Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Stuff On The Blog.

As you can see on the blog.I just added a new google search bar and a paypal donate button. So now if you need to do some research or look for some information on the internet you can do so while your on the blog. Now for the donate button, the reason I put up a donate button its for anyone that would like to contribute to the blog, your donation will help the blog become better and help towards buying more hard to find vinyl.Any donation will not be pocketed by me or Rob. So any contribution will be helpful. I till this day buy vinyl online either because I never got a chance to buy it when I was young or I couldn't find it at all at the time. Plus a lot of these classics are becoming more expensive to purchase online when half of the stuff you have to buy it overseas.We all know pretty much how weak the U.S. Dollar is over in Europe. So your contribution will help a lot like I said. That is all for now keep checking the blog for updates enjoy your day...12inchjunkie.

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MastrChief07 said...

No problem. Good idea. *thumbsup*