Sunday, October 26, 2008

Richie Rich / Kariya - You Used To Salsa / Let Me Love You (Rebuilt)

As Rob mentioned before I've have tried searching Blogs and numerous of Sites for music like these but couldn't find any. Or I would probably find a blog that would post maybe one or two classics and thats it. That's when one day I talked to a close friend of mine Raul C who has the same taste for music like I do about creating my own blog. But I wanted my blog to be shock and awe! lol. I'm talking about when as soon as you enter the blog your going to get blown away with classics! When I created the blog did a couple of postings thats when I met Rob and I saw that this he had the same intensions for classics as I did. Thats when we joined forces and started working together with the blog and I can tell you I've been very pleased and thankful with what he's been doing. Our Blog is straight heavy New York Influence and this is the way I always wanted a blog to be. Well now for this post I just did, This record is one of my favorite from my vinyl collection. One side is a mashup of Xavier Gold You use to hold me with Richie Rich salsa house, the other side is a mashup of kariya Let me love you together with 2 Bad Mice Bombscare break. I'm looking for Kariya Let me love you 12 inch that came out on sleeping bag records I beleive, If any one has it please hit me up! --12inchjunkie.

A Richie Rich You Used To Salsa
AA Kariya Let Me Love You (Rebuilt)

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Kariya Let me love you 12 inch