Friday, November 7, 2008

Update! Fixed The Links To The Roman Ricardo Mixes!

I Just Fixed The Link to one of the Roman Ricardo Mixes I copy the same Link Twice Thanks For The catch Benz!--12inchjunkie

Here's a treat for you guys that I figure I give as a gift for joining our team. Two Radio mixshows of the classic Hot 97 all night house party with DJ Roman Ricardo in the mix! Most of you might remember recording these when you were younger I remember laying in bed and staying up till 4am just to record these mixes. I use to keep the radio on low so that my parents wouldn't wake up to yell at me to turn off the radio and go to sleep! lol! Well here they are something for you to hear on your way to work tomorrow morning and to get ready for the weekend to go out and party! Enjoy!--12inchjunkie

Roman Ricardo Live at the Tunnel New York 10.21.89

Hot 97.1 with DJ Roman Ricardo Live @ The Tunnel New York 11.4.1989

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a.lex said...

love it....gimme gimme more