Friday, October 31, 2008

Vinylvault Going Private Next Week!!!

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a good Halloween Day! Just wanted to share with everyone that me and Rob made an official decision to go private by next week Wednesday Nov 5, 08. So the blog will be last viewed by the public on Tuesday Nov 4, 08. All you leechers out there this is your last chance to rack up!! The only way you will be able to view our blog is by invitation only... I know some of you are asking why are you making it private? The simple answer is to keep leechers away...Right now we have a handful of people that are getting their automatic invitation, by wednesday you will receive a email by either me or Rob. As for newer members that want to join please submit your email address to or Rob's email. I will email newer members what qualifications they need in order to join. It won't be nothing that serious or hard to join trust me. Have a Happy and safe Halloween Everyone! ---12inchjunkie.

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