Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Freestyle's Greatest Divas: Volume Two

I consider the divas, the woman singers, vocalists, the best thing about music. And Freestyle leads the way with the most emotional and passionate singers. When I hear them sing I think about love. These ladies are also Visual bombshells as well as ear candy. This was the emotional effect freestyle had on their listeners, it told stories with a slamming rhythm that grasp the listener with a glimpse of their lives. Enjoy!!!~~ Benz~~

1 Jasmine - On The Loose
2 Cynthia - Love Me Tonight
3 Fascination - Why You Wanna Go?
4 Eileen Flores - I Have Dreams
5 Nayobe - Please Don't Go
6 Nyasia - Now & Forever
7 Judy Torres - Come Into My Arms
8 Abby Lynn - No More Tears
9 Reanna Page - Rescue Me
10 Joyce Sims - All And All

Label: Mic Mac Records
Catalog #: MIC 1437-2
Format: CD
Released: 1996
Genre: Freestyle

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angellovef said...

Female singers are my favorite singers ever. I literally have a handful of male artists in my CD collection. Everyone else is female. As gay as I am, I love women! LOL