Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Lil Louis - French Kisses (The Complete Mix Collection EP)

This Record don't need no introduction, Classic Lil Louis "French Kisses" The Complete Mix Collection for those of you that don't have this. --12inchjunkie

French Kiss (Original Mix) (10:02)
French Kiss (Innocent Until Proven Guilty Vocal Remix) (Re-Layed) (9:45)
French Kiss (Passion Radio Mix) (4:15)
French Kiss (Back Up Your Conversion Mix) (9:45)
French Kiss (Hitting Virgin Territory Instrumental Mix) (3:50)



benz said...

i remember first hearing this track i was 10 or 9 anywayz i was asking my cousin why was the girl moaning like that and you know he never told me why i figured it out on my own a lil while later lolz but i was instantly hooked to the rhythm it was subliminal like being on e for the first time i'm not promoting drug use ya'll just trying to let yall know how i was feeling at the time!!! great post fellas!!!!

MastrChief07 said...

I still have this. Classic jam here. A beat that'll make you sweat on the dance floor!

Rob said...

Yeah it's a classic jam, what other some comes to mind when you listen to this?
I also remember lowering the volume to this so my parents wouldn't hear the moaning. "Que carajo estas mirando?" lol

MastrChief07 said...

Rob, lmao, that reminds me. Many moons ago I was in the back of my parent's ride. Dad driving. Mom on the passenger seat. This song is on and I already knew what was about to come and I began to cringe with every second it got closer to the moaning chick. My pops reaches for the radio knob (picture this: when someone doesn't want someone to hear/see something obscene on t.v. and you scramble to change the channel) but he reaches for the volume knob instead and the blasts the volume up! Well he did switch the station and there was a dead silence in the car. Like a "WTF?!" moment. I'm was like daaaamn what an awkward moment. LOL!

12InchJunkie said...

Lmaooo!!! You guy's had some funny stories...Till today I lower the volume where the girl starts to moan with anyone around even though I'm 34 yrs old now.

MastrChief07 said...

I agree 12inchjunkie. I'm 34 years old too and lower it or fast fwd it in the ride. Or if it's night out I'd blast it loud with the windows down when I'm going out. A list of my favorite jams you will see this track in there mos'definitely.

MARLON said...

classic jam. I'll never forget the first time i heard it play on the radio back in 89? i was hooked! funny thing guys. I still pump this loud at my job at diesel. Kids freak out! haha