Friday, November 21, 2008

Radical Rhythms - EP

Alright here's a bootleg record you might not ever find on any blog, For all you Frankie Bones fan this one you need for your collection. 6 Killer Cuts of Tech House, Deep House, Bleeps & Techno This is a great record and I recommend everyone download this, This is hard to find...enjoy!--12inchjunkie

A1 Let Your Mind Be Free (4:00)
A2 Midnight Breakup (4:22)
A3 Put Your Body In Cruise Control (4:00)
B1 Shaft To The Rhythm (2:49)
B2 Rikers (4:18)
B3 Whats That?? (3:00)


benz said...

frankie bones post definitley a great post this is what i think what inspired dj screw chopped and screwd method definitley a link there but frankie bones to me is the king of techno!!!

12InchJunkie said...

True benz...frankie bones was the man that introduced the Rave Scene to America. He got the oportunity to dj at one of the biggest rave party called Energy in the U.K. Back in 1989 for 25,000 people! He was blown away from this huge event that he decided he wanted to do the same here and called his rave parties Stormrave which he did in abandon warehouse and industrial areas in Brooklyn. Great times if you were into the rave scene. Frankie Bones in the 80s was my DJ idol that's why I post a lot of his material. I was blown away by him when he use to dj on Hot 97 all night house party. Every Record he played was sick! And I followed him ever since till today. The guy is a legend...