Friday, May 1, 2009

Hot 97 All Night House Party Mixed by Frankie Bones

Alright Guys I got something here that your not going to find on the net, This is from the All Night House Party from the Old Hot 97 New York City Radio Station. And these are the type of tapes I'm still looking for. This tape I recorded when I was 15 years old and thru the years I managed to keep it but it has went thru intense abuse...I'm talking about getting run over with my bike, Tape getting eaten up by my old tape deck about 50 times! I changed the Body of the cassette about 3 times because I wanted to save the taping, I also had to cut tape from it about 100 times this tape has AIDS...LOL The sound quality sounds like shit but you can hear some of it! I ripped it finally in 2009! And I enjoy every static noise coming out of these 2 batter mp3s. Its Fuckin' Frankie Bones and he got bangers in here! I need titles to 2 tracks from this if anyone knows them please share it with me. the 2 songs are on side B at 15:15secs & 20:53secs. So enjoy this rip strictly Vinyl Vault Shit!---12inchjunkie

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XMP said...

I just might have found the golden egg... emailing dude about what tapes he has later today>>>

someones gotta have 'em!

XMP said...

lol @ repeat tape surgeries !

i got a frankie bones tape like that - hardcore kru :)

12InchJunkie said...

Xmp lol!

MastrChief07 said...

I remember resurrecting a couple of my tapes back in the days. I also remember ''feening'' for fly looking cassettes. The Maxells, the Sony's, the TDK's etc.