Sunday, October 19, 2008

DJ Danny F - Deep In The Vault Of Freestyle 1

Rob Has asked me if I would post up some of my mixes, I will start off with this freestyle mix I did about a year ago I also posted the tracklisting of the mix. This mixes are a part of a series that I plan on doing called Deep In The Vault of Freestyle, This is volume 1. This is Something to Hear whenever you want to reminisce of the good ole days when most of us at the time were probably either too young to go clubbing or maybe most of us were already old enough to go out clubbing. I was too young to club during this era but I was already deejaying at this time at the age of 13. I will put together a House Mix also like I mentioned before so hopefully I can bang one out soon. This is straight raw dog mixing no editing or studio mixing. The sound quality isn't so great and the recording is slightly low but I hope you will enjoy. The only song I don't like in this mix is T.K.A - Maria I just heard it too much back in the days and one of my high school ex-girlfriend was name Maria and the girl was a straight up hoe and did me dirty..lmao! Well enough with me talking. Leave some comments please! - 12inchjunkie

DJ Danny F - Deep In The Vault Of Freestyle 1

1. T.P.E - Then came you
2. Voyce - Within my heart
3. Corina - Temptation
4. Lisette Melendez - Time Passes by
5. T.K.A - Maria
6. Concept of One feat. Noel - The Question
7. Joey Kid - Counting the days
8. Donna Williams - True Love never dies
9. Nas-T Boyz - What I'm Feeling
10. Eileen Flores - I Have Dreams
11. Clear Touch - Surrender (Your Love)
12. Rios Sisters - Are you looking for love
13. Cynthia - Thief of heart
14. The Girls Club feat. Eileen - I Lost the love
15. Jaidie - Answer my cries

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MastrChief07 said...

Great mix man. Classics that still sound as great when listened the for the first time.