Friday, October 31, 2008

Vinylvault Going Private Next Week!!!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a good Halloween Day! Just wanted to share with everyone that me and Rob made an official decision to go private by next week Wednesday Nov 5, 08. So the blog will be last viewed by the public on Tuesday Nov 4, 08. All you leechers out there this is your last chance to rack up!! The only way you will be able to view our blog is by invitation only... I know some of you are asking why are you making it private? The simple answer is to keep leechers away...Right now we have a handful of people that are getting their automatic invitation, by wednesday you will receive a email by either me or Rob. As for newer members that want to join please submit your email address to or Rob's email. I will email newer members what qualifications they need in order to join. It won't be nothing that serious or hard to join trust me. Have a Happy and safe Halloween Everyone! ---12inchjunkie.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Basement Jaxx - Fly Life

Well it's been a busy week for me so far and Halloween is just a couple days away I figure I post something up today at least. Here is a Basement Jaxx classic which I use to play at a local Bar
back in 1997. This use to get alot of play from Armand Van Helden also. This 12 inch Double pack has remixes by Eric Morillo and Cajmere, All the mixes are good on this record a must have if your a Basement Jaxx fan!

Fly Life (Brix Mix) (6:41)
Fly Life (Erick "More" Dub) (7:31)
Fly Life (Flylife Extra) (9:10)
Fly Life (Cajmere Green Velvet Mix) (7:37)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Richie Rich / Kariya - You Used To Salsa / Let Me Love You (Rebuilt)

As Rob mentioned before I've have tried searching Blogs and numerous of Sites for music like these but couldn't find any. Or I would probably find a blog that would post maybe one or two classics and thats it. That's when one day I talked to a close friend of mine Raul C who has the same taste for music like I do about creating my own blog. But I wanted my blog to be shock and awe! lol. I'm talking about when as soon as you enter the blog your going to get blown away with classics! When I created the blog did a couple of postings thats when I met Rob and I saw that this he had the same intensions for classics as I did. Thats when we joined forces and started working together with the blog and I can tell you I've been very pleased and thankful with what he's been doing. Our Blog is straight heavy New York Influence and this is the way I always wanted a blog to be. Well now for this post I just did, This record is one of my favorite from my vinyl collection. One side is a mashup of Xavier Gold You use to hold me with Richie Rich salsa house, the other side is a mashup of kariya Let me love you together with 2 Bad Mice Bombscare break. I'm looking for Kariya Let me love you 12 inch that came out on sleeping bag records I beleive, If any one has it please hit me up! --12inchjunkie.

A Richie Rich You Used To Salsa
AA Kariya Let Me Love You (Rebuilt)

Masters At Work - Alright Alright

Very Early Masters At Work record which at the time was only Todd Terry before it went over to Little Louie Vega & Kenny Dope. This record was dark and abstract. ---12inchjunkie

Alright Alright (Club Mix)
Alright Alright (Heart Mix)
Alright Alright (Jungle Mix)

Richie Rich - My DJ (Pump It Up Some)

How many of you remember this under rated Hip Hop DJ from the U.K.? He is well known for his classic House Track Salsa House which I need to look for and post up. I couldn't find a pic of the original vinyl to post so I figure putting a pic of Richie Rich. Every DJ I knew back in the days carried this 12 inch in there crate. Classic DJ cut up record with a breakbeat. ---12inchjunkie

My DJ (Pump It Up Some)
My DJ (Pump It Up Some) (Instrumental)
My DJ (Pump It Up Some) (Radio Mix)
My DJ (Pump It Up Some) (US Remix)
My DJ (Pump It Up Some) (DJ Beats)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Here's A Little Treat For You Guys! Little Louie Vega Live From Roseland 1990 Hot 97 Radio Rip!

Alright Here's a little treat for you guy's I didn't really creat this blog for Radio Rips But I figure Fuck it! Why not share some once in awhile I found this Radio Rip last night and I was Blowin up to it! You Guy's will enjoy this! --12inchjunkie

Little Louie Vega Live From Roseland 1990 on Hot 97

Christian Smith & John Selway - Krispy Kranz

This is a mashup of George Kranz - Din Daa Daa and Laurent Garnier - Crispy Bacon

Untitled (6:03)
Untitled (5:27)

Hardhead - New York Express - The Unreleased Mixes

This is the unreleased mixes of New York Express Produced by no other then... Armand Van Helden!

New York Express (8:40)
New York Express (London Amsterdam Mix) (9:00)

New Stuff On The Blog.

As you can see on the blog.I just added a new google search bar and a paypal donate button. So now if you need to do some research or look for some information on the internet you can do so while your on the blog. Now for the donate button, the reason I put up a donate button its for anyone that would like to contribute to the blog, your donation will help the blog become better and help towards buying more hard to find vinyl.Any donation will not be pocketed by me or Rob. So any contribution will be helpful. I till this day buy vinyl online either because I never got a chance to buy it when I was young or I couldn't find it at all at the time. Plus a lot of these classics are becoming more expensive to purchase online when half of the stuff you have to buy it overseas.We all know pretty much how weak the U.S. Dollar is over in Europe. So your contribution will help a lot like I said. That is all for now keep checking the blog for updates enjoy your day...12inchjunkie.

Voodoo Doll - Women Beat Their Men

Women Beat Their Men! Another Frankie Bones Classic from 1989! --12inchjunkie

Women Beat Their Men (Voodoo Village Club Mix) (6:31)
Women Beat Their Men (Bones Psycho Dub) (4:07)
Women Beat Their Men (Dee's Devastating Dub) (4:15)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I need your email address from the following contributors or commentators listed below:

BKRok718 a.k.a Benz

The reason why I need your email address is for the automatic invite for when the blog goes private.
I think some of you guys know Rob, you can hit him up when we go private. Send your requests to the following e-mail addresses, or Do not post your e-mail address on the blog. We do not want the spammers grabbing your e-mail address to spam you with bullshit. It's ok, we'll take the heat for it.

Special Thanks To The Following!

I want to give a special thanks to the following people that have been contributing or showing love to the blog and that are serious about the love for music! Let's keep our community growing more everyday! Thanks to all! -12inchjunkie & Rob

bkrok718 a.k.a benz
Raul C
Bachelor Paul

Mini March 2K8 Mash Up Mix


DJ Tito-Mini March 2K8 Mash Up Mix
I was talking to 12inchjunkie on Sunday about putting our mixes via a flash player on the blog. I didn't know he was going to post his mix on the blog, LOL. I'm posting a mini mix I did. I love Classic House, Classic Freestyle, House and Tribal house. I have not mixed hip hop, reggae or R&B because it doesn't move me as much as what I love. I DJ with my Technics 1200 and a classic Numark CDN34. I know, I know. I should get a new CD setup. I was going to purchase Denons or Serato but being the way life is going nowadays for me, I decided to play with Sony Acid Pro. This mix was done using Sony Acid Pro. I try to come out with crazy shit that no one has come up with. I try not to mimick anything some one has done, try. LOL... In case someone asks why I have George Lopez saying Orale Raza, is because I'm a Chicano; American Mexican. My name is Rob, Roberto AKA Robertito when I was younger, which becomes to DJ Tito without the Rober. Keep in mind this mix was done while I'm still learning the software. Be nice...LMAO..Na, let me know what you think, I appreciate honesty. I'm a straightforward cat and feel everyone should be the same.
Anyway, check the mix out and let me know what you think.

The Gherkin Jerks - 1990

Here's a contribution from Badbootydaddy5 for those of you who are into the old school Chicago Sound. This E.P. is produced by the legendary producer Larry Heard A.K.A. Mr.Fingers. These tracks are more for an experimental feel. This record is Deep!!!

Meltdown (5:05)
Blast Off (4:53)
Red Planet (5:12)
Saturn V (5:03)
Space Dance (4:45)
Strange Creatures (4:57)

React-Let's Go All The Way

I have to make a comment of what I saw today. You guys made me proud! I was ready to respond to BkRok718 about this track he was looking for. I heard the Dub version on Youtube and thought I had it BUT I didn't. I was ready to respond when I saw MasterChief07 help him out with his request even though he had an emergency. MasterChief07 hope all is well with that emergency and thank you for helping BKRok718 out. That's what 12inchjunkie and myself are looking for. That blog family who is willing to help someone out and not depend on the administrator or moderator to fulfill requests or upload new tracks. Keep it up guys and thanks for being a part of this blog.
OK, now for this track. This is not the full 12 inch, it's only two official tracks and a KTU Mix. For the visitors who are not from New York, KTU is a radio station that plays Dance,Freestyle etc.
I want to thank MasterChief07 for the following tracks.

Let's Go All The Way (Johnny Vicious Mix)
Let's Go All The Way (Johnny Vicious Dub)
Let's Go All The Way (KTU Mix)

The Bighouse-Get Off That Wall

Another shout out to NJDJ for this track. Thanks for your contributions.

Get Off That Wall (Vocal)
Get Off That Dub
Get Off That Beat

Station Q-That Special Melody Re Upped

NJDJ pointed out that ZShare is going in circles when the download count finishes and you hit download. I re upped it to mediafire and for those who couldn't download it, there you go.
That Special Melody (Club Mix)
That Special Melody (That Special Groove Mix)
That Special Melody (That Special Dub Mix)
That Special Melody (Da'dirtydenioFunky Mix)

An Evening In The House Mix

I want to thank NJDJ for this classic mix.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Our Next Move With The Blog!!!

As Rob has already mentioned our next move with the blog is making it private--Where only Registered members can see it. The only people that will be able to become a member will be thru invitation. Some of you may disagree with this move but I think It will be much better for us. As for the people that have shared there 12inches and comments with the blog you guys will get an automatic invite, Rob knows who you are and I know who you are. But I will keep you guys updated on this before any changes happens it's not official yet but changes are going to happen very soon...You guy's are more then welcome to comment about this change or give us any ideas of what you think might work best for the blog. Peace... 12inchjunkie

101 - Rock To The Beat

How many of you remember this classic?! Rock to the beat had such a unique sound which in Europe was consider New Beat. This song was played by a lot of House Deejays back in 1989. This song was more of an after hour track. I also posted another version for a bonus which I liked better that was not on this 12 inch. I also don't know which 12 inch it was released on. There is also a newer version released this past August by Christian Smith & John Selway which sounds pretty good and you can hear it on Beatport.

Rock To The Beat (New U.S. Mix) (5:58)
Rock To The Beat (European Techno Mix) (5:31)
Rock To The Beat (European Xtasy Mix) (5:31)
Move Your Body (5:10)
Rock To The Beat (4:00)

The Todd Terry Project Ft.Class Action-Weekend

Here we go again with Todd Terry, looking from the download stats of what I've uploaded: a lot of people love Todd Terry. This leads us to our next move for this blog, we're thinking about making this blog private. We're averaging a download of 30+ for each track but only a handful of comments. To the regular visitors who are commenting, don't worry. We know who you are.
We're going to look into more options before or if we lock it down. Putting a password on the rar files is not an option if you're going to give the password anyway? Defeats the purpose. Does anyone know of any good monitoring or managing widgets for blogger? ?
Ok back to this track. To me this is a summer song just like Summertime from DJ Jazzy Jeff & Will Smith. The first thing that pops into my head is Summer?!. Just love it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

DJ Danny F - Deep In The Vault Of Freestyle 1

Rob Has asked me if I would post up some of my mixes, I will start off with this freestyle mix I did about a year ago I also posted the tracklisting of the mix. This mixes are a part of a series that I plan on doing called Deep In The Vault of Freestyle, This is volume 1. This is Something to Hear whenever you want to reminisce of the good ole days when most of us at the time were probably either too young to go clubbing or maybe most of us were already old enough to go out clubbing. I was too young to club during this era but I was already deejaying at this time at the age of 13. I will put together a House Mix also like I mentioned before so hopefully I can bang one out soon. This is straight raw dog mixing no editing or studio mixing. The sound quality isn't so great and the recording is slightly low but I hope you will enjoy. The only song I don't like in this mix is T.K.A - Maria I just heard it too much back in the days and one of my high school ex-girlfriend was name Maria and the girl was a straight up hoe and did me dirty..lmao! Well enough with me talking. Leave some comments please! - 12inchjunkie

DJ Danny F - Deep In The Vault Of Freestyle 1

1. T.P.E - Then came you
2. Voyce - Within my heart
3. Corina - Temptation
4. Lisette Melendez - Time Passes by
5. T.K.A - Maria
6. Concept of One feat. Noel - The Question
7. Joey Kid - Counting the days
8. Donna Williams - True Love never dies
9. Nas-T Boyz - What I'm Feeling
10. Eileen Flores - I Have Dreams
11. Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love)
12. Rios Sisters - Are you looking for love
13. Cynthia - Thief of heart
14. The Girls Club feat. Eileen - I Lost the love
15. Jaidie - Answer my cries

The Moody Boys - Lion Dance (Remix)

Not sure how many of you will be familiar with this record but the main track to peep out is Funky Zulu. Another Frankie Bones remix production with freestyle breakbeats and some killer basslines. Very Rare underground classic!

Lion Dance (Judgement Day Mix) (7:00)
Lion Dance (Deep Dub Mood) (5:42)
Lion Dance (Funky Zulu/Fresh) (4:50)
Lion Dance (Bones Break "Moody" Mastermix) (7:00)
Lion Dance (Frankie "Bones" Mental Break) (5:22)
Lion Dance (Funky Zulu/Original Mix) (5:41)

Musto & Bones - The Future Is Ours

What's up Guys?! It's been over a week since I've posted and I know Rob just started posting some 12's a couple days ago himself so here we go! Here's a classic album from Musto & Bones Probably one of the best sample some of this sample some of that albums from the late 80's. These guys brought heat to the dancefloor all around the world with there unique style. My favorite tracks on this album are All I want & See the Light. -12inchjunkie

All I Want Is To Get Away (4:33)
Time Is Running Out (5:00)
See The Light (4:53)
Dangerous On The Dancefloor (5:17)
Give It Up Girl (4:26)
Passion Devotion (4:04)
Don't Give Up On My Lovin' (4:31)
The Music Is Right (4:44)
The Future Is Ours (5:44)
I'm So Confused (5:31)
Part1 Part2

Saturday, October 18, 2008

M.A.W. Ft.La India Con La Voe-Viva Puerto Rico

Kenny Dope and Lil Louie Vega AKA Masters At Work (M.A.W.). Nuff said right?? I remember going to the record store in Sunset Park where Kenny Dope used to DJ, once in a blue...
Lil Louie Vegas uncle is the one and only Salsa singer Hector Lavoe, which this track uses one of his intro as a sample intro of their own. There is also a sample of Indias Get Out Of My Head track off of Tito Puentes album called Jazzin'. This 12 inch has one of those nice clean and tight basslines and with Indias vocals, you could never go wrong. Oh, we can't forget the work of Albert Cabrera from the Latin Rascals on the Rascal Dubb...
Enjoy, Rob.

La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) (MAW Tribin')
La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) (Bonus Beats)
La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) (Accapella)
La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) (Rascal Dubb)
La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) (Original Mix)

Lime Life - Sume Bah (In the Bush)

Alright, alright. We have another sick record here from the one and only Todd Terry AKA Limelife.
Vocal sample from a disco track called Push, Push In The Bush by Musique. I also believe he created this track with a Brazilian composers work in mind. The composer is Sergio Mendes and the track is called Magalenha. Search for it on Youtube and you'll see what I'm talking about. This is another record I could NEVER GET SICK OF.
Enjoy, Rob.

Sume Bah (Tee's Freeze Mix)
Sume Bah (T.N.T. Rubba Dub)
Sume Bah (Todd's In House Mix)

Friday, October 17, 2008

History Of House Music Part 2

I believe the title of this documentary is called Pump Up The Volume. If I'm wrong, please let me know.
As Marlon from Freestyle Lives pointed out, Maestro is another documentary that documents the early House and Paradise Garage days.

Jaidie-Answer My Cry

This is one of my top ten favorite Freestyle songs. When I first heard this song I was in high school and dealing with puppy love; so the song touched me even more. Look at some of the lyrics to the song.

I've called you thousands of time
And you weren't home
You knew I would be calling
Yet you wanted me to feel alone
I can't help but wonder
If this love is reaching its end
I've got to hang on baby
Hang on until the end

LMAO, How many of you felt that??? I think everyone. It hits harder when you're going through it and listen to a song that's explaining what you're going through. It burns into your brain. That's why they call it life, we have to go through it in order to learn from it.
So, let me ask again, ANY TIME MACHINES OUT THERE.....LMAO... I had a great time in high school. Chelsea Lions 1993 Handball Doubles Champions.....LOL
I've added an editz track that's not on the album. I'm usually good with recording peoples work but for some reason; I do not know who made this edit mix. If anyone recognizes the editz done on this track, please let me know. I want to credit them for their work.
Thanks and enjoy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

History Of House Music Prt 1

For those people that want to know the history of how house music began I recommend you watch this youtube 12 part documentary. I didn't post all 12 links to youtube cause I'm ready to hit the bed but hope you guy's will watch all of them. -12inchjunkie

Sunday, October 12, 2008

House Syndicate - Jam The Mace

Another Kenny Dope Classic with Jam the mace! -12inchjunkie

Jam The Mace (6:00)
Chicanos II (4:30)
Freestyle Bongo (5:45)
Just A 909 (5:06)

Bad Boy Orchestra - Bomba

We are posting the classic New York Latin House Rockers! This is Bomba by Bad Boy Orchestra samples taken by the Merengue group Los Hermanos Rosario. -12inchjunkie

Bomba (Club Mix)
Bomba (Campo Club)
Bomba (Steampipe Hard Dub)
Bomba (Bing Bing)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kasso-Key West & Walkman Touched Up.

For those who are interested, I removed the hum on both tracks, converted them to Stereo and cleaned it up.
This is the cleaned up copy

Johnny O-Highways Of Love

This is my second favorite song of Johhny O. My first is Fantasy Girl, it was and still is a banger in my eyes and ears.... Check out the edits by Tony Garcia and Omar Santana....
Highways Of Love (Club Version)
Highways Of Love (Radio Edit)
Highways Of Love (Europe Version)
Highways Of Love (Tony Garcia And Omar Santana's Masterpiece)

DJ Lucho-El Canto Latino

More Latin House....
Enjoy Rob.

El Canto Latino (La Gente Mix)
El Canto Latino (Rave Dub At Esso)
El Canto Latino (Latin Bonus)

Los Compadres-La Rumba

Weeeepppppaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! Los Compadres are two brothers by the name of Danny & Victor Vargas. They have seven aliases and will probably know them better as Two Without Hats.... They created the wepa man.....

A1. Los Compadres-La Rumba (Rumba Mambo Club Mix)

A2. Los Compadres-La Rumba (Rumba Radio Edit)

B1. Los Compadres-La Rumba (Vamos Wepa Holivic Dub)

B2. Los Compadres-La Rumba (Don't Sample Dan & Vic Beats)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

House Of Gypsies-Sume Sigh Say

You know when we first heard this record we went bananas. This record will never die out but I have a question for all of you. Discogs is showing them as remixes. If that's the case where is the original one???

A1 Sume Sigh Say (Masters At Work remix)
A2 Sume Sigh Say (Todd Terry's Tee's Freeze mix)
B1 Sume Sigh Say (Roger Sanchez Da S-Man's Junglisticly Funkee mix)
B2 Sume Sigh Say (Roger Sanchez Mood mix)

Prince Quick Mix-Dreams Of Santa Anna & Something Cool

We have here a Prince Quick Mix of Dreams Of Santa Anna with Junio O doing a remix of it. I'm going to switch up a little and start with the Latin House....Weeeeepppppppaaaaaa!!!!!

1. Dreams Of Santa Anna (Santa Anna Cafe Con Leche mix)
2. Something Cool
3. Something Cool (Cool Deep Head Dub)
4. Dreams Of Santa Anna (DJ Junior O's Santa Anna Remix)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Black Riot-A Day In The Life & Warlock

You know were dropping classic bombs here! Urgh Urgh Ehh Ehh Ehh, Urgh Urgh Ehh Ehh Urgh UGH...LMAO....You know the beat..... The guitar in A Day In The Life Club Mix, oh man....You here the strings retracting back to the guitar.... Classic Todd Terry here under one of many aliases... Oh by the way if anyone has or knows of someone with a time machine, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, I WANT TO GO BACK.....

A Day In The Life (Club Mix)
A Day In The Life (Bonus Dub)
Warlock (Club Mix)
Warlock (Rubber Dub)

Frankie Knuckles-The Whistle Song

The Whistle Song....Ahhhh man...You know once you read the title you started whistling to it...
He was the first to use a simple whistle on a track not Juelz Santana on There It Go... LMAO
Whenever you're stressed or pissed off, play this. The intro starts to sooth your soul....Trust me....
The Whistle Song (Paul Shapiro Reigns Supreme 12" Mix)

The Whistle Song (EK 12" Mix)

The Whistle Song (Sound Factory 12" Mix)

The Whistle Song (Paul Shapiro Supreme 7" Mix)

Caped Crusaders - There's A Bat In My House!

Classic Todd Terry & Little Louie Vega Collaboration, It even has the original Batman Theme Song! Thanks to Raul C for this!

There's A Bat In My House (6:08)
Batty,Batty,Batty (3:56)
Bonus Bats (3:43)
Batman Theme (1:07)
Where's That Penguin ! (6:23)
Atomic Batteries To Power (5:33)
Gotham City (3:28)

Kano & Junior O-Cafe Con Leche

BKRok here goes the Cafe Con Leche with a Lord G remix....

Café Con Leche (Main Mix)
Café Con Leche (Kano's No Vox Dub)
Café Con Leche (Junior O In Da Mix)
Café Con Leche (Lord G & Junior O Sunday Dub)

Trinere - How Can We Be Wrong

The first time I heard this record was at my 8th grade Dance Party which at the time I was at my goofy stage and was to shy to pull a girl out to! The first time I heard this song was the first time I ever experinced Latin Freestyle music I beleive but I could be wrong. And this record was being played in two huge cervin vega speakers! I was blown away by the loud infectious beats to this record after that day all I wanted to hear was more of this music. This is one of my favorite Trinere songs.

How Can We Be Wrong (Radio) (5:30)
How Can We Be Wrong (Club Mix) (6:02)
How Can We Be Wrong (Instrumental) (5:33)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Kasso - Key West

Alright here's a classic Italo-Disco from Kasso called Key west remixed by John "Jellybean" Benitez. Many of you will reconize the begining melody of this record as it was sampled from some House producers like Todd Terry. Enjoy this Classic tune!

Key West (5:17)
Walkman (5:29)

Power House - Power House

Her we go with this classic from Masters at work originally done by Kenny Dope! I had to order this record a couple weeks ago cause I lost my copy. This is the first Powerhouse Series out of 3. Enjoy!

The Bassline
My Mission
It's Cocaine
We're Gonna Move
A Little Bit
Los Chicanos
Outer Space
Yeah C'mon
Feel It Baby

Armand Van Helden-Witch Doktor (Original & Remixes)

Enough said right??? Armand Van Fu**ing Helden!! When I first heard this track, I think I was in Cafe Con Leche in Manhattan. That was the spot to listen to the new Latin House and Tribal House tracks. Man, I went nuts when I heard it. The heavy & clean bass line on this track is sick. I litterly walked over to a speaker just to feel the vibrations going through my chest....
Those were the days......
What we have here are the two originals Radio & 12" Versions. It also has the 7 Dutch Remixes by Orientalist, Lemon8, Chestnut, Free Inside, Sammy Sal, Bizarre Supreme, Steve Rachmand & Yuri Dokter. In my opinion, the Bizarre Supreme is the sickest of all the remixes. Free Inside remix is right behind it......
You could never get sick of this song, I'm going on 14 years strong...LMAO..

1 Witch Doktor (Radio Edit)
2 Witch Doktor (The Orientalist Mix)
3 Witch Doktor (Lemon 8 Mix)
4 Witch Doktor (Bizarre Supreme Mix)
5 Witch Doktor (Chestnut Mix)
6 Witch Doktor (Free Inside Mix)
7 Witch Doktor (Da Juice Mix)
8 Witch Doktor (Sammy Sal Mix)
9 Witch Doktor (Original 12" Mix)

Part 1
Download Right Here
Part 2
Download Right Here
Part 3
Download Right Here