop together with some Latin Salsa & Merengue flavor. This album is something for your collection and worth having since it's rare to find. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day If I don't get a chance to say it tomorrow!---12Inchjunkie

Talk Dirty 3.56
B.B.O. In Effect 4.25
Salsa Time 4.43
Jammin' 3.56
Hip Hop Salsa (House Version) 4.40
Can We Do This 5.14
Gimme The Music 5.03
It's Just An 808 3.58

Label: Smokin'
Catalog #:
TAI LP 4444
Format: Vinyl, LP
Released: 1989
Genre: House, Latin, Electro

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Debbie Deb - She's Back

Debbie Deb is an American dance-pop singer, best known for 1980s freestyle dance classics such as "Lookout Weekend" and "When I Hear Music".

Deb was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in North Miami Beach, Florida. A music aficionado from a young age, she was "discovered" at the age of 16 by producer Pretty Tony at a Miami record store where she was working. The first song Deb recorded was "When I Hear Music," which she co-wrote with Pretty Tony. Released on the Jam Packed record label, the song has since become a staple in clubs and on dance radio stations and mixshows. Other hits followed, including "Lookout Weekend", "I Wanna Work It Out", "There's A Party Going On", "I Wanna Dance," and a remake of Connie's 1980s Latin freestyle classic "Funky Little Beat".

However, Deb was overweight and suffered from low self-esteem, and found her sudden fame difficult to cope with. She was crushed when her record company decided not to put her picture on the sleeves of her records and, in a Milli Vanilli-esque move, even hired an "impostor" to perform and pose as "Debbie Deb". As a result, she made little, if any, money from her hit singles, and was so hurt by the experience that she stopped singing for years, relying on her work as a hairdresser to make ends meet.[1]

Deb finally resurfaced on the recording scene in 1995 with the album She's Back. Now living near Philadelphia, she continues to work as a hair stylist and also keeps busy performing frequent concerts around the United States, especially "freestyle revival" shows with artists like Lisa Lisa, The Cover Girls, and Shannon. Gwen Stefani has cited Deb as an influence, and in the summer of 2006, Janet Jackson featured a cover version of "Lookout Weekend" on her Web site.



(There's A) Party Goin' On (Old Skool Mix)

When I Hear Music

If It's Not One Thing...It's Another

I Wanna Dance

Funky Little Beat

What About This Heart?

Lookout Weekend

I Wanna Work It Out


Now That You're Gone

All Night Long

(There's A) Party Goin' On (Moretta's Club Mix)

Label: Pandisc
Catalog #: PD 8864-2
Format: CD
Released: 1995
Genre: Electronic

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Monday, November 23, 2009

D.J. Brutal Bill - Get On The Move

Here's this underground House track produced by Brutal Bill.---12inchjunkie

Soft Side
Get On The Move (Original Club Mix) 6:42
Get On The Move (Heavenly Dub Mix) 5:55
Hard Side

Get On The Move (New York House Mix)
Get On The Move (Breakdown Bonus) 3:51

Label: City Limits
Catalog #: CL 3009
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Released: 1990
Genre: Techno

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Norty Cotto - DJ's Delite - Volume 1

Here's a rip I did 2 days ago made by Norty Cotto. My favorite cut on this is "Giving it all I got". But they're all good cuts. This is one out of 2...I might have vol. 2 so I have to dig in my crates for it.---12inchjunkie

I Said I Like It 3:58
One Of My Moods 5:23
Giving It All I Got 4:50
Everybody Rock 4:40
Pipe Dreams 4:48
Music For The People 5:00
Got To Be Funky 4:55

Label: Jazzy Records
Catalog #: JY-102
Vinyl, 12"
Released: 31 Jan 1991
Genre: House

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Da Northface Killa - Da Powa

Here's a rip that I just did about an hour ago this record is by my Brobot Junior Sanchez, He's a supporter of our blog and he doesn't mine that I'm posting this tune. This is an underground Hard house banger with samples from the last dragon, I made a mix on the blog last year and I started the mix off with this tune. I always been a fan and supporter of Juniors music I recommend checking out his old & new releases. You can find his music and remixes on most mp3 stores like beatport, traxsource, & itunes just to name a few. ----12inchjunkie

Da Powa (Da Northface Killa Thrilla)

Da Powa (Tony Rodriguez Remix)

Label: Dis-Funktional Recordings
Catalog #: DFUN 008
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released: 1998
Genre: House

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Breakout's - Vol II: Between The Grooves

Here's a rare ep with some House Grooves, Techno, & Acid Breaks.----12inchjunkie

Don't Hold Back 3:40
For Your Mind & Body 5:24
Sidetraxx 3:38
Compression 3:53
The Beat Goes On 3:16
How Shall I Rock Thee 5:31

Label: Powertraxx Records
Catalog #:
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Released: 1991
Genre: Hardcore, Techno, Acid

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Fast Eddie - Let's Do This

Something for the Chicago House Fans! Classic Fast Eddie joint...Fast Eddie recently came out on a track that Robbie Rivera Produced. I just got it yesterday called "Let me sip my drink" check it out on beatport. ---12inchjunkie

Let's Do This (Bad Boy Bill Mix) 6:22

Producer [Additional], Remix - Bad Boy Bill
Let's Do This (Original Mix) 5:03
Get You Some More (Tyree Cooper Mix) 6:15

Remix - Tyree Cooper
Get You Some More (Eddie's Mix) 4:55

Label: D.J. International Records
Catalog #: DJ 921
Format: Vinyl Rip
Released: 1990
Genre: House

Nice Information on some History...

Here's a wordpress I found with some interesting stuff to Read, When you open the link you will read about Jose "The Animal" Diaz. Actually information about him that I didn't know about.--12inchjunkie

Saturday, November 14, 2009

T.D.C. - Keep Groovin'

A 1990 Hip-House Record produced my Omar Santana. Omar is recognized for his Oh, Oh Edits on freestyle records. Omar still does production but For Hardcore Techno music & Breaks, He's is well known in Europe at the moment. Plus from what I heard he's going blind he has a rare blindness disease that is hereditary in his family. He only has tunnel vision right now. I give Omar mad respects for his work and achievement in Electronic music.----12inchjunkie

Keep Groovin' (Get Funky Mix) 6:30
Keep Groovin' (Get Funky Dub) 6:30
Keep Groovin' (Get Funky Edit) 3:29
Keep Groovin' (Oh-Oh Euro Mix) 6:35
Keep Groovin' (Oh-Oh Euro Dub) 6:53
Keep Groovin' (Hip Hop Mix) 4:41

Label: PWL America Records Ltd
Catalog #: 878 495-1
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released: 1990
Genre: Hip-House

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

DJ Danny F - The Hip House Anthems Vol 1

UPDATED FIXED LINK: I uploaded to zshare I don't know what's going on that it keeps failing on mediafire.

Here's a Hip house mix I put together a couple days ago of trax that were anthems to me. This is the first volume and I got a part 2 coming. I decided to put a pic of me and my sister together at the spot I spin at. Don't we look alike? Lol! well enjoy this mix for your friday morning commute to work! The weekend is almost here! Lets Party!----12inchjunkie

1. Twin Hype - Do it to the crowd
2. King Sun - On the club tip
3. Sugar Bear - Don't Scandalise mine
4. Rob Base - Get on the dancefloor
5. Pain - Bang to the beat
6. Poor Pocket Productions - Kick your legs in the air
7. Twin Hype - For those who like to groove
8. 2 in A Room - Do what you want
9. J.D. Feat Inovator Dee - Poetry house style
10. Maurice - Get into the dance
11. Maurice - Opening melody
12. P.C.P - Keep iy up dance (Hardcore Brooklyn Mix)
13. E-Zee Possee - Everything starts with an E
14. MC B. Feat. Daisy Dee - This beat is technotronic
15. Deeskee - Let there be house (Raw mix)
16. Bang The Party - Bang, Bang (Attiude Rap)
17. Lord Chazzie - Housemaster
18. Two without hats - The Breeze
19. Fast Eddie - Yo yo get funky
20. Mr. Lee - Get busy (Chicago mix)
21. M-D-Emm - Get hip to this (Frankie bones manic mix)
22. Mix Masters feat. Mc Action - In the mix (Boogie Man's Mix)

Label: Vinyl Vault Production
Catalog #:
Format: MP3
Released: 2009
Genre: Old Skool Hip House

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Nova - You Can Do It

Heres a blast from the past. Classic opera freestyle here.hammered by all the big freestyle dj's back in the day. remember VV peeps, never forget classics like this


1-You Can Do It
2-You Can Do It (Fresh Mix)

Label: Break Records
Catalog #: 1850990
Format: 12'' Vinyl
Released: 1985
Genre: Freestyle, Electro

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Trilogy - Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not

Here's a release from the freestyle group Trilogy. This is a pretty rare release by them. Produced by C&C, I personally like the dub of doom on this record. Something to put in your collection.----12inchjunkie

A1 Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not (The Clivill├ęs & Cole 1991 Club Remix) (11:10)
Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not (Bonus Beats)

Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not (1991 Hip House Mix)

Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not (The Dub Of Doom Mix)

Label: ATCO Records
Catalog #: 0-96400
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Released: 1990
Genre: House

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Fast Eddie - The Most Wanted

A1. Most Wanted (Fast Eddie's Club Mix)
A2. Most Wanted (Fast Eddie's Instrumental)
B1. Most Wanted (Julian 'Jumpin' Perez Mix) Remix
B2. Most Wanted (Rocky Jones Mix) Remix

Label: D.J.International Records
Catalog #: DJ 999
Format: 12" Vinyl Rip @ 192kbps
Released: 1990
Genre: Hip-House

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Poor Pocket Productions Ft.Adam Ice - Kick Your Legs In The Air

Last month I posted a youtube sample of this record and I made a request. Well I finally got it from a DJ Friend who doesn't want me to give him credit on here. But I wanna thank him for this! Classic Funky Hip House from New York!---12inchjunkie


Kick Your Legs In The Air (Vocal Mix) 5:38
Kick Your Legs In The Air (Radio Mix) 4:05
Kick Your Legs In The Air (Aslee-Ping Mix (Instrumental)) 4:48
Kick Your Legs In The Air (Tri Spin Mix) 5:50
Kick Your Legs In The Air (Spago Mix) 4:47
Kick Your Legs In The Air (Acappella Mix) 2:18

Label: Next Plateau Records Inc.
Catalog #:
NP 50117W DJ
Format: Vinyl, 12", Promo
Released: 1990
Genre: House, Hip-House

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Friday, November 6, 2009

New Visitors & Supporters Of Our Blog

Just wanna thank our visitors taking the time to read Our Post On what we are trying to do for all our supporters. Each day I'm receiving emails of people that are interested in becoming a part of vinyl vault. For far we have 10 people that I have on our list and a few that I'm waiting for a reply. Here's what we posted for those that haven't read.

Hanson And Davis - I'll Take You On / Hungry For Your Love / Hold On To Yesterday

Not sure if this ever got posted but this is a classic! One hit wonder "Hungry for your love" but a must for freestyle lovers.----12inchjunk


I'll Take You On (Club Version) 7:18
I'll Take You On (Dub Version) 5:54
Hungry For Your Love (Club Version) 7:57
Hungry For Your Love (Dub Version) 4:30
Hold On To Yesterday 5:54

Label: Fresh Records
Catalog #: FRE-5Y, FRE-5EP
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, EP
Released: 1986
Genre: Freestyle, Disco

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Frankie Bones- Discogs 10 Electro In Full Part 1 2006

Here's a mix by Frankie Bones that he made for Discogs Users and I decided to share it with you guy's. It's mostly electro tracks of old & new. I listened to this yesterday driving home from work and I though it was really good! So Check it Out people!---12inchjunkie

01. - slade brothers - riot 66 (throw, u.s) 2001
02. - netzwerk florida - (monotone u.s) 2002
03. - advent - runners (ffrr, u.k.) 1997
04. - anthony rother - nummerncomputerwelt 2 (electrolux, germany) 1999
05. - i-f - playstation #2 (disko b, germany) 1998
06. - mas 2008 - journey to the 4th dimension (twilight 76, u.s) 1999
07. - shiver - subsonic soundscape (shiver, holland) 1995
08. - cybotron - clear (fantasy, u.s.) 1982
09. - sem - area 5 (electron industries, u.k.) 1996
10. - galaxy 2 galaxy - deep space 9 (u.r., u.s.) 1993
11. - keith tucker - alien radio (twilight 76, u.s.) 2002
12. - radioactive man - uranium (rotter's golf club, u.k.) 2001
13. - frankie bones - bonesbreaks 2000 - let's jack (badmotherfker, via bml, u.s.) 2000
14. - anthony rother - destroy him my robots (electrolux, germany) 1998
15. - twilight 22 - electric kingdom (vanguard, u.s.) 1984
16. - soulsonic force - planet rock (bones 91 re-edit)(white) 1982
17. - dopplerffekt - sterilization (dataphysix engineering, detroit) 1997
18. - electro nation - fist man (a.f.u. records, germany) 1998
19. - the beat club - security (pizazz, u.s.) 1986
20. - anthony rother - describe reality (electrolux, germany) 1997
21. - mental mayhem - where are they hiding (atmosphere records, u.s.) 1990
22. - hashim - al-naa-fysh (frankie bones 90 remix (injection dance label, holland) 1990
23. - sole tech - sole waves (detrechno, u.s.) 1996
24. - stem - radiotron (frequency records, u.k) 1996
25. - greyhouse - new beats the house (house nation, u.s) 1989
26. - bass junkie - who is it what is it (parallax, u.k) 1996
27. - drexciya - the countdown has begun (u.r., u.s) 1994
28. - nolet - fastfood kennel dogs (spring collective, germany) 2003

Label: No Label
Catalog #:
Format: mp3
Genre: Electro

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Monday, November 2, 2009

To All Visitors & Supporter Of Vinyl Vault Please Read This.

What’s up all Vinyl Vault Fans & Family, Hope everyone checking in
everyday and are enjoying what we are posting daily. I know most of
our supporters don’t have access to our downloads except for the free
dj mixes that we post but the reason for protecting our files with passwords is to try to keep away leechers and give access to our downloads to Serious music
lovers that collect and trade with us. We take a lot of time
ripping vinyl, and posting each day. We also buy vinyl online if we don’t
have the full 12 inch. Me & the rest of our authors still have
crates full of vinyl that need to be ripped, eventually they will all
be converted into mp3s. Rob and the rest of the authors of the blog do
the same as well by giving up their time with ripping their vinyl and sharing it with the blog, we all do it don't mind giving up our time just for the love of classic music and trading with others that do the same. Now I understand some
Visitors that were either a DJ at one time or so and had gotten
their records stolen or lost their crates of records because of
Katrina or some other catastrophic event and I do feel awful for those
that lost their valueable gems. but how would I know for sure if that
is what really happen I don’t know but I still take it under
consideration. There’s other blogs that are starting to do the same by
password protecting their downloads from lechers and people that don't
take the love for music seriously and you can’t blame them. Every once
In a while we’ll get a hate email or some angry visitor cursing us out
on the cbox because they can’t get access to the downloads and we
apologiez for the inconvenience but we do it for a reason. when we first
opened the blog everyone had access to every download and all we
wanted was a simple thanks or comment about the post and we weren’t
getting that! So we got strict with our download access and we
created the trading system and that’s when the emails started rolling
in on how we can get access to the downloads? And the trading seems
to work somewhat but still no comments or thanks for the postings. We
still get emails requesting passwords and we posted instructions on
how to obtain it but some people don’t read what we post. Our blog can
be translated into different languages so that it can be easier
on the reader to read it in their language. What I’m writing about is
nothing new I have mentioned this about 100 times. So I have a
suggestion to what I want to do with the blog and it will give every
visitor the opportunity to get access to our downloads. As we know
there’s people that want to download from us but have nothing to offer
us as a trade. I was thinking if people would donate a small fee each
month you will have access to every 12 inch on our blog by becoming a
devoted member. The donation made will go towards getting more vinyl
from your requests if available and it will also help us pay off
monthly charges from programs that we use for the blog like the cbox,
media fire & new stuff that we want to add to improve the blog to
eventually maybe making it to a full blown website with forum. I think by doing this it
will keep everyone happy and it will help support us to buy more music
from your request and it will be another way of saying thank you. We average over 100 postings a month and we post 12s
daily of nothing but classic material that is hard to find. We know
what's good music and what is not. So why not help
us to improve the blog and at the same time we will help you with what
you’ve been looking for. Now if you’re a supporter of our blog we want
you to voice your opinion and speak out on how we can make this work
for everyone. We have over 140 followers and none of them
probably have access to the downloads but love us for what we do.
If your a true supporter or visitor that is interested in what we are
doing Feel free to write a comment about this topic or you can send me
(12inchjunkie) or rob an email. Thanks for your support and lets make
this blog better for you!---12inchjunkie, Rob, & The Vinyl Vault Family.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Suburban Boyz - Insane / Demon

Here's is one of my Dance Mania Records 2 Acid House Tracks with that Chicago sound that I love! I got alot of Dance Mania Records that I will post in the future also. This record is being sold for $60 on discogs! Stay tune when I will make a Acid House mix for the blog with all my favorite Chicago tracks!----12inchjunkie

Insane (Crazy Mix)

Insane (Nuts Mix)

Demon (Mellow Mix)

Demon (Pain Mix)

Dance Mania
Catalog #: DM 010
Format: Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Test Pressing
Released: 1988
Genre: Acid House, Deep House

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U2 vs Vicious - Where The Streets Have No Name

I remember buying this bootleg at Mondos Music store which was the last record store for me to see go out of business in New Jersey. And I believe I brought this for about $15! I don't know why they were selling it for that much but I still wanted it because it was made by my favorite producer Johnny Vicious. When he released this tune he was heavy into trance music. I don't know the actual date to this release but I believe it must have been around 1999. This record is a must if your a Johnny Vicious fan. ----12inchjunkie

Where The Streets Have No Name (Johnny Vicious Vocal Mix) 11:36
Where The Streets Have No Name (Johnny Vicious Instrumental Mix) 11:36

Label: Not On label
Catalog #: LOK-007
Format: Vinyl, 12", Unofficial Release, White Label
Released: ?
Genre: Trance

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