Saturday, May 9, 2009

Armand Van Helden - U Don't Know Me

One of Armand's greatest Club Classics! You Don't Know Me" Armand did a great job in sampling on this record...You Don't Know Me" contains elements of Carrie Lucas's "Dance With Me" and samples from Jaydee "Plastic Dreams". Armand Is A Beast in he's what I consider A true New York House DJ & Producer. If your not familiar with his music is suggest you do a research on this sick House god. You can't help but to dance to this tune when you hear it drop in the clubs. ---12inchjunkie

U Don't Know Me (Radio Edit) (4:02)
Alienz (7:51)
Rock Da Spot (5:29)

Featuring - Mr. Len
U Don't Know Me (Dubstramental) (7:41)
U Don't Know Me (Original Mix) (7:53)

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MastrChief07 said...

Yo, I was feening for this track back when it first came out. The beat track goes perfect with the vocals. For me, when I fell for this track, this is like a throw back classic remade and became a hit again. Makes sense? Lol, great post. I don't have the 12" but now I do and I thank U bro! Great post!! ~MC07

GGNYC said...

Thanks 12InchJunkie! This record is HOT! I got his 2Future4U CD but I missed out on the Dub. His other track Entra Mi Casa..BOING!:) --I don't think the MRS. will like it much though:(