Thursday, May 7, 2009

DJ BFiggy - Back To The 80's

What's up Vinyl Vault Family! The Weekend is almost here and I can't wait...Had a very busy week and I'm also having a busy weekend. I have 2 gigs this saturday and one of them I won't be there for to do it. It's a small party which i was doing as a favor for someone but I have to miss it to do my resident spot that I do every Saturday. I was trying to get someone to replace me at the club for the night but the club owner doesn't want anyone else to DJ but me. This whole week I been working on mixes to put on cd for the small party. I'm taking my dj equipment and putting my stepson to push play the whole The gig is from 7-11pm and I've been putting togethe 15min mixes of different types of party music, So far I made about 8 mixes and I need to make atleast 8 more to cover the whole night. Talk about DJ In A Box Anyway Here's a mix my Brother sent me to share with the blog My brothers name is Bernard he goes by DJ BFiggy, He doesn't spin at clubs anymore but he still enjoys spinning at his house when he finds some time. Deejaying runs in my father side of the family both my older brothers we also have cousins that were deejays and so am I. I guess its in our This mix my brother did is all 80's music He also sent me another mix which I have to look for and post also. Hope everyone will enjoy it and I know he will be sending more mixes in the future. Sorry there's no tracklisting I will tell him next time to send me a tracklisting. This mix everyone can download no password protection, so enjoy the mix people.--12inchjunkie

DJ BFiggy - Back To The 80's

Password Protected Download..
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I finished listening to it, and it's going in my ipod. It started off with one of my favorite tracks, The Promise...Still have it BFiggy, keep it up....Good mix and track selection...