Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cajmere - Underground Goddies

It won't be long before we've wrapped up Cajmere's entire catalog of work! Track A2 - Do Dat Dance - has been a major player within the early Baltimore House/Club scene. I remember hearing that at the Paradox (legendary home of Scott Henry & Feelgood's FEVER parties of the 1990s) back when I was risking life & limb to sneak into the club around 15/16 yrs old. It brings me back every time it gets played.... Enjoy!

A1 Perculator (4:12)
A2 Do Dat Dance (4:18)
B1 Keep Movin (4:11)
B2 Wet Dream (4:18)

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HeRk said...

Damn!! I was going to post this (lol) Good shhh though!! we got alot of cajmere on here now lol

PMX said...

I know I gotta check repeatedly while I rip to make sure one of the other authors hasn't posted the same damn record! That's cool tho...

chicagojackin said...

lol guys yah i had left you a message DJ Herk also sayin I might have this one also.Yes PMX we soon will i got i think like 3 or 4 more by him under this alaise and i got to do on update on some my Dajae posts i contributed back in october.