Thursday, November 12, 2009

DJ Danny F - The Hip House Anthems Vol 1

UPDATED FIXED LINK: I uploaded to zshare I don't know what's going on that it keeps failing on mediafire.

Here's a Hip house mix I put together a couple days ago of trax that were anthems to me. This is the first volume and I got a part 2 coming. I decided to put a pic of me and my sister together at the spot I spin at. Don't we look alike? Lol! well enjoy this mix for your friday morning commute to work! The weekend is almost here! Lets Party!----12inchjunkie

1. Twin Hype - Do it to the crowd
2. King Sun - On the club tip
3. Sugar Bear - Don't Scandalise mine
4. Rob Base - Get on the dancefloor
5. Pain - Bang to the beat
6. Poor Pocket Productions - Kick your legs in the air
7. Twin Hype - For those who like to groove
8. 2 in A Room - Do what you want
9. J.D. Feat Inovator Dee - Poetry house style
10. Maurice - Get into the dance
11. Maurice - Opening melody
12. P.C.P - Keep iy up dance (Hardcore Brooklyn Mix)
13. E-Zee Possee - Everything starts with an E
14. MC B. Feat. Daisy Dee - This beat is technotronic
15. Deeskee - Let there be house (Raw mix)
16. Bang The Party - Bang, Bang (Attiude Rap)
17. Lord Chazzie - Housemaster
18. Two without hats - The Breeze
19. Fast Eddie - Yo yo get funky
20. Mr. Lee - Get busy (Chicago mix)
21. M-D-Emm - Get hip to this (Frankie bones manic mix)
22. Mix Masters feat. Mc Action - In the mix (Boogie Man's Mix)

Label: Vinyl Vault Production
Catalog #:
Format: MP3
Released: 2009
Genre: Old Skool Hip House

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MastrChief07 said...

Whattup Danny! Ahh, Friday couldn't get here sooner. Sick as a mutt all week. Monday had to go to my daughters open school night. Didn't miss a day at work either. LOL. been a busy week so this mix will blend *no pun* the weekend right in. Thanks dog. The Nyquil is starting to set in too, lol. Let ya know what I thought about the mix. Your sister is prettier. Cool pic man. TGIF, 12inch!! *thumbsup*

MastrChief07 said...

I'm gettin' an error after DL'ing it. :(

12InchJunkie said...

Lol...! Hope you get better MastrChie07. Let me check mediafire

Rob said...

D, I also received the error. It plays but stops at the 29 minute mark and then nothing after that. Mix was good until the 29min mark..LOL

12InchJunkie said...

Thats strange ok I will look at it again and repost

GGNYC said...

NYC raw beats >>>goin ol' school>> Yo D! You did it! Lo maximo! NYC in da' place! Bad-Ass mix YO! Keep the flava goin Yo!