Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mid 90's to Late 90's House Music.

Hey what's up everyone glad to see the vinylvault Fam doing well this week, I know everyone can't wait for this long Thanksgiving weekend. I noticed Mastrchief contributing some 90's House music with the blog,Thanks Mastrchief by the way, his first two contribution are great 90's classics the labels. Twisted and Deeper Record got some slamin New York tunes! I would love to see more 90's house posted on the blog,I know we eventually will post some up but just for a heads up on what are we looking for. Labels like Groovilious,Eightball Records,Empire State Records,Redline Records,Tribal America,and any NY house label that was great back in the 90's. I will do a few postings of some 90s labels next. But other then that you guys are doing great with what you are sending to post up. Let's keep this blog strong with classics I want every post to feel like a christmas present you always wanted.---12inchjunkie & Rob

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MastrChief07 said...

I'm finishing up on a 12". One of the best club dj's around. I couldn't find the one I was looking for from him but still a 'dope' track. I'll be sending it to Rob tonite or tomorrow if I get to finish touching it up. Peace!