Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mini March 2K8 Mash Up Mix


DJ Tito-Mini March 2K8 Mash Up Mix
I was talking to 12inchjunkie on Sunday about putting our mixes via a flash player on the blog. I didn't know he was going to post his mix on the blog, LOL. I'm posting a mini mix I did. I love Classic House, Classic Freestyle, House and Tribal house. I have not mixed hip hop, reggae or R&B because it doesn't move me as much as what I love. I DJ with my Technics 1200 and a classic Numark CDN34. I know, I know. I should get a new CD setup. I was going to purchase Denons or Serato but being the way life is going nowadays for me, I decided to play with Sony Acid Pro. This mix was done using Sony Acid Pro. I try to come out with crazy shit that no one has come up with. I try not to mimick anything some one has done, try. LOL... In case someone asks why I have George Lopez saying Orale Raza, is because I'm a Chicano; American Mexican. My name is Rob, Roberto AKA Robertito when I was younger, which becomes to DJ Tito without the Rober. Keep in mind this mix was done while I'm still learning the software. Be nice...LMAO..Na, let me know what you think, I appreciate honesty. I'm a straightforward cat and feel everyone should be the same.
Anyway, check the mix out and let me know what you think.


MastrChief07 said...

I listened to a snippet of your mix. Sounds hot. I always thought of doing the same with Freestyle or House. Good job so far. I'm off to the gym so that will be awesome to listen to!! Peace!

benz said...

this mix is hot and mad creative!!! i love the way you fused the freestyle and house music with the new stuff its an awesome job bro much props to you!!! by the way its not mediocre its the shhhhhttttt!!!