Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jark Prongo - K-Ucci

"Without a doubt my favourite Fresh Fruit release. Single track A side brings a dancable trance/acid - electro/breakdance (!) combination that works surprisingly well. The two B-side tracks were more technoid than most of the other FF releases which were more happy-club-housey in general. Both tracks still sound fresh after over a decade - and especially now that minimal techno is the trend Jark Prongo proved to be ahead of time back in '94 :) If I were to select my single favourite Fresh Fruit record it would be this, no doubt about it."
Source: Dupont Comment On Discogs


A K-ucci
B1 Helios
B2 Left Foot 41

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12InchJunkie said...

Great Post! Love this K-Ucci track! I was going to post this in the near future but you beat me to it..lol.

XMP said...

I got some catching up to do hehe

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