Monday, May 18, 2009

Junior Vasquez - X

Here's for a Sound Factory Classic by Junior Vasquez can't believe this man is already in his 60's In he's still doing his DJ thing more power to him...There is also a remix of this by Club 69 which was Harder then this one and was a major peak hour anthem. Hope I can find it soon and I can post it unless someone else comes thru with it first.---12inchjunkie


X (Sound Factory Mix) (10:45)
X (Junior Dub) (10:21)
X (X Beats) (1:29)

Password Protected Download..
Download Right Here


HeRk said...

Lancaster PA is known for Turkey Hill Ice Cream, Rockville Outlets, The Amish & Junior Vasquez (lol)

GGNYC said...

AAAA Ha Hah ha ahah Ha Good one HeRk! LOL X-travaganza. Love Junior's work and though he's in his 60' could never grow old with something you love. Thanks 12InchJunkie!

Ryan Witte said...

Can I get the password? I need to have Junior's Dub and my vinyl has a skip toward the end that I can't fix. Much love for the file.