Thursday, November 27, 2008

DJ Lord G Live On Wktu 8-16-98

What's up All!?! Hope that everyone is enjoying there Thanksgiving day with there family and love ones. I can't wait to go eat my mom's turkey she makes it slammin! Here's a mix from Lord G that I taped back in 1998 this guy rips shit with this mix. I like the mix very much because he goes from soulful house to latin, tribal, and progressive house and he knoow to how to build the energy. Great Mix! Enjoy---12inchjunkie

DJ Lord G Live On Wktu 8-16-98 PART 1

DJ Lord G Live On Wktu 8-16-98 PART 2

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

James Christian & Frankie Bones - The 2 Clues EP

This is A collaboration of Two sick producers James Christian & Frankie Bones, Chant comes off as a Hard Tribal House track and I Can feel it comes as a Deep House banger! Very rare underground record this is...this was released in 1994 on Empire State records, this label has many more underground classics. Anyone that has anything from this label please send to us to post.----12inchjunkie

Chant (Christian Mix) (6:06)
Chant (Bonesbreak Mix) (5:15)
I Can Feel It (Clue Mix) (6:30)
I Can Feel It (Clueless Mix) (5:15)

Mario Più - Communication

What can I say about this record... it's just pure mayhem. I heard this record at the club back in 1999 and it took the roof off! The Heavy bass and hard kick drums makes this record bangin!---12inchjunkie

Communication (Mas Mix) (7:12)
Communication (More Mix) (5:55)
Hertz (6:52)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mid 90's to Late 90's House Music.

Hey what's up everyone glad to see the vinylvault Fam doing well this week, I know everyone can't wait for this long Thanksgiving weekend. I noticed Mastrchief contributing some 90's House music with the blog,Thanks Mastrchief by the way, his first two contribution are great 90's classics the labels. Twisted and Deeper Record got some slamin New York tunes! I would love to see more 90's house posted on the blog,I know we eventually will post some up but just for a heads up on what are we looking for. Labels like Groovilious,Eightball Records,Empire State Records,Redline Records,Tribal America,and any NY house label that was great back in the 90's. I will do a few postings of some 90s labels next. But other then that you guys are doing great with what you are sending to post up. Let's keep this blog strong with classics I want every post to feel like a christmas present you always wanted.---12inchjunkie & Rob

Monday, November 24, 2008

Chanelle - Is It Good Enough

Here is Chanelle - Is It Good Enough a song that came out on Profile Records back in 1987 don't know much about this artist but she had several releases back in the days. This is categorize under Garage House Music. Another contribution from NJDJ, Thanks once again..---12inchjunkie

Is It Good Enough (6:10)
Is It Good Enough (Radio Version) (3:58)
Is It Good Enough (Club Mix) (6:22)
Is It Good Enough (Dub Reprise) (4:36)

Radio Fashion - What You Deserve

Here's a contribution from NJDJ! I think NJDJ will receive the M.C.A (Most Contribution Award) for This is early Trax Records released in 1987. Thanks NJDJ.

What You Deserve (6:37)
What You Deserve (Mistake Mix) (6:32)

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Friday! Time To Party!

What's up Vinylvault Family the weekend is here! Get yourself shaped up, dressed up, pop in one of our vinylvault mixes in your stereo while you are siping on a cocktail and getting ready to go out! The weekend is finally here! Hope everyone had a good week hope everyone enjoyed our post this week as we continue to bring you nothing but the best classics you haven't heard in a long time. Rob had a busy week but he did pop in here and there when he had the chance. I wanna thank NJDJ for his contribution this week also Mastrchief, benz,babe virgin, marlon for posting some comments and anyone else I forgot Thank you for your contribution...I was suppose to post a classic house mix of my own but I was having problems with my serato so I have to fix the issue. Well that's all for now I have to get ready myself to go Deejay. Have a safe and good weekend All...12inchjunkie

Dynamix II - Techno Bass / Feel The Bass

I requested this record from NJDJ and I want to thank him again for another great contribution. Dynamix II, These producers did some good Miami Bass and electro tracks in the 80's. This is one of my favorite records Techno Bass has samples from Kraftwerk. Classic....---12inchjunkie

Techno Bass (4:49)
Techno Beats (1:04)
Feel The Bass (Scratch Version) (4:20)
Feel The Bass (Rap) (3:25)

Lake Eerie - The Nightmare

Another NuGroove Classic here... check out the 54 Percapella mix. This record always reminded me of Swan Lake by Todd Terry for some reason...Great Track Special thanks once again to NJDJ for this contribution!----12inchjunkie

The Nightmare (It's Over For You) (1018 Club Groove) (7:45)
The Nightmare (It's Over For You) (54 Percapella) (4:26)
The Nightmare (It's Over For You) (Bonesbreaks "Go Bongo" Dub) (4:32)
The Nightmare (It's Over For You) (The Wave Club Dub) (3:10)

Radical Rhythms - EP

Alright here's a bootleg record you might not ever find on any blog, For all you Frankie Bones fan this one you need for your collection. 6 Killer Cuts of Tech House, Deep House, Bleeps & Techno This is a great record and I recommend everyone download this, This is hard to find...enjoy!--12inchjunkie

A1 Let Your Mind Be Free (4:00)
A2 Midnight Breakup (4:22)
A3 Put Your Body In Cruise Control (4:00)
B1 Shaft To The Rhythm (2:49)
B2 Rikers (4:18)
B3 Whats That?? (3:00)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hot 97 All Night House Party Mixed by Shep Pettibone

Famed for his late eighties, early nineties remix and production work for Madonna and other major league pop stars, Pettibone's early origins lie in hip hop. Together with Arthur Baker he was behind Afrika Bambaata & The Jazzy Five's groundbreaking 'Jazzy Sensation'. He also pioneered the 'mastermixes' of Kiss FM Radio, introducing a new methodology by segueing records to build 'sequences', almost like movements in classical music. It was a parallel development to hip hop's scratching and DJ innovations, which were undoubtedly an ungoing influence. 1982-1983 saw Shep moving into another musical area, reviving the sounds of people like Loleatta Holloway, Rochelle Fleming and Jocely Brown to great success, which ensured his status as an in-demand mixer for large budget studio sessions.
In 1981, he gave Tony Humphries radio access on New York's Kiss FM, after hearing the latter's demo cassette.

So Here's A mix Of Shep Pettibone I found on my external HD. Not Sure what year this mix was but I'm thinking around 1992 or 1993. But Peep it out something to listen too. Enjoy---12inchjunkie

Hot 97 All Night House Party Mixed by Shep Pettibone

It's Mixtapes Thursdays! We Started Something New Today!

As Rob Mentioned we are making Thursday strictly for mixes. We will be posting classic radio rips to classic old mixtapes that you might have had in your shoe box sitting in your basement collecting dust. So If you have a classic mix that you will like to share with us please email it to 12inchjunkie or to Rob. I think this is a great idea and It keeps the blog more interesting. So please send in your classic mixtapes!---12inchjunkie.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bobby Konders - House Rhythms

I'm pretty sure everyone knows who Bobby Konders Is, He does his reggae mixshow on Hot 97 I believe on Sundays. He came out with this House release back in 1990, This record is well know for the track called, "The Poem" which starts off with spoken words by reggae poet Mutabaruka, then slowly a bassline starts to build its way in together with some hypnotising flute sounds for 8 mins long what a great track to spark a blunt I also like Massai Women which is a slow tribal house that also sounds sick. Let There be House is also another great track together with Nervous Acid that has some killer acid basslines. Over All this record I would say was probably the best release on Nugroove Records. Massive Classic...!----12inchjunkie

Version (5:10)
The Poem (8:35)
Nervous Acid (5:30)
Let There Be House (5:20)
Massai Women (8:20)
Dub Massai Style (Mark's Mix) (5:30

Newcleus - Automan / Where's The Beat

Alright now I'm taking it back to 1984 with this Classic Electro Stormer! And when I first heard Automan It was actually on House mixtape I heard around 1989 from a local DJ. I didn't know about this release until that mixtape and I was dying to find out the name and the title to this track but never knew until maybe 2 years ago! Now how sick is that!? Thank God for the internet! To me I love this track more then Jam On it even though it's more of a classic then automan. But the bassline and the melody to this record sound so sick! I love it... This is probably the first Electro track we post enjoy this banger.---12inchjunkie

Automan (Special Edit) (4:52)
Where's The Beat (Special Edit) (4:58)
Automan (Dub Version) (5:39)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kyze - Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body)

It's 11p.m. and I just woke up from a nap and I said I would post something up...well here's a classic everyone will recognize Stomp! by Kyze. How many of you use to stomp on the dancefloor to this song?! lol. I remember one of my friends showing me the dance steps. I know DJ's that will drop this record still till this day in the middle of there set and the crowd go wild to it, even some of the young heads like it. The last DJ I heard drop this record at a club to a younger crowd was DJ Kirk Lopes the guy is about 50 years old and he does damage to the dancefloor! Well enjoy this classic for those of you that don't have this full 12inch.---12inchjunkie

Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body) (Steeltoe Mix) (7:13)
Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body) (Zanzibar Mix) (4:59)
Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body) (Shoehorn Mix) (3:28)
Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body) (Combat Mix) (4:21)
Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body) (Jackboot Mix) (5:01)
Stomp (Move Jump Jack Your Body) (U.K. Mix) (4:42)

Whats Up All!

Just a quick update I will be doing some posting tonight and will try to each day for the rest of the week Rob will be busy taking care of personal stuff so he's taking alittle break from the blog. I can't see the cbox thru my blackberry but I think he already mention it to you guys already. Rob works hard on the blog and he does have other things to do just like the rest of us. I have a 9-5 job, I also dj part time and do this blog for fun. But keep tuned any questions or request email me or throw it on the cbox and I will try to reply as soon as possible. Peace up 12inchjunkie

Monday, November 17, 2008

Off The Topic for a Sec...!! Classic Flashback! wnew drive-in movie open

Way off the topic right here but I had to share this with the few people that can remember this intro before the Kung Fu Movies would start most of us were very young at the time. This almost made me cry when I saw this! lol! So much memories...I gotta give a special thanks for Raul C sending me this, He didn't tell me to post this but I decided too just to share with everyone that grew up watching kung fu movies in the 80's.---12inchjunkie

Grooveyard - Watch Me Now / Hard Groovin'

Here's A contribution by Babe Virgin...Thanks Babe Virgin!

The password to extract the winrar file is: Enjoy!


Hard Groovin
Watch Me Now

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Todd Terry Project - The Circus / Weekend

Here's another Todd Terry joint! This is The Circus which he sampled from the old disco band Martin Circus. On the flip side its Weekend the U.K. Remix and Dub.---12inchjunkie

The Circus (4:26)
It's Just In House (5:26)
It's Just In Dubs (5:25)
Weekend (U.K. Remix) (6:15)
Weekend (US Dub) (6:18)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Break Boys - And The Break Goes On

Here's another one from the wish list, Enjoy!---12inchjunkie

And The Break Goes On (Hip House Mix) (6:44)
And The Break Goes On (Apache Beats) (3:00)
And The Break Goes On (And The Dub Goes On) (5:53)
And The Break Goes On (Freestyle Club Mix) (6:53)
And The Break Goes On (Bonus Beats ll) (2:29)
And The Break Goes On (Westside Kick Ass Dub) (6:45)

O.N.I.T. (Oh No, It's Them!) - We're Out Of Control

Here's one from the wish list, Enjoy!--12inchjunkie

We're Out Of Control (N.Y. Freestyle/Bongo Club Mix) (7:14)
We're Out Of Control (N.Y. Freestyle/Bongo Dub) (6:24)
We're Out Of Control (U.K. Acid House Mix) (7:00)
We're Out Of Control (U.K. Acid House Dub) (6:30)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Alot Of Sick Post This Week!!!

We've been having some sick tunes being posted this week! Wow! And I gotta give a big thank you to NJDJ for contributing mostof them this week NJDJ knows his shit. Hope that everyone else will do the same also in the near future. The more people contribute the more classics we will have for our collection. Every thursday I plan to put up a DJ Mix of mine or anyone else that would like to contribute to the blog. I would love to hear other peoples mixes so if you have any that you would like to share just email it to 12inchjunkie or Rob for posting on Thursdays. If anyone noticed we had the blog open to the public the last two days in Rob just locked it down again. We are going to keep locked down for good I think it's better for us. I got some of the wishlist that I plan on posting tomorrow. We will continue to bring you the best classics daily hope everyone has a good and safe weekend. I was sick as a dog today, woke up with a high fever with aches and pains. But I poped a few percocets and I'm pretty good Peace up everyone--12inchjunkie

Pablo Toto-Dame Chocha (LP)

The Dirty's Album from the late 80's by Pablo Toto, Dame Chocha was the underground hit single. Caution while listening to this album in front kids or anybody that might get offended. Thanks to NJDJ for contributing.

1. Dame Chocha
2. You got no Pinga
3. I won't cum in your mouth
4. Woman
5. Chocha Beach
6. Mars needs chocha
7. Pablo's Pinga
8. Latin Girl
9. She's on the rag
10. In search of chocha

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Deep In The Vault Of Freestyle Vol. 2

Since it's Thursday I usually like to post up a mix for you guy's to hear on the weekend. Here's another one of my freestyle mixes Deep In The Vault Vol.2. I'm not posting a tracklist of this only because I don't have much time today. I did this alittle while back excuse the dj drop i did at the beginning i did it thru my headphones since i didn't have any well done drops. Hope you guys will enjoy this mix. --12inchjunkie

Deep In The Vault Of Freestyle Vol. 2 Mixed By DJ Danny F a.k.a 12inchjunkie

Trans-Lux - Big Apple Noise

Here's Another Master Mix record, Don't think this is the same as the previous post I did with Mastermix 88 & 89. This was released in 1983 this is a mix of old school electro. Thanks to Rob for sending me this vinyl to post. ---12inchjunkie & Rob

A Big Apple Noise (7:00)
B Street Noise (9:35)

Mastermix 89

Well I though we were the only blog with this post I guess Thanks NJDJ for the headsup!
This is Mastermix 89 Enjoy this Classic!--12inchjunkie

SIDE A - CLASSIC DUBS Effects, Acapellas, Samples


Mastermix 88

Thanks For The Pic NJDJ

I tried looking for a clearer picture of the vinyl on discogs but they don't even have this listed on their site. This is a megamix of a whole bunch of freestyle songs from 88 by Summer Breeze. The other side of this record has samples,Acapellas,effects and scratches for dj use, I'm pretty sure you won't find this on any blog at the moment but ours. Enjoy this Classic! ---12inchjunkie

SIDE A - Summer Mix '88

SIDE B - Summer Dub (Scratches,Transforms,Acapellas,Effects)

2 In A Room - Do What You Want / Take Me Away

Here's my number 1 favorite 12 inch from 2 In A Room! I like both Do What You Want and Take Me Away but Take Me Away is my favorite out of both...Uplifting High Energy New York House! Junior Vasquez did his own mix on this which is good also. Love this record! Classic, Classic, Classic...! That's all I gotta say.--12inchjunkie

A1 Do What You Want (12 Inch Remix) (6:50)
A2 Do What You Want (The Deep Dub) (5:42)
B1 Take Me Away (Vol. 1 Remix) (7:29)
B2 Take Me Away (A Junior Vasquez Remix) (6:38)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fourplay - Make 'Em Rock (Our Way)

This record reminds me of the Hot Summer days of 1988. I can remember this being played in cars with Boomin Systems. Freestyle with Hip Hop Breaks what's best to describe this classic. And probably one of the best release from this label. I'm going to give credit to my close friend Raul C for sending me this rip alittle while ago and now I will share it with you guys.---12inchjunkie

Make 'Em Rock (Our Way) (Freestyle Hip Hop Mix) (8:05)
Make 'Em Rock (Our Way) (Frankie's Bone-A-Pella) (1:10)
Make 'Em Rock (Our Way) (Westside Crazy DJ Dub) (9:30)
Make 'Em Rock (Our Way) (After Play Beats) (4:10)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Remember buying this on vinyl and cassette at the time Lil Louis labeled Side A as Dance and Side B as Romance. This is his first album with the classic Hit's I Called U, French Kisses, & Blackout. The first time I heard Blackout it scared the crap out of me because if you're Religious or know about Religion He takes the Book Of Revelation and Preaches about it in this track Great Classic! Every now and then I still listen to this album a must for you Lil Louis Collection.--12inchjunkie

1 I Called U (Original Mix) (6:24)
2 Blackout - Original Mix (6:06)
3 Tuch Me (5:09)
4 French Kiss (6:03)
5 Wargames (3:05)
6 It's The Only Thing (5:18)
7 6 A.M. (3:48)
8 Nyce & Slow (5:33)
9 Insecure (6:24)
10 The Luv U Wanted (4:38)
11 Brittany (2:33)
12 Lil Tanya (2:36)
13 6 A.M. (Reprise) (3:39)
14 I Called U (Reprise) (2:59)

Lil Louis - French Kisses (The Complete Mix Collection EP)

This Record don't need no introduction, Classic Lil Louis "French Kisses" The Complete Mix Collection for those of you that don't have this. --12inchjunkie

French Kiss (Original Mix) (10:02)
French Kiss (Innocent Until Proven Guilty Vocal Remix) (Re-Layed) (9:45)
French Kiss (Passion Radio Mix) (4:15)
French Kiss (Back Up Your Conversion Mix) (9:45)
French Kiss (Hitting Virgin Territory Instrumental Mix) (3:50)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Instruction For Sending Your 12inch Vinyl For Posting.

1.Make sure songs are in mp3 format and in 192 bit rate or higher. 2.Id3 tag the name and title including the mixes of each song. 3.Put all songs into one folder including a picture of the vinly and use winzip or winrar to compress the folder. 4.Use mediafire to send to us, email 12inchjunkie or Rob.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Update! Fixed The Links To The Roman Ricardo Mixes!

I Just Fixed The Link to one of the Roman Ricardo Mixes I copy the same Link Twice Thanks For The catch Benz!--12inchjunkie

Here's a treat for you guys that I figure I give as a gift for joining our team. Two Radio mixshows of the classic Hot 97 all night house party with DJ Roman Ricardo in the mix! Most of you might remember recording these when you were younger I remember laying in bed and staying up till 4am just to record these mixes. I use to keep the radio on low so that my parents wouldn't wake up to yell at me to turn off the radio and go to sleep! lol! Well here they are something for you to hear on your way to work tomorrow morning and to get ready for the weekend to go out and party! Enjoy!--12inchjunkie

Roman Ricardo Live at the Tunnel New York 10.21.89

Hot 97.1 with DJ Roman Ricardo Live @ The Tunnel New York 11.4.1989

A Vinylvault Party In The Future? Need Your Opinion On This.

I might have brought this up one time but didn't get anyone opinion on it. What do you guys think about throwing a Vinylvault party sometime next year in 2009 maybe around the Anniversary date when the blog was created? I know some of ÿou ain't from around the Tri-State area like New York & New Jersey but we would have it somewhere where everyone will be able to make it to. Maybe we can do the event at a club or at a Hall that we can rent. Even though I would prefer a club better. I figure I bring it up because it would be such a great idea to do. Plus we would all meet each other face to face. So leave a comment on what you think.-12inchjunkie

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Latin Rascals - It Must Be You

Latin Rascals' classic; It must be you! I like the the intro of the Todd Terry Version, "In Your face with the bass! Gotta Have House, Gotta Have House"! Good Song and a must for your Latin Rascal Collection. Now I had to record the dub version with the little rascal beats into one mix because of the way the dub version just goes right to the next mix without any silence so instead of 3 tracks your going to see 2 tracks enjoy --12inchjunkie

It Must Be You (12" version) (6:00)
It Must Be You (Dub Version) (4:00)
It Must Be You (Little Rascal Beats) (5:00)
It Must Be You (Todd Terry Version) (7:30)
It Must Be You (LP Version) (4:58)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Welcome To The Private Vinylvault!!!!

I want to welcome all the invited readers to the new Vinylvault! As Lex said on the cbox, "Now the fun can begin!" I want to thank you for being devoted and loyal to vinylvault! Now we will be able to post the sickest classic 12inches you won't find on other blogs! The only thing I ask from everyone is to contribute to the blog by either sending us a full 12inch to post, donation, or commenting on the 12's we post. We take a lot of time to post classics to share with drop a comment, a thank you, a 12inch to post, or whatever you want. I'm alittle tipsy right now drinking Ciroc so I'm going to cut it short for now but thanks for joining us! --12inchjunkie & Rob

As 12InchJunkie stated, welcome to our private blog. This will be our little VinylVault family. We would love for you to comment on anything that is on your mind, is there a track your looking for and think we could help, you downloaded a track and found a couple of pops or clicks on it, the link is bad, did you listen to the new Judy Torres track for example, need someone to talk to? etc.etc. We want you to feel comfortable at VinylVault. We also ask that everyone respects each other.
I know 12inchjunkie mentioned donations and I would like to give you a little example of why. I personally burn my vinyl and take the time to clean out the pops, clicks, hiss and then normalize it once all is done. For those who are not familiar with the burning and cleaning process of a vinyl or tape, let me explain it for you real quick. Vinyl and tapes are not like CDs where you could pop it in and burn the track without listening to it. When it comes down to vinyl or tapes, you literally have to sit there and listen through the whole vinyl or tape while it's recording. Once that's done, I scan through the whole track and look for pops, cliks, hiss and what not. A track that is 3,4 or 5 minutes long could take me half and hour, an hour or even more depending on the condition of the vinyl or tape. It's a time consuming process, which I currently have because I'm unemployed. L.O.L. I try to give it to you as I would love to have it. Once I upload it, I put that same copy into my music hard drive and leave it there. I do not leave it in my temp folder to clean it later and just upload what I have for now, I'll give it to you as how I feel it's quality is good enough for me.
We'll use the money to buy hard to find vinyl that we'll obviously share with you. We're not going to pocket the money and want this blog to be more of a time machine for you. Listen to a track you haven't heard in years and be like, HOLY SHIT. I remember where I was when i first heard this track. I'll tell you again, I wish I could go back. I've been so nastolgic these past three months it's ridiculous. Ok enough said, I didn't realize I wrote so much. Welcome again to Vinyl Vault and please, feel at home.
Take care and hope all is well with you and yours. =)~ Rob & 12"Junkie.

Vinylvault Goes Private Today!!!

Just a heads up once again! Vinyvault will go private today, I don't know the exact time but just a last reminder to submit your emails. All the people that submitted there email you will receive your invite sometime today or tomorrow.-12inchjunkie

Sunday, November 2, 2008

To All The People That sent me your email address.

Hi Everyone! To all the people that sent me there email address I know I haven't reply back but I will most likely tomorrow I'm about to clean out my laptop and reinstall my operating system from scratch since I've been having problems with it. Also I might not post to many 12's this week I have to work on my Serato the program I use for deejaying It's a real mess and I have to reorganize all my music. Lately I've been slacking in the clubs looking for music and I messing up big time! I will be real busy this week... But I'm pretty sure Rob will be posting some stuff. Once again thanks for the people submitting there emails couple more days till we go private! ---12inchjunkie