Tuesday, October 21, 2008

React-Let's Go All The Way

I have to make a comment of what I saw today. You guys made me proud! I was ready to respond to BkRok718 about this track he was looking for. I heard the Dub version on Youtube and thought I had it BUT I didn't. I was ready to respond when I saw MasterChief07 help him out with his request even though he had an emergency. MasterChief07 hope all is well with that emergency and thank you for helping BKRok718 out. That's what 12inchjunkie and myself are looking for. That blog family who is willing to help someone out and not depend on the administrator or moderator to fulfill requests or upload new tracks. Keep it up guys and thanks for being a part of this blog.
OK, now for this track. This is not the full 12 inch, it's only two official tracks and a KTU Mix. For the visitors who are not from New York, KTU is a radio station that plays Dance,Freestyle etc.
I want to thank MasterChief07 for the following tracks.

Let's Go All The Way (Johnny Vicious Mix)
Let's Go All The Way (Johnny Vicious Dub)
Let's Go All The Way (KTU Mix)



MastrChief07 said...

No problem guys. Thanks for the wishes. *thumbsup*

barricadejay said...

Can u please repost i need the ktu version barricadejay2yahoo.com is my email plz bro hook me up

barricadejay said...

oops its barricadejay@yahoo.com plz help bro