Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nova - You Can Do It

Heres a blast from the past. Classic opera freestyle here.hammered by all the big freestyle dj's back in the day. remember VV peeps, never forget classics like this


1-You Can Do It
2-You Can Do It (Fresh Mix)

Label: Break Records
Catalog #: 1850990
Format: 12'' Vinyl
Released: 1985
Genre: Freestyle, Electro

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12InchJunkie said...

Good Post Bro! Classic! You took me back with this!

Anonymous said...

glad i was able to take you back, i still cant believe this came out in 85.

GGNYC said...

Miss these beats. Raw and hard with the crazy edits...LOL. Amazingly music flows like water.. time slips by and all we have is a cupful of memories..Great era..Freestyle forever!

Nick said...

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