Friday, November 21, 2008

Dynamix II - Techno Bass / Feel The Bass

I requested this record from NJDJ and I want to thank him again for another great contribution. Dynamix II, These producers did some good Miami Bass and electro tracks in the 80's. This is one of my favorite records Techno Bass has samples from Kraftwerk. Classic....---12inchjunkie

Techno Bass (4:49)
Techno Beats (1:04)
Feel The Bass (Scratch Version) (4:20)
Feel The Bass (Rap) (3:25)


Mike said...

OMG this is it :)
I had the tape single of this back in the day only thing i could play in my car :)

Thank you for posting this, very much appreciated :D

MARLON said...

This is what i'm talking about...Some classic Miami shit right here. It's the shit I live for....Dynamix II were da fucken shit man. Those guys would tear it up on stage. They started off in the 80's in the Miami Bass scene, and later reinventing themselves in the Breakbeat rave scenes of south florida. Love them!

Larry J Blige said...

what is the password?