Monday, November 2, 2009

To All Visitors & Supporter Of Vinyl Vault Please Read This.

What’s up all Vinyl Vault Fans & Family, Hope everyone checking in
everyday and are enjoying what we are posting daily. I know most of
our supporters don’t have access to our downloads except for the free
dj mixes that we post but the reason for protecting our files with passwords is to try to keep away leechers and give access to our downloads to Serious music
lovers that collect and trade with us. We take a lot of time
ripping vinyl, and posting each day. We also buy vinyl online if we don’t
have the full 12 inch. Me & the rest of our authors still have
crates full of vinyl that need to be ripped, eventually they will all
be converted into mp3s. Rob and the rest of the authors of the blog do
the same as well by giving up their time with ripping their vinyl and sharing it with the blog, we all do it don't mind giving up our time just for the love of classic music and trading with others that do the same. Now I understand some
Visitors that were either a DJ at one time or so and had gotten
their records stolen or lost their crates of records because of
Katrina or some other catastrophic event and I do feel awful for those
that lost their valueable gems. but how would I know for sure if that
is what really happen I don’t know but I still take it under
consideration. There’s other blogs that are starting to do the same by
password protecting their downloads from lechers and people that don't
take the love for music seriously and you can’t blame them. Every once
In a while we’ll get a hate email or some angry visitor cursing us out
on the cbox because they can’t get access to the downloads and we
apologiez for the inconvenience but we do it for a reason. when we first
opened the blog everyone had access to every download and all we
wanted was a simple thanks or comment about the post and we weren’t
getting that! So we got strict with our download access and we
created the trading system and that’s when the emails started rolling
in on how we can get access to the downloads? And the trading seems
to work somewhat but still no comments or thanks for the postings. We
still get emails requesting passwords and we posted instructions on
how to obtain it but some people don’t read what we post. Our blog can
be translated into different languages so that it can be easier
on the reader to read it in their language. What I’m writing about is
nothing new I have mentioned this about 100 times. So I have a
suggestion to what I want to do with the blog and it will give every
visitor the opportunity to get access to our downloads. As we know
there’s people that want to download from us but have nothing to offer
us as a trade. I was thinking if people would donate a small fee each
month you will have access to every 12 inch on our blog by becoming a
devoted member. The donation made will go towards getting more vinyl
from your requests if available and it will also help us pay off
monthly charges from programs that we use for the blog like the cbox,
media fire & new stuff that we want to add to improve the blog to
eventually maybe making it to a full blown website with forum. I think by doing this it
will keep everyone happy and it will help support us to buy more music
from your request and it will be another way of saying thank you. We average over 100 postings a month and we post 12s
daily of nothing but classic material that is hard to find. We know
what's good music and what is not. So why not help
us to improve the blog and at the same time we will help you with what
you’ve been looking for. Now if you’re a supporter of our blog we want
you to voice your opinion and speak out on how we can make this work
for everyone. We have over 140 followers and none of them
probably have access to the downloads but love us for what we do.
If your a true supporter or visitor that is interested in what we are
doing Feel free to write a comment about this topic or you can send me
(12inchjunkie) or rob an email. Thanks for your support and lets make
this blog better for you!---12inchjunkie, Rob, & The Vinyl Vault Family.


djlahawk said...

I am first. My name is djlahawk I spoke with you before. I am a follower and would be very happy to donate to your blog. Please let me know what the next step will be. :-) I have tons of house music but am not aware what you all need. You told me before you needed things on your wishlist. I Live in Chicago and tried two very legendary music store...Gramaphone and Mr. Peabody's and neither have the records your bloggers are looking for. So I gave up trying to get the download I wanted (Jack your body..Farley beated Version on Dance Mania) because I couldn't find your records. I was very discouraged. However, After reading this post. I have hope. I again reinerate that I would love to be a part of your blog by donating.Thanks Again.

12InchJunkie said...

Thanks For your Support DJ Lahawk I just sent you an email. And will have you on our list.

bilderberg said...

hey, I can appreciate your sentiments...but it is frustrating having AWESOME posts coming up in the google reader, getting really excited and then seeing the vinyl vault name. Doh!! ( : I'd love to trade but I think your posts are just to good to compete on trades, though I believe I might have a few you might need. BUT, let me know about the support option and I'll be all for it, just to get at some of those sweet DL posts. !!! thanks for sharing and trying to work out a compromise!

MastrChief07 said...

Very well said 12inch!! One of the best posts as well! It's like you hold the door open for someone and he or she walks by and doesn't say "Thank you". I know everyone has gone through that one way or another. I have & always sarcastically say "heeey, you welcome man".
What 12inchjunkie has said is quite simple to follow. Thanks for that 12inch. peaceout.

12InchJunkie said...

bilderberg send me your email address so i can put you on my list. And I will return you a reply asap. Thanks for commenting

12InchJunkie said...

You always been the man Mastrchief!

12InchJunkie said...

If anyone wants a fast reply from me you can send me a text message @ 732.423.6241

Rob said...

MasterChief, I agree with you. Funny thing you mentioned that, while I was walking to my Dunkin Donuts spot, I held the door for a gentleman who had a tray of coffees. Did I get a thank you from him? Nope, but that didn't stop me from YELLING, YOU'RE WELCOME. LOL
That was my whole beef with it from the beginning. I was looking at about 100 downloads or so and not even one thank you. It's like I've told D, the web is a no win situation. That cat B Dubb or whatever his name was got tired of seeing that the rest of the blogs were also password protecting their files and dropped his wrath on us. He was on another blog (won't mention the name) and they also had their links password protected BUT he was polite about it when he asked for the password. That was a year ago. Last year till now has changed a lot with in the blog community. A hand-full of blogs have been shut down or they decided to close it. A lot of blogs are also protecting their links and sometimes interact with us to let us know if they (visitors) try to pass off their work as theirs. Trust me when I say that I do search and try to make sure it's not from another blog. I've caught a hand-full of them and denied their requests. This blog is DEFINITELY a one of a kind. There is no other blog like it. I'll be honest with you though, I thought this blog was going to get shut down sooner than later. I've had about two or three posts removed because it was requested by either the label, artist or whomever. I honestly feel that this blog is being watched by artists, label or whomever but have decided not to shut us down because it's a one of a kind. If that's the case and you guys are reading this, Thank you. I'm sorry if you (visitors) felt we were being selfish about it but that's how the game had to be handled. I've received e-mails from "artists" requesting passwords for posts and such. As I've done before and 12inchjunkie can vouch for this, I do a cross reference check on e-mail addresses. I don't like to get scammed on. I don't know about you but if I was an artist and had the money, wouldn't I just buy the vinyl brand new? I know I would.
As some of you are aware, I'm unemployed and have been doing this because I have the time. I'm not getting any money out of it and was doing it because I love the classics. Thought I'd share that info to those who weren't aware of it, a thank you does come along way.

GGNYC said...

I'm with you guys and your rules. Comments are important and helps alot. Wherever the tide will turn I will be there. I appreciate your hard work to spark this blog. Whatever changes, you'll have my support. Keep on movin'..don't stop! Thank you all!

MastrChief07 said...

Very well said Rob. It's just a matter of manners so to speak. There's a saying in spanish: u give someone a hand and they take up to the elbow. We're not saying to give praise and what have u. Just a simple thanks and what u felt from the song, people. Peace and keep the classics alive.

aka: MARC

Anonymous said...

funny this was posted as i been thinking about this alot and with myself becoming busy with producing and always adding new music with cue points to serato ive been very busy but still try to post to this blogi like so much. with all the posts we do it would be kind of great to get comments and thank yous to show that out time was appriciated if the track was liked or not. not seeing something like that kind of makes it hard to find time to continue to post if someone feels its all for not.the more support the more i feel we would get that energy to want to post that next classic and know we have someone that will be there and say thanks for the share or god i been looking for that for ages thanks .out of all the blogs and forums im a part of or have past i have to say this is the place i feel where music is loved,cherished, not have people complain about this track or that track or coming of authors for having a version that sucks and they have better.with that said i like the idea and am glad its in planning as i have been hoping for this for a while. iknow 95%of the people asking on the cbox are lovers of the music and not just leechers(as i feel the ones that curse at us for not letting them leech are,lol). p.s on a side note i have heard that beatport and alot of other sites are thinking of doing the same thing i.e. membership to have access to songs.

12InchJunkie said...

I'm glad that people are putting their input on this and is like what Rob said we are not being selfish for protecting our downloads we still are sharing what we have but only to a handful of people that our serious music lovers. And Alot of blogs are doing the same. This blog is also one of a kind like rob said because of what is posted. I've been a dj since 1986 at the age of 13 years old. What really made me fall in love with dance music was the way I heard djs playing their records. Each rocked their own trademark sound and style plus chose records that were Hot! not one filler in their sets, DJs like Frankie bones, Roman Ricardo, Little Louie Vega these guys knew how to play good records! and i truly fell in love with the way they chose their record to play so I followed them while growing up and learning about the music they played, this blog is the same. When I was thinking of creating this blog I said I want this blog to be unique from the rest because no other blog was putting out what I wanted to see and I'm talking about blogs that put out old school dance music from the 80s and 90s, I mean everyone has their own taste and I know not everyone likes what I like. But Vinyl Vault is a true place for the Old School House/Freestyle/Techno DJ and music lover. We want to continue this movement we have...there is tons and tons of classic vinyl we have and I still plan to purchase because in 1989 I could afford to buy too many records because I was only 14-15 years old. But I'm making that dream come true in 2009 and beyond and we are here to help all old school lovers. So lets make this happen...

angellovef said...

hey you know I'm one of your supporters. and i'm very thankful for all that you have done for me. consider me on board with whatever you decide. i love checking out all your posts and learning about dance music history from your point of view.

12InchJunkie said...

Thanks for your support Angellovef you have been a great supporter since day one.

DFDJ said...