Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bad Boy Orchestra - Bomba

We are posting the classic New York Latin House Rockers! This is Bomba by Bad Boy Orchestra samples taken by the Merengue group Los Hermanos Rosario. -12inchjunkie

Bomba (Club Mix)
Bomba (Campo Club)
Bomba (Steampipe Hard Dub)
Bomba (Bing Bing)


MastrChief07 said...

I remember buying this 12" @ Rock N Soul in NYC. There was an open one for trying and 1 unopened. Of course I was trying the opened one and when I did there were all of a sudden inquiring minds about the 12". I had to yell to 'Raja'(one cat that worked there)to get me the unopened one(there was a crowd around the turntable and didn't want to bum-rush them) while 3 cats were ready to ask him about this 12". He told them eventually that the opened one was the last one. I took both. LOL!

MR.RAFA said...