Saturday, May 2, 2009

Louie Louie - Deadlier Than Ever

Some early work from legendary DJ Lil Louis aka Louis Vega. Not to be confused with the other legend Lil' Louie Vega from MAW. "Louie Louie" worked with The 45 King. (Remember the 900 number track?) Both producing legendary tracks from back in the day. This classic consists of break beats in this very hard to find LP. I remember trading this for 2 records. I can't remember the records I traded for this LP. But this is H-H-H-HOT! On the record sleeve it says 1989. But on the vinyl label it reads 1991. As you can see from the pics. So I'm not 100% sure when exactly this came out. All are mostly hip hop break beats. But one in particular is my favorite of them all. Take a guess. Well, it's obvious it's the only house track on here called "House It Up". I'll let you listen to it rather than explain the beat. Just a sick track. My only gripe is that I received this record used and scratched. Not badly scratched but I can't help it. I Did some minor clean up too. Due in part I have to step out but I wanted to throw this up for a while now and since I had a chance today after work and a brew, lol. Not an easy LP to find so, Enjoy! ~MastrChief07

Side 1:
A1 Lethal
A2 Schizophrenia
A3 House It Up
A4 The Funky Stuff
A5 Deadlier Than Ever

Side 2:
B1 Lou's Groove
B2 Ruthless
B3 Funky Mix
B4 Rythmical Cutthroat
B5 Going For Mine
B6 Freestylin

**Updated: I cleaned it up a lot more than I said above. That's why it took longer than expected. I'm seeing double vision so I'm hittin' the sack. Peaceout!**

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XMP said...

I've got some Lakim Shabazz, also on Tuff City & also produced by Mark the 45 King... might post up later. this looks great thx!

MastrChief07 said...

Thanks XMP. I don't think I welcomed you to the 'Vault'. I can't remember. But welcome, man! This took me a total 3 hours to retouch up and clean it. Unreal. Lol!

GGNYC said...

Ruthless is a really cool track for me to groove to. Here in Cali they love oldies. Thanks again Mastrchief for sharin Yo!

MastrChief07 said...

Your very welcome GGNYC. :)

Gregory Hutcheon said...

what is the password