Thursday, November 13, 2008

2 In A Room - Do What You Want / Take Me Away

Here's my number 1 favorite 12 inch from 2 In A Room! I like both Do What You Want and Take Me Away but Take Me Away is my favorite out of both...Uplifting High Energy New York House! Junior Vasquez did his own mix on this which is good also. Love this record! Classic, Classic, Classic...! That's all I gotta say.--12inchjunkie

A1 Do What You Want (12 Inch Remix) (6:50)
A2 Do What You Want (The Deep Dub) (5:42)
B1 Take Me Away (Vol. 1 Remix) (7:29)
B2 Take Me Away (A Junior Vasquez Remix) (6:38)


MastrChief07 said...

Totally agree 12inchjunkie. Great house classic. I also dug their "Wiggle It" as well. Damn, I wish I was back in high school!

Rob said...

Vol.1 Remix is the banger to me. They had some good tracks, She's Got Me Going Crazy & Somebody In the House Say Yeahh....