Monday, May 11, 2009

B.G. The Prince Of Rap - This Beat Is Hot

Here's another of B.G.s' hit track. Awhile ago I posted his other single called "Take Control Of The Party". "This Beat Is Hot" song is possibly my best guilty pleasure, lol. I was coming home today from the gym and my iPod started playing this then I thought "oh, snap,lol". I wanted to put this up awhile back but forgot. It was the dope beat from the song that caught my attention way back when. It's a fun track. I enjoy it from time to time. So, here you go. Enjoy!


1 This Beat Is Hot (Single Edit) (4:09)
2 This Beat Is Hot (Power Edit) (4:06)
3 This Beat Is Hot (Hard 'n' Heavy Edit) (3:58)
4 This Beat Is Hot (Get into the Rhythm Mix) (6:03)
5 This Beat Is Hot (Hard 'n' Heavy Mix) (5:44)
6 This Beat Is Hot (Club Mix) (6:30)

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12InchJunkie said...

Good Post! My Brother is definitely going to download this one.