Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Friday! Time To Party!

What's up Vinylvault Family the weekend is here! Get yourself shaped up, dressed up, pop in one of our vinylvault mixes in your stereo while you are siping on a cocktail and getting ready to go out! The weekend is finally here! Hope everyone had a good week hope everyone enjoyed our post this week as we continue to bring you nothing but the best classics you haven't heard in a long time. Rob had a busy week but he did pop in here and there when he had the chance. I wanna thank NJDJ for his contribution this week also Mastrchief, benz,babe virgin, marlon for posting some comments and anyone else I forgot Thank you for your contribution...I was suppose to post a classic house mix of my own but I was having problems with my serato so I have to fix the issue. Well that's all for now I have to get ready myself to go Deejay. Have a safe and good weekend All...12inchjunkie

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