Friday, November 14, 2008

Alot Of Sick Post This Week!!!

We've been having some sick tunes being posted this week! Wow! And I gotta give a big thank you to NJDJ for contributing mostof them this week NJDJ knows his shit. Hope that everyone else will do the same also in the near future. The more people contribute the more classics we will have for our collection. Every thursday I plan to put up a DJ Mix of mine or anyone else that would like to contribute to the blog. I would love to hear other peoples mixes so if you have any that you would like to share just email it to 12inchjunkie or Rob for posting on Thursdays. If anyone noticed we had the blog open to the public the last two days in Rob just locked it down again. We are going to keep locked down for good I think it's better for us. I got some of the wishlist that I plan on posting tomorrow. We will continue to bring you the best classics daily hope everyone has a good and safe weekend. I was sick as a dog today, woke up with a high fever with aches and pains. But I poped a few percocets and I'm pretty good Peace up everyone--12inchjunkie

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