Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Remember buying this on vinyl and cassette at the time Lil Louis labeled Side A as Dance and Side B as Romance. This is his first album with the classic Hit's I Called U, French Kisses, & Blackout. The first time I heard Blackout it scared the crap out of me because if you're Religious or know about Religion He takes the Book Of Revelation and Preaches about it in this track Great Classic! Every now and then I still listen to this album a must for you Lil Louis Collection.--12inchjunkie

1 I Called U (Original Mix) (6:24)
2 Blackout - Original Mix (6:06)
3 Tuch Me (5:09)
4 French Kiss (6:03)
5 Wargames (3:05)
6 It's The Only Thing (5:18)
7 6 A.M. (3:48)
8 Nyce & Slow (5:33)
9 Insecure (6:24)
10 The Luv U Wanted (4:38)
11 Brittany (2:33)
12 Lil Tanya (2:36)
13 6 A.M. (Reprise) (3:39)
14 I Called U (Reprise) (2:59)



a.lex said...

I was recently at a listening party for Lil Louis's upcoming double album and book. The interesting thing is that the girl he wrote about in "I Called U" is still stalking him till day and he did a new song for her called "Crazy" it's amazing and I do hope he releases it. He's a deep person with great insight! Thanks for this album I've been dying to get a hold of it!

Rob said...

WOW This is a gem right here. Thanks
A.Lex that is funny. She's still around and isn't going anywhere. They say in order for a stalker to forget about you is to ignore them, he's making songs of her. She has some fame...LMAO.

a.lex said...

Yeah, can you imagine. He'll probably be making songs about her forever. Lol.

At the listening party it was and R&B cd and a Dance CD. The writing and vocalists were great. But the material needs to be modernized for sure I felt like it was 1992 all over again. Like I said Lil Louis and an interesting individual!

MastrChief07 said...

I have this album, on cassette to be exact, in some bag in a closet, lolol. But I remembered it well. Thanks for that info about Lil Louis a.lex! I wondered recently about where's this dude and what's he up to. I was listening to one of the instrumental tracks he made way a long time ago. Damn, Rob I'm gonna ask you for advice with the Adobe program dude. I've got some more stuff I would like to contribute here.

12InchJunkie said...

Thanks for that info A.Lex! I can't wait to hear his latest music and read his book.

a.lex said...

I will try to get an update on him and I will let yall know wassup. he said the new materisla was suppose to drop around this time. We all know how that can go....

a.lex said...
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