Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Vinyl Vault Is Done!

What's Up All, Just to let everyone know that the new Vinyl Vault is done and for those that want to join it you must leave me you email address in the comments and you will receive an email by me by Monday July 26....Peace

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vinyl Vault News July 15, 2010

Hello All, Just wanted to update everyone on what's going on....Well I started to work on another site to continue Vinyl Vault but I'm starting from scratch. I will not be posting anything new on this blog because for the last 3 months blogger has been on my ass for certain posts. I've already had about 5 postings brought down. I still get emails from people wanting to trade and I haven't had a chance to answer to all of my emails. The new site on working on is going to be private but I will have the Old Vinyl Vault Blog still up for the public to view but won't do any further posting on here. So I just wanted to let everyone know the new site will be up this month and I will be starting fresh again. I just re-opened the C Box since it's been down for quite some time for people to still use for the meantime. Sorry its taking long but once I start I will for sure not stop this time. So this is all for now the next update will be letting everyone know that the New Vinyl Vault is up. Enjoy the coming weekend all...----12inchjunkie