Monday, October 20, 2008

101 - Rock To The Beat

How many of you remember this classic?! Rock to the beat had such a unique sound which in Europe was consider New Beat. This song was played by a lot of House Deejays back in 1989. This song was more of an after hour track. I also posted another version for a bonus which I liked better that was not on this 12 inch. I also don't know which 12 inch it was released on. There is also a newer version released this past August by Christian Smith & John Selway which sounds pretty good and you can hear it on Beatport.

Rock To The Beat (New U.S. Mix) (5:58)
Rock To The Beat (European Techno Mix) (5:31)
Rock To The Beat (European Xtasy Mix) (5:31)
Move Your Body (5:10)
Rock To The Beat (4:00)

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MastrChief07 said...

Oh man. You've bought me back to the "Whatever radio station" dance party broadcasts! I would be on my way to a party/club and tune in and remember hearing this track once at the start while the announcer would do a talk over, etc. Of course I never was able to find this. This is a definite club classic. Memories.....