Friday, November 14, 2008

Pablo Toto-Dame Chocha (LP)

The Dirty's Album from the late 80's by Pablo Toto, Dame Chocha was the underground hit single. Caution while listening to this album in front kids or anybody that might get offended. Thanks to NJDJ for contributing.

1. Dame Chocha
2. You got no Pinga
3. I won't cum in your mouth
4. Woman
5. Chocha Beach
6. Mars needs chocha
7. Pablo's Pinga
8. Latin Girl
9. She's on the rag
10. In search of chocha


benz said...

dame chocha my mom use to smack me everytime i said that shit lolz the problems i use to cause with this records back in the dayz lolz!!! definite classic here even though its smut on record!!!!

GGNYC said...

Oh no! not this #@%&! record.. Yup!trouble with my Mom because of freakin' Pablo. Not like Disco was any different.."She's On The Rag" was my pick..

jovan said...

pablo toto was the shit!!broads used to hate it but try to throw that you got no pinga crap at'cha!!lol!

Alexander said...

A re-up would be terrific, really would like to hear this record as I have a thing for dirty freestyle like La Paris, Pablo Toto and Jose Cheena :D

boris fornetti said...

Would love to find ANY rip on B-Side of Pablo Toto's "Latin Girl", track "Ecstacy". Great early house track, and its a cover version of Barry White - "Its Ecstacy when you lay down to Me"

Convict Digital said...

re up?